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Using Findmypast to Unlock Your Irish Ancestry

Using Findmypast to Unlock Your Irish Ancestry

by Brian Donovan

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Using Findmypast to Unlock Your Irish Ancestry

There are over 100 million unique Irish genealogical records at findmypast.com, by far the largest collection anywhere online. But using them well is the subject of this talk. Brian will talk through the many collections available online, focusing on those records which are most valuable for Irish research.


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Presenter: Brian Donovan

Brian Donovan is the Global Head of Irish Collections at findmypast.com. He previously lectured in history at Trinity College Dublin in the 1990s and since then has lectured throughout Ireland and the US on history, genealogy and digitisation. Brian's experience in digital technology, as well as his background in history, helped motivate the founding of the well-known Irish genealogy company Eneclann in 1998. He played a key role in establishing the Irish collection at www.findmypast.com. Brian oversees all aspects of the development of the Irish record collection at findmypast.com.

Brian Donovan
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