No Will? No Problem!

Sharon Monson
Nov 22, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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Record Types
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Finding Probate Records
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Anything handled by a court of law is lengthy, and that is good for genealogical research. Documents containing information about a death date, relationships, personal and/or real property, and place of residence are common in intestate files. Learn about the court process from first petition to final discharge, and picture what home was like for an ancestor.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Sharon D. Monson is a professional genealogist, creator of the Genealogy Kit, and author of Shortcut to Genealogy Sources. She is a frequent  presenter at local, state and national conferences. Her extensive research experience in co
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    As usual, fantastic speaker and helpful information.

    At first I thought this was too basic, but as with all your webinars I learned a few helpful tips. This time more so in the questions and answers portion. Thank you.

    Canada has similar legislation by provinces and while not necessarily the same, it would helpful to remind us of the purpose and significance of wills or no wills to our research. Well presented by an excellent teacher!

    Cleared up some questions for me. Thanks.

    Enjoyed and refreshed my memory about wills and intestate probates


    excellent examples and suggestions of how to search. thank you

    Excellent presenter. Would love to hear a presenter on the subject for England, Scotland and Wales!

    Excellent professional presentation.

    Excellent speaker and excellent topic! It really helped me to understand Probate Records, and where to find them, much better.


    Extremely clear presentation. I enjoyed the photos – much more interesting than just a list of possessions. Thanks again.

    Fantastic webinar with lots of great ideas and information.

    Good Informatiomn

    Good overview of record types and contents and where to find them.


    Good, basic overview. Definitely a beginning level webinar.

    Great explanation of a confusing topic.

    great webinar on probate records.

    Great webinar!

    Great webinar. Learned alot

    Great: excited to see what else she has to offer in her other webinars

    Had to leave early but will go back to it later. Great information

    I enjoyed the webinar. Great information.

    I feel somewhat enlightened on wills, probates, and terms now that I’ve watched this webinar. Thank you!

    I learned a lot and now have so much more work to do

    I would give this a 10 if I could! Excellent, informative webinar.

    Interesting, an excellent webinar. I say interestingly because what I learned were some tips and tricks to do better, faster and more thoroughly my research. Well done.

    Loads of very interesting and helpful information!

    lots & lots of info. Thank you.

    Lots of gold nuggets in wills and probate. Have to have a look at some of my ancestors now.

    Lots of good information

    Lots of helpful information. Excellent speaker, clear and understandable.

    Oh my goodness this was so interesting. Her presentation was very logical and helped me understand the legal process. Thank you very much Sharon.

    Sharon explains everything SO WELL it makes you fully understand how to proceed AND you can “do over” with your webinar membership.

    She excites others to do research

    Terrific speaker, great facts, tips and advice

    Thank you for making complicated legal stuff less overwhelming and confusing!

    Thanks! Good syllabus!

    The information on the probate process was helpful.

    This great presentation has opened my eyes to a new avenue to further my research. Until now, I was under the mistaken impression that only probate records with a will would contain valuable information. Thank you Sharon!

    This was a great presentation!

    Very helpful

    Very helpful and informative. So much information and guidance.

    Very helpful webinar emphasising the information which can be found in testate/intestate records. Would have liked a little more info about finding the records though – as someone researching US relatives but not actually in the US.

    Very helpful, thank you

    very informative and lots of helpful examples

    Very informative. Thank you.

    very interesting

    Very thorough! Great information!

    Wonderful!! Great information.

    Wow. I am happy that today I learned more about something that I had little knowledge of No Will, No Problem! I look forward to hearing Sharon Monson again!!


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