Irish DNA Down Under

Irish DNA Down Under

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by Michelle Patient

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Irish DNA Down Under


This presentation was originally given as part of Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2019.


One of the largest cohorts of migrants to Australia and New Zealand were from Ireland, but for many of us connecting back our research to the Irish ancestors has been a challenge. The topic will give an overview of migration waves and patterns from Ireland into Australia and New Zealand and discuss a number of examples of Irish ancestry puzzles and the role DNA has had in resolving them.



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Presenter: Michelle Patient

Michelle Patient is a genealogist, computer geek, and DNA enthusiast, with qualifications in Chemistry and Geology. She grew up with a grandmother whose family stories, photographs, and memorabilia sparked her life-long interest in genealogy. In 1989 Michelle began searching for her English half-sister, and in 2005 she reconnected her mother with her birth family. With ancestry ranging from early Australian military and convicts, and Australian & New Zealand early colonists, through to post-WWII Royal Naval Support, her personal research covers a wide range of British Isles diasporas and early Down Under research. She has separated facts from fiction, uncovering stories of will disputes, adoptions, children being given away, bankruptcies, and murder-suicides. Adding DNA research to her genealogy tool kit has increased the range of Michelle’s methods, revealing skeletons, and breaking down many brick walls. Michelle volunteers for several genealogical societies and is one of the DNA consultants behind the Australian SBS TV series Every Family has a Secret.

Michelle Patient