Exploring new Y-DNA Horizons with Big Y-700

Exploring new Y-DNA Horizons with Big Y-700

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by Iain McDonald

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Exploring new Y-DNA Horizons with Big Y-700


This presentation was originally given as part of Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2019.


The Big Y-700 test provides a new frontier in Y-DNA testing options. I will discuss the details of this test and what you can expect to find from it. I will focus on the ability to determine ages of Y-DNA haplogroups and how this translates into the ability to trace our ancestors' migrations from the most ancient times, down to the histories of individual surnames, and how these can be merged into times probed by autosomal DNA results.



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Presenter: Iain McDonald

Growing up in the Highlands of Scotland, I became interested in the ancient history of the megalithic monuments that surrounded me, and the people that built them. Following degrees in St. Andrews and Manchester, I took my PhD in Keele, and have been a post-doctoral researcher in Manchester for the last decade. I now hold an Honorary Fellowship in Genealogical, Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies at the University of Strathclyde's Centre for Lifelong Learning.

Iain McDonald
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