Online Sources for Scottish Genealogy Research

Christine Woodcock
Jun 18, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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Old Occupations
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Other Records
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

There comes a time when you have done all of the online researching you can do using the standard databases. In this talk you will learn of databases that aren't as well known but that can assist in breaking through your brick walls.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Christine Woodcock is a genealogy educator with an expertise in the Scottish records. She began researching her family history following the death of her mother and grandmother who were the storytellers of the family. Christine's mother was on
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    5+ a wonderful wealth of information!!

    A little fast to make notes, esp of links – but excellent info Christine, thank you

    A wealth of information.

    Absolutely fantastic!


    Because my most recent Scottish ancestors left Scotland for America in the 1830s or 1840s, I would have liked to have more reference to the applicable dates for many of the resources. The late 19th century and 20th century resources are less applicable for my genealogical research.

    Brilliant, thank you. Learned lots.

    Christine is a wonderful presenter, very interesting! I was already signed up for her November webinar.

    Christine is ALWAYS WONDERFUL. This webinar: TERRIFIC I’ve enjoyed her on the webinars she’s done with Katherine Lake Hogan many times. She’s always so interesting and helpful.

    Christine is an amazingly thorough presenter!! Whew!! Luckily I have a webinar membership, because I’ll be watching this again. Excellent handout, excellent presentation. A winner!!

    Christine is great. She really knows her information.

    Christine is very knowledgeable and shared so many resources!! Thank you!!

    Christine was amazing today on her presentation. So much valuable info to research families. Excellent.

    Christine Woodcock provided us with an awesome amount of resources to use. Wonderful webinar. Glad to hear she is coming back in November.

    Christine, thank you for another detailed and informative training session. It is always a pleasure to attend your great webinars!

    Clear, consise, awesome handout, and so much more for me to explore!

    Enjoy getting the websites

    Enjoyed the session and learned new sites and tricks to researching my Scottish family.

    Enlightening. Well worth watching.

    Excellence presentation – comprehensive, clear, succinct

    excellent as always thank you

    Excellent content!

    Sound was clear and so were the slides. Thank you!

    Excellent information! Thank you!

    Excellent information, thank you

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation and syllabus. Thank You!

    Excellent resources

    excellent resources and information

    Excellent session…I learned a lot! This is one I will need to review again as there was just so much information. Your speaker really knows her topic. I would enjoy listening to future presentations made by her on this topic. Thank you!

    Excellent speaker, succinct.

    Excellent unveiling of all the different sources to find family.

    Excellent variety of resources to find genealogical information.

    Excellent webinar

    Excellent! The time flew by, and the slides were full of what we can find online. Christine Woodcock is a great speaker, and she put together a great webinar. Thank you.


    Excellent. Wow! Webinars like Christine’s make my annual subscription to Legacy Webinars worthwhile; I can tap into her knowledge all year long!

    Excellent-as always!


    Extremely helpful and interesting. This webinar will be on my go to list for expanding my research on my Scottish ancestors.

    FABULOUS. Let’s all go back to Scotland SOON.

    Fantastic list of resources. Enjoyable and very educational webinar.

    Fantastic presentation today by Christine Woodcock which I have learned a lot from b/c I believe I had some ancestors from there! Anxious to try some links out.


    Good – I learned about new resources available.

    good explainations!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Good overview of Scottish research.

    Great info

    Great info.

    Great information and resources!

    Great information!

    Great Information!

    Great information! Thank you.

    Great information.

    Great presentation covering Scottish sources.

    Great presentation with lots of actionable information!

    Great presentation!

    Great resources

    great resources and information

    Great resources!

    Great webinar but pace was way to fast for all the information given

    Great webinar with all subjects well covered. born and still living in Scotland I can recommend this webinar to all.

    Great Webinar, and I appreciate Christine sharing her email address as I have never been able to find any record of G G G Grandfather’s drowning, so will email and see if she has any suggestions for where any record may be.. Good job, all.

    Great webinar, just too long

    Great, as usual. Went by too fast!!

    Great. Would like to see more Scotland webinars from her.

    Heard of some new sources that I hadn’t considered.

    Hope she will present more webinars. Very good.

    I don’t have any Scottish ancestors that I know of, but the speaker was fantastic. She talked about things like occupations which will be valuable for understanding my ancestors. Please bring this speaker back often!

    I find it so interesting to learn the historical “tidbits” that come out, making me want to learn more. Thanks!!!!

    I have hints of some ancestors being from Scotland. These resources are great and hope to use them as I learn more about my folks. And I am more and more interested in touring Scotland in future!!! Thank you!

    I was looking for older Scottish records. She offers many good sources for the records after the 1800a.

    I wish she could have spoken a little more slowly. It was great information, but I feel as if I have just run a marathon!

    If I could give it a higher rating I would.

    Invaluable information and links.

    It covered a time period way too late for my Scottish ancestors, but was great all the same.

    It was good but unfortunately didn’t focus on the parts of Scotland my ancestors come from or their occupations.

    Just started Scottish research and this was an amazing presentation!

    Lots of good info

    Lots of info but rather fast..

    lots of information, thanks

    lots of websites, great thanks. would have linked some time spent on each.

    Loved hearing all about Scotland

    loved presentation but missed some websites.

    man is she good, great presentation

    More examples of what documents look like would have been beneficial to help us determine what they contain, especially for the pay per view sites

    Other than she went too fast, it was fantastic! Just wanted to look at some slides a bit longer so will have to watch replay. Grateful it is available 🙂

    Packed with useful information

    Please talk a little slower. (I know you’re excited about your subject)

    Presenter spoke soooo fast it was hard to take notes! But really interesting …..

    Really interesting, thank you.

    Screens too fast to copy down the websites. Great amount of info, though.

    She covered a lot, thank you, however, speaking a bit slower would be nice. Listening was exhausting!

    She is always great. Most comprehensive presentation on Scottish Resources I have experienced.

    SO knowledgeable!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    So many interesting details of Scottish history, people and culture. Absolutely fascinating. I hated to have the presentation end.

    So much great info. Great and informative speaker.

    So much great information on the standard sources but more important new places to look for detailed info

    So much helpful information!!. Will keep me busy long after the pandemic is over.

    so much information

    So much information in a short time. But all listings of online sites is appreciated.

    So much information! Great description of resources, how to use them, and their strengths and limitations.

    Some of the website links just zipped by.

    some slides went by too fast, couldn’t get the web addresses.

    Some transitions were a bit quick, but the chat has the links that I might otherwise have missed.

    Soooo many great resources to study! Thank you for presenting,

    such interesting stories to check out

    Terrific. Amazing breadth of knowledge.

    Thank you for an informative webinar. Each time I hear Christine Woodcock present on Scottish genealogy I learn something new!

    Thank you for that wealth of information.

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

    Thank you, very informative

    Thanks for the references, they will be helpful.

    The information was great…it is hard to make notes when someone speaks really quickly though…

    The multiple websites to check for scottish anscestors was helpful and I will start with scotlandspeople. The speaker did a great job moving through all the info.

    The presenter knows her stuff. She packed in a lot of information that I have not read in any books. I would love to see future webinars from her.

    The presenter is terrific. She sounds excited to share what she’s learned, she goes at a rapid pace but thankfully the URL’s are listed on the handout! She is knowledgeable and expressive about her subject. Thank you for having her.

    The presenter sure speaks very fast!!

    The range of information and detail provided is very helpful and much appreciated. Thank you.

    The speaker gave us so much information.!!! Thank you

    This was a terrific webinar!

    This was excellent. One of the most actionable genealogy webinars I’ve attended.

    This was fabulous! I have resources now for YEARS of research. And I’d love to go on one of Christine’s tours. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity to attend the webinar for free. Every minute contained a goldmine of information!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    This was so chock full of information! Well presented! Look forward to her next webinar!

    Tons of good info and sources. I liked the anecdotes and stories too.

    Tons of useful information. Thank you.

    Too much info in too little time. too fast–couldn’t keep up. What I got was great! Most info ever on Scotland and Scottish people!

    Tremendous resources; well organized. Thank you

    Very fast talker!

    Very good

    very good for covering a lot of different websites and archives

    Very good round up of resources

    Very helpful!!

    Very informative

    very informative

    Very informative and interesting

    Very informative, and great handout!

    Very informative.

    Very interesting – I am new to Scottish genealogy, so it was a bit overwhelming. Did not realize how different the records were from the USA or England. Learned a lot today however.

    Very interesting conference and so many references. Greatly appreciated. Thank you very much

    Very interesting, thanks.

    Very knowledgeable and lots of interesting information. Not sure if her speaking speed was because of the technical issues at the beginning, but it was hard to keep up and get the information. Clicked through some of the slides really quickly.

    Very knowledgeable! But talked way too fast & stumbled over some topics.

    Very useful. Speedy, but useful. So many sites.

    Wonderful information. Thank you!

    Wonderful presentation and syllabus – am going to view again as I had to miss a portion. Thanks for all the great information.


    Wonderful, will have to watch again becuase I checked out the kirk session minutes you mentiond and found my ancestor straight away. Thanks for all the great tips.

    Worth the time, good info.


    Wow!! Lots of great information. Christine did a great job with her presentation and her handout. Covered a lot.


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