The Tools at DNAgedcom & Genetic.Family

The Tools at DNAgedcom & Genetic.Family

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by John Collins, Rob Warthen

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The Tools at DNAgedcom & Genetic.Family


This presentation was originally given as part of Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2019.


DNAGedcom has been around since 2011, but there have been a lot of changes recently there. Join us for a review of the changes over the last year, including new announcements first seen at Genetic Genealogy Ireland. In addition, learn how Genetic.Family will help you work within and across all your DNA Companies.



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Presenter: John Collins

  • Bachelor of Science from UMBC
  • Founder of Genetic.Family
  • Admin of Genetic.Family User Group and DNAGedcom User Group on Facebook
  • SCGS Member
John Collins
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Presenter: Rob Warthen

  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) from Virginia Tech
  • Masters Degree (Computer Science concentration in AI) from Johns Hopkins University
  • Founder of and
  • Facebook Admin for GEDMatch User Group, mitoYDNA User Group, FTDNA User Group, DNAGedcom User Group, DNANewbie User Group and Genetic.Family User Group.
  • Project Administrator for Warthen/Wathen YDNA Project
Rob Warthen
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