The Most Prominent Citizens: Using County Histories

Cari Taplin, CG
Dec 9, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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Family Groups
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FAN Club
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Strategies and Tips
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Digitized Books
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

County histories bring rich possibilities to our research through biographical and historical sketches. They provide an abundance of FAN Club members and research clues. We will examine county histories through the use of a case study. Beginning with a research questions, we will examine the methodology of the FAN Club and make some breakthroughs in the research using county history sketches. This program will also discuss where researchers can go to find county histories for their own research.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Cari A. Taplin is related to Roy Rogers. Or at least that’s what her family told her. As a result, finding her true heritage has been her focus since the year 2000. She is a native of Wood County, Ohio but now lives in Longmont, Colorado. Ca
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A fascinating presentation.

    A good webinar on using county histories to find your ancestors.

    a lot of great information I was not aware of. Thank You

    Always top notch presenter and one of the most useful tools for genealogists.

    Appriciate the great information to search the county histores, thank you!

    Cari gave some wonderful ideas for locating Portrait & biographical county histories. I loved her and will watch it again to get more ideas. thank you so much.

    Cari had lots of good tips and helpful examples. Really makes me want to do a whole lot more digging in county histories. Great job!

    Cari is a good speaker and makes one excited about to try out the sources she cites. Can’t wait to search for county histories!

    Cari is a great presenter!

    Cari was great!

    Cari, thank you another excellent presentation. I always learn something new from your webinars!!!

    Cari’s a great speaker!

    Cari’s topics are always great. She was a wonderful presence and speaking voice.

    Didn’t think I was going to learn much but it got me thinking about a lot of ways to dig out some facts.



    Excellent info, reaffirmed sources I have used in the past and gave me some new ones to try. Thank you!

    Excellent learned some great information!!

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent presentation. Very informative.

    Excellent webinar. Lots of ideas for sources!

    Excellent! I learned a lot from this, and I will be searching county histories as soon as I find them! Thank you!

    explained well; good speaker

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Good information

    Good review of available resources

    Good webinar thanks

    Got some great ideas for research, especially using the FAN principle.





    Great – learned a lot

    Great content! My only suggestion would be to speak a little slower.

    Great info and presentation!

    Great info! Will be up all night, I’m sure, checking on county histories available online!!!

    Great information and comparisons. I got some excellent research avenues to explore.

    great information! I have looked at county histories in the past but will have to re-visit again after this webinar. Thank you!

    Great information! Thanks.

    great presentation – enjoyed it very much

    Great presentation – lots of work to do now! Thank you!

    Great presentation on county histories!

    Great presentation style, valuable information. Thanks!

    Great tips

    Great webinar

    Great webinar!

    Hadn’t looked at these before so great introduction.

    I know all about county histories, but only rarely use them. This was a great webinar because it reminded me to use county histories more and pointed out just how helpful they can be on so many levels. Thanks.

    I liked her pace and concise presentation. I wish that she could have talked about how to find family members who may not be n the index instead of having to read the book completely.

    I love county histories. Great ideas on where to find them.

    I must watch again. She gave out a lot of good information. I plan to look at her other lectures in the library.

    I use County Histories all the time – very useful

    I wondered how Cari would spend an entire hour talking about county histories. I’m glad she emphasized using them as clues and finding supporting evidence.

    Interesting and enjoyable


    lots of good information and tips.

    Lots of new (to me) ideas. Thanks Cari.

    Nice to have this subject presented.

    Now, I need to find those county histories for my family.

    One of the best! Everyone who does research should listen to this webinar.

    One of the best. I really enjoyed listening to this presenter and look forward to checking out her other webinars. Thanks again for providing such great value.

    Presentation was very well done, with considerable helpful information of where to look for reliable documents to give proof to clues found in biographical sketches.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    really enjoyed the information and the format of the speaker.

    She talked about things I can try but haven’t. Must give it a shot.

    She talked fast but covered a lot of ground very quickly. It was incredibly interesting with research ideas throughout everything (even her stories). Fantastic webinar!

    she talked fast so it was hard to take notes. Very informative though

    She was a great speaker. Her handout is wonderful!!

    So very much I didn’t know that I didn’t know! THANK YOU for another informative, well presented webinar.


    Terrific info and great presentation…

    Terrific! She put a lot of information into one hour and had a great handout,too.

    thank you excellent

    Thank you!

    The last fifteen minutes were the most valuable -sharing resources to access. I’m so glad I attended this webinar.

    This was a very informative seminar.

    Very useful, liked the examples

    Very enthusiastic speaker makes me want to immediately follow up on her ideas and suggestions! Informative and encouraging

    Very enthusiastic. Learned more about using FAN!

    Very good! Reminds me that I used to use them and need to go back for some of my ancestors and check again. Thank you.

    Very helpful

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative. I am a beginner in genealogy research so this was great. Thank you!

    Very interesting and informative.

    Very interesting–never tried County Histories but I will now. Great handout too. thanks.

    Very quick paced to allow maximum info. Really great stuff!

    Wonderful step by step process on how to follow the clues she found.

    Wow! Fantastic!


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