Utilizing the HathiTrust Digital Library for Family History Research

Colleen Robledo Greene, MLIS
Jun 24, 2020
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Presenter's Introduction
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Discovery Tools
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Member vs public access
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

This robust digital repository, underutilized by many genealogists, is packed with digitized publications from academic and research institutions that are relevant to your family history. This lecture walks you through HathiTrust’s discovery and access tools, showcases U.S. and international collections that are particularly relevant to genealogists, and demonstrates search strategies to help you find those valuable sources.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Colleen Robledo Greene, MLIS, is an academic librarian, college educator, and tech nerd who has been researching her family history since 1997. She is the Digital Scholarship Librarian at California State University, Fullerton, and also teaches an
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Great job of introducing library secrets to genealogists. Kudos to Colleen for sharing one of our librarian super-powers!

    ¡Fantastico! Gracias por las referencias Mexicanas.

    2 discoveries!!! thanks – love the reading format of Hathitrust – plan to join legacy as soon as I go on holidays

    5 PLUS! This resource is new to me. I am on it now! Also great handout.

    a great new source to check out!

    A lot of information, covered in a great amount of detail, by a wonderful expert. I know I will need to watch this again to get the full benefit from this webinar since there was more than one hour’s worth of information packed into it!

    a lot of useful information – thank you!!

    A lot to cover in the hour, but enjoyed the enthusiasm of the presenter.

    A valuable underused tool for genealogists. Have hear of but haven’t utilized HathiTrust Digital Library. Can’t wait to start searching there! Thanks.

    Amazing presentation! Plan to attend as many webinars/lectures by Colleen as possible in the future. Thank you

    Amazing. My brain has fallen out of my head with all this info!!

    An amazing amount of well presented information. Thank you.

    Another excellent webinar, I enjoyed all the examples Colleen used. Thank You.

    another great one

    Another great presentation with a lot of helpful information! Keep up the good work!

    As always. Colleen was very knowledgeable and provided great information. Thank you for this platform.

    Awesome – lots of things to try.

    Awesome material!

    Brilliant webinar which gives me a different way to use Hathi Trust Library to the way I have been using it.

    Can’t wait to start exploring and using some of the things I learned today!

    can’t wait to use HathiTrust

    Colleen always cover so much ground in a short time but her comprehensive syllabus makes it easier to follow and is an indispensable resource afterwards.

    Colleen covered so much good material so quickly. It’s obvious that practice at HathiTrust will be in order!

    Colleen did an awesome job!

    Colleen is an excellent speaker and knows her subject matter well.

    Colleen is obviously an outstanding researcher and provided many good reminders of searching techniques plus a wealth of knowledge about HathiTrust I can pout to use.

    Colleen provides so much information about HathiTrust!

    Colleen was great!

    Colleen was very clear but as she said, she threw out a lot at us. I need to get the information printed and review it. I am new at genealogy. Thank you.

    Convinced me to purchase a webinar subscription.




    Excellent – covered LOTS of ground.

    Excellent layout of how to search.

    Excellent presdentation and great handout. It was like drinking from a firehose! Lots of good tips to follow up on.

    Excellent presentation – learned so much!

    Excellent presentation – loads of info to follow up with

    Excellent presentation plus detailed handout!

    excellent presentation, a lot of information, however easy to follow…will review the presentation again, probably several times…thank you

    Excellent presentation. I’m now gonna watch everything she’s done.

    Excellent presenter Outstanding syllabus

    Excellent presenter. Thank you.

    Excellent speaker and the topic she presented!

    Excellent speaker with terrific information!! Thanks!

    Excellent speaker, covered so much material efficiently — we all need to use HathiTrust!

    Excellent thanks!

    Excellent webinar & handout! But waaaay too much stuff to absorb in only an hour and a half!


    Excellent! Thank you!

    Excellent! But I’ll need to listen another few times to absorb even more. I’ve used this source before and I’m very happy to have such a detailed handout so I can get even more from my search results. Thank you very much.

    Excellent! I will try this resource.

    Excellent! Love to find out about “new” resources that are available online. Thanks!

    Excellent. Thanks!

    Excellent…I have used Hathi Trust, but used it badly! I look forward to being much more productive! Have you considered a webinar on JSTOR? Thanks!

    Extremely interesting. Plan to use in the coming days for my research.

    fabulous handout!

    Fabulous information!!! Thank you so much for this webinar!

    Fabulous! I love HathiTrust and was so glad to learn more of the fascinating ways to use it.

    Fantastic presentation

    Fantastic to learn about academic specific websites. Well-organized presentation with great examples and pace just right. Thank you.

    Found webinar very informative. Thank you.

    Full of information. I’ll have to listen to it again as it was so much information given so quickly that it was difficult to absorb it all. It certainly piqued my interest and will definitely explore the HathiTrust Digital Library. Thanks!

    Full of really helpful information. Excellent. Although somewhat difficult to follow the examples in Spanish!

    good explanation of using HathiTrust.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Good information. Very well presented. A tool that can be useful.

    Good presentation. I use Hathi Trust almost everyday.


    great full content with clear well thought out slides and that is a brave woman who goes live on the Internet to make sure we understand. Brava.

    Great handout. Also, how to access and utilize this website was very valuable. Now I’m not so confused. Thanks

    Great info

    Great info on this amazing resource. Loved all the search and tips on using the the site!

    Great info!

    Great info. I’m anxious to search the site.

    Great information

    Great information

    Great information!

    Great information, but perhaps too much for the time. Moved very quickly.

    Great job – lots of wonderful information. As a fellow librarian, I was happy to see the emphasis on subject headings.

    Great new resource. Thanks

    Great overview!

    Great presentation, however I need a Hathi Trust 101 for beginners. I will go to their site and try to learn it from scratch.

    Great presentation. Very informative for me

    Great source!Hand-outs very complete. Engaging speaker.

    Great to get more familiar with what is in HathiTrust.org and the levels of access. Answered some of my long-standing questions about access. Thank you.

    great webinar

    Great webinar – I could listen to Colleen any time.

    Great webinar. Very knowledgeable & kept her talk interesting.

    Great! Now I finally know how to navigate HathiTrust.

    Great! I have heard of Hathi Trusts, but did not know much about it. Excited to start using it, thanks.

    Had not known about this resource before

    I am sure this will help with my searching

    I didn’t know about Hathitrust so I definitely learned something today.

    I have used HathiTrust because Judy Russell mentions it all the time, but today I learned how to use it more efficiently and effectively. Thanks for bringing a wonderful presentation to us. Colleen Green did a great job.

    I learned a lot about a previously unknown resource. Thank you.

    I learned lots today about something I have rather bypassed before. Thank you

    I look forward to doing some HathiTrust searches. I didn’t know they have some city directories. Plus I had rarely inspected the catalog page for a item; will check that out going forward. Thanks for a great webinar!

    I needed a webinar solely on Hathi Trust, thank you.

    I thought see did a really good job of explaining what is there and how to find it.

    I visited HathiTrust for the first time last weekend, and I did my best to find records. I was amazed at all they have in there, but I wasn’t sure how to move around, and the best way to search. Many thanks to Colleen Robledo Greene for sharing how to find and document our findings on HathiTrust. Thank you.

    I will need to listen to this again soon. Very glad she had this super handout. Thank you Colleen.

    Interesting topic, something different than I’m use to.

    interesting. I learned a lot. Thank you!

    It’s great to find a new source & come out of the gate knowing how to utilize it!

    I’ve dabbled in Hathitrust some, but found out so many more ways to use it! So much information, it’s really great to have the syllabus! Thanks.

    I’ve used Hathi Trust before, but Colleen’s webinar was well worth watching for the organizational explanation and how-to-use tips she gave. Thanks, Colleen!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Jam-packed with info. will have to listen again using two computers so I can practice as I go.

    Just discovered another source to explore.

    Just too much info for one hour, however, presenter certainly knows her subject.

    Learned a lot abt HathiTrust – Thanks very much!

    Learned a lot and found family information using Hathitrust during the webinar. Thanks!

    Learned a lot of new things about Hathi Trust. Thank you!

    Learned a lot of things I didn’t know about Hathi Trust Materials. Had done only surface searching before.

    learned something new

    Looking forward to trying some research

    Lots of good information

    Lots of great info and syllabus rocks. She has so much, she talks very fast, so I’ll probably listen bit by bit in the video.

    lots of helpful information

    Lots of helpful information!

    Lots of info but engagingly presented with good examples. Thanks!

    Lots of info to process. Colleen did an excellent job.

    Lots of information covered. Thankful for the 9-page handout to review at my own pace.

    Love the detailed how to effectively use approach!

    My day has been cancelled I am now spending it with Hathi 🙂

    Never knew of Hathi Trust before this. Feel Colleen gave a good presentation that left me equipped to take on the challenge. Looking forward to giving it a try.

    New area to search. Thank You

    Now I know what HathiTrust is all about. I’ve heard it mentioned, but didn’t know what it was. Thank you!!!!

    Now I’ve got to get to work!!!!!!!

    One of the most informative webinar’s I’ve attended. Thank you! And now I’m going back to some of the wonderful resources I’ve already found at HathiTrust.


    Packed full of info, so the 9-page syllabus was more than welcomed. Excellent presenter.

    Pleasant voice, great attitude, and lots of excellent info.

    Rating it high even though I forgot and tuned in late. Look for ward to watch the entire recording in the library.

    Really enjoyed this!

    Really good presentation with excellent examples to illustrate the search discovery tools. Thank you Legacy and Colleen Robledo Greene.

    She gave a lot of info, but I’m just not familiar with Hathi Trust, so will need to play with it. I did see several things that I do definitely want to check out though. She did a good job presenting.

    She was great at giving detail and has provided a wonderful step by step handout. Thanks!

    so good need more

    So much great info!!! Time to go do some research . . . Thanks so much!

    So much great information!

    so much information.

    So much information…excellent presentation

    Terrific!!! This may be one I watch again so I really understand how to use this wonderful resource!

    Thank you for an excellent webinar on a resource of which I was totally unaware. The syllabus is excellent.

    Thank you for the information about HathiTrust, can’t wait to try my searches!

    Thank you! Lots of great information.

    Thank you! Great presentation & handout! : )

    Thanks for all the great info.

    Thanks for opening doors!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    thanks found all kinds of articles on my father on HathiTrust

    The class was very interesting. i learned some new skills that I can’t wait to use.

    The conversation was nice and clear. (Easy to listen to)

    Top-notch!! Excellent!! Invite her to offer future webinars.

    Very clear to follow and understand. Thank you so much!

    Very detailed presentation with some good search hints. Handout was outstanding.

    Very fast and a little over my head..

    Very good

    Very good and full of information

    very good content and delivery

    Very good ideas for effective use of HathiTrust in genealogy research!

    Very good presenter – she really knew her subject and I learned a lot.

    Very good webinar explaining a hard to learn subject.

    Very good!

    Very helpful since I just started using this resource.

    Very helpful webinar. Thank you.

    very informative about a topic that expands our reach

    Very informative and well done!!

    Very informative. Thank you.

    Very informative. I have tried to use the site with some small success. This gives me hope to try again.

    very interesting, lots of great information and strategies

    Very interesting. Good info.

    very interesting. I have used Hathi before, but found it too complicated to use. Now I feel I can use this wonderful resource.

    Very useful info!

    very very informative!!

    Very well done.

    Very well presented…..eager to begin!

    Very well-organized presentation. Thanks to all.

    Well presented. Useful overview.

    What a ton of useful information!

    Wonderful webinar on using HathiTrust.

    Wonderful Webinar. Complicated but very interesting.

    Wonderful! Very helpful. Thanks

    Wow! This was packed with information. Can’t wait till I can watch again. Thank you!


    Wow, great. Head’s spinning. Have had some “experience/success” with Haithi Trust findings, but this presentation showed me I haven’t even begun to know what’s there and how to use it. Onward and upward.


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