Mother Nature's Impact on Family Migration & Relocation

Wayne Shepheard
Apr 9, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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Food Shelter Clothing
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Little Ice Age
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Coastal Erosion
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Earthquakes & Floods
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About this webinar

People have migrated away from their places of birth for eons. Within recorded history we can trace the dislocation of families, indeed whole communities, because of war, politics, religious persecution, racial and cultural intolerance, employment or lifestyle prospects, and any of a number of other societal-related reasons. But there were many circumstances where Mother Nature had an important impact on the decisions people made to pick up and leave.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Wayne Shepheard has pursued family history research for several decades, on his own behalf and for others, exploring families in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom. He is active in expanding his interest in and writing about natural phen
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A different approach to genealogy!

    a fascinating new area to explore on climate being a reason to immigrate.

    A fascinating topic.

    A interesting perspective on what to look for when researching one’s family’s moves. It’s more than just the Irish Potato Famine!

    A new aspect of our ancestors’ lives to research—interesting.

    A subject I hadn’t thought about before today. Thanks for the great introduction.

    A subject I knew little about. Was interesting to learn more. Well presented.

    A wonderful presentation. So informative and so easy to understand all parts of his presentation. The slides were very informative. Thank you very much!!

    Absolutely fantastic. As a former geologist and emergency manager I loved to see how he combined the data with genealogy. Just perfect.

    Absolutely fascinating topic

    Absolutely fascinating! Of course I love Geology, Geography and Genealogy, so I really enjoyed the visuals. Thank you so much for having us look at our ancestors movements with new eyes.

    Another wonderful seminar, engaging and fascinating, well-organized and clearly presented. I very much enjoyed listening to Wayne’s talk. He provided a wealth of new information — I particularly enjoyed his description of the New Madrid Earthquake and its human-related consequences, which I had never before considered. Thanks so much!!!

    Beiing German, I knew about a lot of reason to leaving the country, i.e. about earthquakes in far, far away places with the dust moving practically all around the world, but never thought about floods (despite the Magdalenenflut) at the coast and taking away land. Helgoland – to me – is too far away. So great summary and superb pictures

    Best yet!

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great information.

    By far the most unique approach to understanding migration I have ever seen.

    Can’t wait to watch it again.

    Different, fascinating topic.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago



    Excellent content similar to econ classes of years gone by however.

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation with visuals! Also a rarely covered subject for genealogy, but so important.

    Excellent presentation. Very well thought out.

    Excellent! Very information! Presented well! Thanks!

    Excellent. Never considered all of these types of events,

    excellent. not the same old same old

    Exciting and riveting subject. definitely heading to his blogs and resources.

    Extremely interesting. Presenter’s voice was really easy to listen to; presentation chockfull of info I just didn’t even think about before

    Extremely interesting. Thank you.

    Fabulous! Great! I feel like becoming a groupee and following the speaker everywhere! What a worthwhile, meaningful presentation. Everyone should hear him speak.

    Fantastic – excellent speaker – held my interest intensely from beginning to end. Such a great recap of history – I had only known bits and pieces and he put it altogether with good resources. One of the best webinars in my estimation.

    It was great learning why people moved in response to dramatic changes. I am amazed the I exist. Wow

    Fantastic – would love to have even more examples in another webinar.

    Fantastic. Great graphics, well organized presentation. Thank you!

    Fantastic. This information can be so helpful in finding why our ancestors migrated when/where they did.

    Fascinating focus on the question of how natural events effect migration and relocation patterns. Thank you!

    Fascinating information. Really made me want to study more about the effects of nature on migration and relocation for my ancestors!

    Fascinating macro- and micro-view of so many reasons why people move.

    Fascinating piece of history and migration . Thank you.

    Fascinating subject

    Fascinating subject. we need more webinars from Mr. Shepherd

    Fascinating trip through Mother Nature’s actions


    Fascinating!!!!!!!. Wayne has really peaked my interest in this topic and will be researching it for my own information even above the genealogic aspects. Thank you so much Wayne.

    Fascinating. Connected the probable main reason for my German ancestors to migrate to New York in 1710, the first ‘Palatine Migration’ with the destructive cold of the era of that incredible storm over England.

    Fascinating. Would have liked to hear more about central and eastern Europe in such events.

    Fascinating….looking forward to more presentations by Wayne Shepeard

    good historical information

    Graphics and photos outstanding


    Great history info

    great ideas to consider. thanks!

    Great information and presented clearly.

    Great job Wayne. Very informative. We need to constantly be aware that an area we are looking for or in, may not be there anymore, or may have moved down the road.

    great presentation

    Great story about our changing climate. Thank you.

    Great variety



  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    helpful ways to consider why my ancestors might have left their homelands or even their cities and towns.

    I appreciate having this topic included, as well has choosing a knowledgable and excellent presenter

    I expected it to address more recent events re: migration

    good info just not what I expected

    I had not specifically considered nature in the past for relocations or changes of occupation. I will consider it in the future.

    I hadn’t given this area of experiences any thought to why my family might have moved from one place to another. Thank you for adding to base of knowledge that I will now explore.

    I have often wondered why my ancestors chose to immigrate (other than my Irish relatives) . Now I will be searching what was going on in their areas at the time they immigrated. This was a fascinating talk and loved the slides!

    I learned a lot about reasons why my ancestors may have moved around.

    I loved what I was hearing

    I think this one may have moved right into the first place spot of the event! Thank you!

    I was mesmerized during his entire presentation! This is a fascinating topic and something I’ve never considered during my 35 plus years of researching genealogy. Can’t wait to do more research and check out his websites and book.

    Brilliant scholar. Have long been interested in the Potato Famine and after today, I will read more about it–since my English relatives are mostly Irish. Blessing and Thanks for your fine work.

    Informative about specific events, but would have hoped to have info on either the handout or in answer to online question about possible websites to visit to determine what weather was in a specific location at a specific time. Would still love an answer to that.


    Interesting & thought provoking.

    interesting and gave me new insight

    Interesting and informative. His website also seems to have much information. Definitely will watch this again when the recording is posted.

    interesting but was hoping for more examples of the last two centuries of migrations in North America due to disasters like San Francisco earthquake.

    interesting info but seemed like a disjointed presentation, flipping back and forth between eras

    Interesting information.

    Interesting presentation. However, I would have preferred more time on the later period of the Little Ice Age.

    Interesting topic.

    interesting, especially the eroding coastline and new land formed inland in the river by silt, also the changes in the path of a winding river. I had browsed geology textbook before and knew that rivers change course, leaving rings. Had seen recently building foundations underwater off coast of Alexandria, Egypt on Discovery Science or Smithsonian Channel. Had heard before of the little ice age. Wonder if it can be known how much the dark ages were effected by the climate or a decline in civilization.

    Interesting. I have many family memebrs who emigrated I will have to look more closely to see if I can find a possible reason

    It gives me a different perspective to look for when looking for reasons my ancestors moved from one country to another. Thank you!

    It was awesome.

    Just Amazing information. Mother Nature surely did test us and still does.

    Just great information to consider when researching our families.

    Just in my lifetime I see so many things that have affected my family and friends and mother nature surely never gets the attention in our research it deserves. Every year I watch the shoreline at our Gaspe Peninsula homestead take away more land and family graves, but 10 miles away the shoreline by an estuary keeps moving further out. He made these subtle changes much more impactful in his presentation.

    Lots of good information. Thank you.

    Lots of good research information

    lots of information. Greatly appreciate the outline on the screen. I was able to take fairly good notes!

    Lots of new information

    Made me think of additional ways to explore lives of ancestors

    Wayne’s talk was unusual and fascinating.

    Marvelous. A new way to look at our ancestors lives. An eye opener.

    Need an encyclopedia for world epidemics, pandemics, catastrophes!

    new information to me and avenue to to consider with my research. I’m from the Cahokia area and did not know of it’s importance beyond Native Am history

    Now for me to pin down why *my* ancestors emigrated… !! Thank you!

    OMG!! Wayne was amazing! The 5 that I have displayed needs to go to a 10 for sure.

    Really interesting presentation! I need to listen to it again – and also look at my ancestors’ timelines to see if any were affected by the types of events that Wayne discussed.

    Slides were excellent, very professional. I know climate, etc caused migration, but often forget when analyzing a problem. Excellent review.

    So much great information! Thanks!

    so much new information, great

    Suggests a whole new layer of analysis of genealogy, and adds very useful tools to understand and tell family history stories.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Thanks for a broad overview of the many ways that can cause migration. Well researched and great presentation.

    Thanks, Wayne! Absolutely excellent presentation!

    The speaker was excellent.

    This was one of the best seminars regarding relocation and migration.

    This was the best yet! Fascinating.

    This was truly fascinating. I couldn’t make notes fast enough. Will definitely watch again — and make a timeline to see if my ancestors were affected by any of the events he mentioned. And check out Wayne’s website. Thanks to whoever decided to ask Wayne to present this webinar!! Thank you, Legacy Family Tree!!

    Thorough review of topic and nice that it is a new topic.

    To consider Mather Nature is new to me

    Unique information, leaving me wanting more.

    Unusual but very related to our genealogy inquiries.

    Utterly fascinating. I found myself spellbound. One very minor point, I’m from the area near New Madrid, MO and it is pronounced New MADD-rid instead of as in Madrid, Spain … lol! THANKS, Wayne! Awesome!

    Very enjoyable. I learned allot. Thank you

    very good

    Very informative – thank you!

    Very informative & helpful! Thank you!

    Very informative and great visual presentation.

    very informative and interesting – great illustrations to accompany the spoken word.

    Very Informative. Thanks

    very interesting

    very interesting

    very interesting – Thank you

    Very interesting and wonderful visuals

    Very interesting information and stories of specific natural events! Great slides, presenter was really knowledgeable and prepared. Thank you!

    Very interesting overview of natural events, with very good, helpful graphics.

    Very interesting topic that I had not previously considered.

    Very interesting!

    Very interesting, learnt a lot.

    Very interesting.

    Very interesting. Something I wouldn’t have thought about in doing geneaolgy.

    Very interesting. Thank you.

    Very interesting. Thanks. Was aware of some of these but not all of them. Appreciate the webinar info.

    Very interesting. Lots to think about.

    Very interesting. Wayne is knowledgeable and a good speaker.

    Very knowledgeable! Thanks!

    Very wide ranging

    very, very interesting.

    Wayne Shepard has put together an amazing webinar. I never looked to see what Mother Nature was up to where my ancestors lived, but I will certainly add that to my research. Thank you.

    Well presented and interesting.

    What a interesting topic to add to the story of our ancestors! Excellent topic and speaker! Thank you so much!

    What enlightening information! My understanding of nature’s events and the impact on the human family’s lives has enlarged. This new knowledge is something I’ll add to my family history toolbox.

    What great information I never realized how Mother Nature impacted life and caused so much migration. Thanks Wayne

    Wonderful history and loved the maps. They made the events come alive even for our short time frame for this webinar.

    Wonderful webinar or mother nature has affected migration.


    WooooooooooooW! Didn’t think the webinars could get better, but this was beyond excellent and timely. So important to understand.

    Would love to have more details on how weather/geology etc effected emmigration from europe in 1700’s and 1800’s specifically.

    WOW, this was really great!


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