Putting it All Together: Making Sense of All the Research You’ve Done

Robyn Smith

If you are like most genealogists, over the years you’ve amassed a mountain of documents, binders and files. You want to tell the story of your family, but don’t know where or how to begin. This lecture is for you. Robyn will share examples of the kinds of tables and tools she uses to organize, analyze and properly cite all those records you have collected. Get better organized. Understand what records you already have. Get rid of all those papers. Cite your sources with ease. Finally– put it all together!

Thu, June 15 2023: 0:00 UTC

About the speaker

About the speaker

Robyn Smith has been researching her family and others for over 25 years. An engineer by day, Robyn applies those research and problem-solving skills to the field of genealogy. She specializes in Maryland, Court Records, African American and Slave
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