Family Matching Update - how to get results

Family Matching Update - how to get results

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by Andrew Kane

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Family Matching Update - how to get results


Getting your DNA results can be daunting for the beginner, but this need not be the case. The talk will guide you through how to use Family Matching on FTDNA and show how impressive successes can be achieved without any previous knowledge of the subject.


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Presenter: Andrew Kane

Andrew is an active member of the North of Ireland Family History Society, representing the Causeway Coast and Glens Branch on the Council of that Society. He is also a member of several other local history groups in the Coleraine area where his family have lived for at least 12 generations. He has published a well-received book on the history of the Town of Coleraine and is currently working on a sequel. He now works as a Research Consultant for the Ulster Historical Foundation in Belfast handling a wide range of, mainly genealogical, commissions and assisting in delivering their courses programme. He has also done private research for individuals and broadcasters.

Andrew Kane
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