Collaboration and Correspondence for DNA

Collaboration and Correspondence for DNA

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by Paul Woodbury

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Collaboration and Correspondence for DNA


Collaboration is a key principle of genetic genealogy analysis. In this session explore tips and tricks for successful collaboration with your genetic cousins. Identify useful information you can request from them. Tap into the full power of DNA test results by improving your correspondence with your genetic cousins!


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Presenter: Paul Woodbury

From a young age, Paul Woodbury fell in love with genealogy research. To pursue his passion for this field, he studied genetics and family history at Brigham Young University. To aid in his desire to share his knowledge with others, he has also received a masters degree in instructional design and educational technology from the University of Utah. Paul currently works as a DNA team lead at Legacy Tree Genealogists where he has helped to solve hundreds of genetic genealogy cases. In addition to genetic genealogy, Paul specializes in French, Spanish, and Scandinavian research and regularly presents on topics for these areas.

Paul Woodbury
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