Spreadsheets 301 – un-Excel-ed Tips and Tricks (BONUS webinar for subscribers)

Mary Kircher Roddy, CG
Aug 27, 2015
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Play. Playing.
Play. Playing.
Magic Corner
2m 29s
Play. Playing.
Magic Fill for Common Patterns
1m 23s
Play. Playing.
Copy Versus Move
1m 31s
Play. Playing.
Heading Over Multiple Columns
5m 04s
Play. Playing.
4m 19s
Play. Playing.
Importing Data
11m 49s
Play. Playing.
Smart Sorting
4m 40s
Play. Playing.
11m 13s
Play. Playing.
Math With Words
1m 20s
Play. Playing.
Format Painter
2m 23s
Play. Playing.
2m 50s
Play. Playing.
Google Drive
4m 17s
Play. Playing.
Pulling It All Together
7m 26s

About this webinar

Learn new ways to make data entry faster and easier and a few things that will make your spreadsheets more attractive. See how quickly Magic Fill will help you complete a list and watch Mary turn a spreadsheet "on it's ear" to filp rows and columns. Learn how to "add" words (and a few numbers, too) and more.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Mary Kircher Roddy, CG became interested in family history in 2000 in anticipation of her husband’s sabbatical at the University of Limerick in Ireland. While she didn’t learn everything about her ancestors while they lived there, she was hooked!
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