Introducing Y-DNA for autosomal DNA testers

Introducing Y-DNA for autosomal DNA testers


by Donna Rutherford

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Introducing Y-DNA for autosomal DNA testers


Many DNA testers have started with autosomal DNA testing.  For these people Y-DNA is still a mystery. This talk is aimed at those already using genetic genealogy but are curious about Y-DNA testing.  I will explain the Y-DNA test and results in basic terms to help those starting out.


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Presenter: Donna Rutherford

I'm a New Zealander with English, Scottish and Irish ancestry. Many of my family were New Zealand pioneers. At the beginning of 2015 I decided to take an Ancestry DNA test. Once I got the results I spent all my spare time immersing myself in YouTube videos, blogs and facebook groups learning about DNA for Genealogy. It basically changed my life, as I then set about testing on other sites and testing all my family. Since then I've become co-owner and admin of a DNA facebook group where I've been helping people with questions about their own results. Last year I became co-admin in a Y DNA project (the Rutherford project). I now manage Big Y tests, MtDNA and many many autosomal kits. I specialise in trying to make the complex side of DNA testing easy to understand for people who are new to genetic genealogy.

Donna Rutherford