Understanding Ethnicity Estimates

Mary Eberle, JD
Nov 6, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 06s
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About Estimates
5m 02s
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DNA Companies
20m 47s
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Finding Your Estimate
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Practical Applications
19m 59s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Learn how and when ethnicity estimates can be useful. Several case studies where ethnicity estimates helped solve the genealogy mystery will be covered. This talk covers: 1. How ethnicity estimates are generated and the ancestral timeframe they reflect 2. Differences between the DNA testing companies 3. Additional tools to further explore ethnicity estimates 4. How to identify situations in which they can be very helpful 5. Several examples where ethnicity estimates helped solve a genealogy mystery will be covered.

About the speaker

About the speaker

How can DNA change your life? Biotech patent attorney and scientist turned genetic genealogist, Mary Eberle, JD, has the answers. Inspired by stories (and a super-sleuth energized by the thrill of the hunt), Mary founded
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Brings some clarity to the DNA questions and quests we all take.

    Clear, concise and interesting. Great webinar. Thank you.

    Excellent presentation opening the door a little more on to the mysterious DNA.

    Excellent presentation. Thank you!

    Extended my understanding of the estimates.

    Fantastic webinar with lots of great information giving another aspect of the quest to researching ours and our relatives DNA.

    Fantastic!! Had to get back to work though.

    Good information on the topic.

    Good information.

    great as usual

    Great information

    Great information and presentation! Thanks!

    Great information!

    Great information! Thank you for addressing my questions and concerns. Looking forward to next webinar!

    Great information, presented in a clear and easily understood manner.

    great presentation makes things a lot clearer now well done.

    Great webinar. Well-presented, slides were really clear. Really useful material and easy to follow and understand.

    Helpful, thank you

    Her syllabus explains ethnicity estimates very well. Outstanding!

    I always learn something new. Family stories have told one thing, but my DNA tells another.

    I had no idea that different DNA services used different ways to determine ethnicities. Thank you for the info!

    I learned useful information and appreciated the detailed information.

    I loved the pace of this information. It allowed time to really absorb all the information. Thank you.

    I think the speaker did a great job with a difficult topic.

    I use to look upon ethnicity estimates are being nothing more than an “airy-fairy” lure to get more people to test even though they had no interest in their genealogy. Thanks to Mary Eberle’s presentation, I now have an understanding of how ethnicity estimates actually may be used in my research. Thanks Geoff!

    I will watch again as I missed a section in the middle.

    I’ll need to watch again – lots to learn!!

    It’s a complicated topic, and generally haven’t worried to much about the ethnicity estimate, except for the fun factor. I do see where it can come in handy for pointing out inaccuracies when it doesn’t match what we already think we know. I didn’t actually learn anything new, but it was good to walk through the comparison and further reinforce that it’s an evolving field that is better used for inference than incontrovertible fact.

    Liked the way she did not rush through things.

    Loved how slowly the speaker presented to give time to digest all the information. Great speaker!!!

    Mary Eberle is a wonderful speaker. She talked in a slower manner, which helps us take in the information she is sharing.

    Mary gave me an idea where to purchase my next DNA test when they go on sale. My funds are very limited, so your information was vital to me. Thank you Mary and Family Tree Webinars.

    Mary is very knowledgeable about Ethnicity Estimates and her talk opened up more ways that I should be looking at my Ethnicity.

    Mary sounded like she was struggling with her voice (perhaps due to an illness?). Just wanted her to know that I appreciated her perseverance and we could hear her fine. Great explanations of the ethnicity estimates.

    Missed the last half due to an appointment, but this webinar was great! I can’t wait to watch it again soon – at least a couple of times!

    MUST listen again to absorb details

    Never really paid close attention to the ethnicity estimates since there is so much talk about how unreliable they are. This webinar gave me a new perspective on them. Enjoyed the suggestions of how one can use them in genealogy research.

    Nice and even talk so you can think at the same time.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Really appreciated the speaker’s clear delivery and the fact that she did not rush thru her presentation.

    Thank you to Mary for this superintersting webminar.

    That was one of the best DNA webinars ever. I liked Mary’s steady pace of presenting the information. It also opened my eyes on how I did not really examine the EE of my tests throughly enough. Come back again!

    The information gave me a clearer understanding. Thank you

    The information is exactly what I was looking for, both for evaluating the ethnicity estimates and for how to use the information from matches. I have family members who have tested on several different sites, so I loved learning how they differ in their analysis. Thank you!

    There should be more discussion on how the reference panels are created so that we can better understand how we get put into categories for ethnicity.

    This was a very interesting discourse on ethnicity results; don’t believe I’ve attended other classes or webinars on this topic. Well done.

    very good explaination

    very good information

    Very good! Thank you!

    very helpful to hear about the differences between the testing companies and the time ranges of how ethnicity is reported

    Very informative and well presented.

    Very interesting and informative webinar.

    Very relaxed and informative presentation with good specific examples to clarify main points. Thanks!

    very understandable. Next time include LivingDNA, it is highly rated

    Very useful and enjoyable webinar. Slides excellent

    Was very good. Thank you.

    Went at a good pace to follow this complicated subject. Thanks!

    Wonderful webinar on ethnicity.


    Wow, this was fantastic. Knowledgeable speaker who spoke at a non-rushed pace so one could absorb her presentation. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mary & Geoff. Superb!


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