Kansas Settlers - Pioneers Settling Prior to 1900

Kansas Settlers - Pioneers Settling Prior to 1900

by Beth Foulk

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Kansas Settlers - Pioneers Settling Prior to 1900

The settling of Kansas is a tale woven with Indian settlements, railroad grants, the Homestead Act, Pre-emption, and agricultural school grants. With this many players and conflicting interests, settlers – and genealogists – have their work cut out to make sense of the process. This class unwraps the fascinating story and records left behind.


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Presenter: Beth Foulk

Beth discovered her love of genealogy through her father, who built a 115-name family tree with every family member's name he knew. While Beth continues to research her family, she shares her knowledge through lectures, articles, her blog, and one-on-one assistance. She particularly enjoys speaking at regional conferences. Her focus is Early American Genealogy.

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