A la Karte: Borders, Maps and Gazetteers for German Genealogists

James M. Beidler
Nov 20, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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Types of Maps
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Other Tools
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Case Studies
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

The borders of German-speaking lands in Europe followed a non-linear pattern that is at first difficult to unpack. Learn about the gamut of on- and off-line tools to overcome this difficulty.

About the speaker

About the speaker

James M. Beidler, Interim Executive Director for the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, is the author of four commercially published genealogy books as well as writing “
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A great webinar – worth watching many times. It’s a complicated history and Jim makes it easier to understand with his great webinars.

    A very helpful webinar, thanks

    always excellent. Jim knows his stuff!

    clear focus, nicely organized with good resources

    Excellent webinar, alot of really great information, can’t wait to try it all out.

    Excellent! Many thanks to James Beidler for this presentation. I will definitely watch this again and will revisit his other webinars at Legacy Family Tree.

    Excellent! Thanks!

    Fantastic webinar with lots of great information to assist finding German Ancestors.

    Full of information!

    Gave me a few more tools for my toolbox.

    Good examples of using a couple websites for specific search re: boundarais (historical vs. modern)

    Great help in finding German town on a map.

    Great information – well done!

    Great information. Five of my 8 great grandparents were from Germany. The rest were from Ireland

    Great webinar on German borders, maps and Gazetteers.

    Great webinar that might help me finally find my villages of origin

    He is so easy to listen, lots of map information and ideas on where to go for more information. Thanks

    I always find Jim Beidler’s webinars extremely helpful since the majority of my relatives came from Germany. The glossary and websites in the syllabus are much appreciated!

    I found this Webinar extremely informative & very useful

    I love learning new ways on how to search and learn about foreign countries. Thank you.

    I need to find my Germans! This will help a lot.

    I will be challenged by all of the changes of the boundaries in Germany, but I’m happy to know they are there. James Beidler was very thorough, and I learned a lot that will help me with my German ancestors. Thank you.

    It’s difficult to believe every superb webinar is followed by one just as superb; & sometimes even more so. Thanks for offering such great genealogical help.

    I’ve got to buy his map book.

    James Beidler’s webinars are always so informative!

    Jim did an excellent job in giving us aids to exploring olde germany!

    learned a few things. thank you.

    Love it! Fabulous webinar!!! Very helpful. Thank you.

    Love the German webinars! Very informative. Thank you! : )

    Not sure yet if I have any German ancestors, however, DNA results have the area list. If I could just break down some brick walls, I might get proof before I die. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    Outstanding presentation! The information will be so helpful to me researching my German ancestors! Thanks!

    Outstanding! Thanks.

    Pleased to get some new tools to research my Lancow & Bensemann families 🙂

    sehr gut

    So glad I could listen to this. Your webinars always help push me onward for learning more. Thank You.

    So helpful I just wish you would give a free syllabus to those that cannot afford the subscription to the webinars. I would love to have it. But I am very thankful for what you do to help me better myself with genealogy!!!

    Sorry I needed to leave early, would love to see more like this in the evenings.


    Thanks! Very helpful!

    There was not much new for me in this webinar. the tools were helpful to newcomers.

    This man is terrific!

    This webinar was very helpful. Dankeschön

    Today was James Beidler on Borders, Maps and Gazetteers for German Genealogists. It was fascinating I enjoy hearing him with his Enthusiasm.

    very helpful

    Very helpful information. Thanks!

    Very helpful, thank you!

    Very informative and wonderful help.

    Very informative, especially about the on-line Meyers Ort and other resources. Thanks!

    Very informative.

    Very informative. So thankful for this information which has been greatly needed in my German research.

    very interesting

    Very interesting. I learned a lot. Thanks for the information.

    Very useful info. Thanks a lot.

    Wonderful! Always learn something new.

    Wow! Too much information to process all at once. At least for me. Will take my notes & the syllabus & watch the webinar again in the next few days. At the very end, when Jim & Geoff were talking after the webinar, they were speaking of Family Books by family or by village – I didn’t get all of it. Not sure how to spell. I hope I can pick it up from watching the webinar again or from the chat log. Thanks for the Webinar.


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