Advanced Autosomal DNA Techniques used in Genetic Genealogy

Advanced Autosomal DNA Techniques used in Genetic Genealogy


by Tim Janzen

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Advanced Autosomal DNA Techniques used in Genetic Genealogy


This presentation will introduce some advanced techniques used by genetic genealogists including the use of triangulated groups, chromosome mapping, visual phasing, and phasing. Triangulated groups are clusters of matches who all share the same DNA segment and therefore all descend from a common ancestor. All serious genetic genealogists organize their matches into triangulated groups and then look for the shared ancestor common to everyone in each triangulated group. Chromosome mapping is the process of determining which portions of your DNA came from which ancestors and/or which geographic region or population. Chromosome mapping is essential to genetic genealogists. It allows you to focus your attention on a portion of your pedigree chart when you search for a shared ancestor with a match who shares a segment of DNA with you that you have mapped to a specific ancestor. Visual phasing is a powerful technique that helps you refine your chromosome maps if you have autosomal DNA test results from 3 or more siblings.
This class will be broadcast live from MyHeritage headquarters in Or Yehuda, Israel as part of the MyHeritage One-Day Genealogy Seminar.


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Presenter: Tim Janzen

Tim Janzen is a family practice doctor at South Tabor Family Physicians in Portland, Oregon. He has had an interest in genealogical research for over 35 years and has particularly been involved in Mennonite genealogical research for the past 20 years. For the past 13 years Tim has been using DNA analysis to help complement traditional genealogical research. Glenn Penner and he are the co-administrators of the Mennonite DNA project at Tim has a strong interest in many areas of genetic genealogy, particularly in regards to phasing and autosomal DNA analysis. He is a consultant to many genetics company companies regarding their features related to autosomal DNA. Tim helps lead the advanced genetic genealogy classes in Portland, Oregon for the local ISOGG group and has given many presentations at genealogy conferences about genetic genealogy

Tim Janzen