Expanding The Details From Published Local Histories

J. Mark Lowe, FUGA
Apr 9, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 07s
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Timeline & Research Practice
2m 56s
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Appleton's Cyclopaedia
6m 13s
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Examine the Details
6m 22s
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Add Information
8m 01s
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Research Strategies that Work
4m 26s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Using the basic tools of family history research, discover additional family information with these records and writings. Learn the importance of analyzing the information that you find and realizing how important collateral/cluster line research is in helping to move you toward success in the genealogical process.

About the speaker

About the speaker

J. Mark Lowe, FUGA is a full-time professional genealogist, author, and lecturer. While sharing personal experiences that help beginning and experienced researchers gain new skills and insights for research, he specializes in original records and
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    ♡ Love Mark Lowe great speaker and teacher!!!

    A lot of great advice!!

    A simple, logical approach to researching.

    Absolutely fantastic – so logical. This is a process that I will definitely use – it was fun to watch him just pick a person – not family and go. So informative – how to enhance information and the search process in such a fun way. Thank you so much.

    All good ! Thanks!

    Always excellent!

    Always fascinating to watch how another researcher picks apart a published article to create a timeline!

    Always learn something new from Mark!

    Always love how Mark presents.

    Always love listening to Mark…. great information and a delightful accent

    Always love some Mark Lowe!

    Always such good info from Mark Lowe!

    Amazing and awesome!

    Another good one. Thank you!

    As I listened to him explain what he does, in my mind I came to see a process somewhat like unraveling a skein of yarn!


    Awesome presentation…

    Awesome. Will go back and watch it again

    Can’t believe how many great webinars I have seen! Unusual for me to rate many as a top 5.

    Loved Mark’s voice and speaking rate. Easy to grab the info I wanted. such good organization and knowledge! Thank you!

    could have gone for longer!

    Did a good job getting through the material in the reduced session time.

    Down to earth speaking, easy to follow and understand!

    emphasized the importance of having a plan, being patient and looking at multiple sources from many angles

    enjoyed, easy to understand

    Entertaining beginner/intermediate talk….with good back-to-basics reminders for more experienced researchers.


    Excellent as always!

    excellent examples to explain his points.

    excellent info, particularly making research plan

    Excellent presentation! Thank you.

    Excellent resources and ideas to consider in building a timeline. Gives real reasons why a timeline is a good thing!

    Excellent suggestion about building timeline plus looking for information in adjacent locations.

    Excellent!! Thank you. I always enjoy your webinars!


    Excellent!!! I’ve collected items from County Histories, but didn’t have a plan for how to use them. Love the way he explains his process. I’ve also started using Timelines to work back to identify children who are just ‘ticks’ on early censuses, so this makes abundant sense to me!

    Excellent. Lots of avenues to follow. Thank you.

    Extremely helpful since my ancestors and roadblocks are in KY and TN primarily. Great presenter !!!!

    Extremely informative, thanks!

    Finally I have permission (not a reputation as a nosy busy body) to PRACTICE on other people’s ancestors or personal stories!

    Focused presentation, well-organized, excellent content. Mark Lowe always does a thorough job.

    Gave me many ideas!! Thanks

    Gave me some great ideas to explore, thanks!

    Gave me things to think about that I had not considered.

    good examples and sources

    Good ideas and motivations.

    Good information

    Good information. Well done. Thanks!

    Good suggestions.

    Good, practical ideas for developing more personal details

    Got me back into library searching 30 years ago! Ready to do it online! This expanded my ability to use online sources. Thank you.


    Great concept to build a timeline to help focus research

    Great ideas and process, lots of things to follow-up with research. Very well presented.

    Great ideas for finding information and building on your timeline. Thanks

    Great ideas that I hadn’t thought of. Thank you so much.

    Great ideas, well presented

    Great information!

    Great Information!

    Great information! J. Mark Lowe’s webinars are my favorites. He gives commonly understandable, down to earth research information, and insures that his webinars are helpful, concise, interesting, and even entertaining.

    Great inspiration and methods to find more information. Great presentation!!

    Great new ideas and tools

    Great presentation Mark. Well done as always. Very informative. Lots to think about.

    Great presentation! Thanks!

    Great presentation, thank you

    Great presenter and wonderful information! Thank you!

    Great reminder to revisit some of these local histories. I have not read biographies of neighbors. Great tip!

    Great tips in an easy to use process that researchers with any level of experience can incorporate.

    Great webinar! I really learned a lot from all his great ideas! He’s a great presenter, clear and very organized.


  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    He gave me more options, more ideas for research. Thanks!

    He is always full of great information, love to hear him.

    He was wonderful, so many good ideas. Charming fellow. Thank you.

    Helped me to think a little further outside of the box. Thanks Mark, you always do great webinars.

    Helpful information

    He’s terrific!

    I always learn something new from Mark. Today it was some new repositories.

    I always learn something new from Mark’s talks.

    I am interested in trying some of his organization ideas.

    I enjoyed learning various websites for further research such as the Appleton’s Cyclopaedic of American Biography. I was totally unaware of its existence

    I got some news ideas!

    I learned so much from Mark!

    i Learned some new things and it helped me remember things forgotten!

    I like Mark Lowe’s attention to detail and explanations why he does research in certain ways/directions.

    I love to listen to Mark speak, and his presentations always contain good information — new or reminders

    I loved this! Gave me lots of ideas for researching my 19th century Scottish-Canadian ancestors – I know where they lived in Ontario, which is where my grandparents lived, so I spent lots of time in those counties, and will love delving further into the resources about those family-related counties. Really inspiring talk!

    I really got a lot from this webinar. Thank You, Mark.

    I would like access to replay the classes I am interested in, for further study.

    Infotmative. I always learn something.

    Interesting techniques that I will try to use on my future researches, I really enjoy these webinars. Thank you

    interesting to follow

    J. Mark Lowe is always worth listening to. Several times in his webinars, this one included, he briefly, almost as an aside, mentions something that has been of great help to my research.

    Learned so much. Can’t wait to check for biographies.

    Lost of ideas and a great deal of helpful information to journey on.

    lots of good info

    Lots of good information. Something I have not thought of before to use published local histories and biographies. Thank you!

    Lots of great info.!

    Lots of information. Energetic speaker. Great examples.

    Lots of new ways of looking at information that I now want to try.

    Lots of ways to search, many I didn’t think about. J. Mark Lowe always presents a great webinar. Thank you!

    Lots to consider and helps with directing next steps needed

    Love his accent! He’s right. We love published sources but we always need to treat them like family stories. A good place to start looking for documentation and more places to hunt.

    Love Mark Lowe!! I really like his suggestion of keeping the timeline simple, especially by putting the date of the year following the event. Also his suggestion of doing footnotes for the duplicating sources. Many times I can get too wrapped up in details with formatting–maybe because we are trained as genealogists to be very detailed in our research. We just have to be better at simplifying our processes with recording our finds that includes the details. Thank you Mark. Great Job!!

    Loved his accent!!!! His information gave me a lot of new ideas to research my 2x great grandfather who is my brick wall!! wish me luck!

    Loved Mark’s presentation and practical tips

    Loved Mark’s presentation.

    Loved the simple timeline approach.


  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Mark always does a great job!

    Mark always gives information, but his ability to show his thought process as well is so valuable!

    Mark always keeps us focused!

    Mark always makes me think about new ways to mull and ponder my ancestors and kin. Thank you once again for an excellent presentation!

    Mark is a delight to listen too and always has such great insights and ideas for me to pursue!

    Mark is a wonderful presenter! I get more ideas out of his webinars than almost anyone else!

    Mark is always great. This made creating a timeline less intimidating

    Mark is amazing – he always makes me think about things in a different way.

    Mark Lowe – incredible as ever.

    Mark Lowe always gives interesting and insightful presentations. Never boring!!!!

    Mark Lowe is always informative and charming!

    Mark Lowe is always the best!

    Mark Lowe is one of my favorites. He explains things so simply and I love that.

    Mark Lowe is wonderful!! He doesn’t even have to talk about genealogy…..just love to hear him talk about anything!

    Mark’s the best!

    Mark’s pointers on building a timeline are SO helpful. Plus, I learned how to pronounce Bexar.

    Mark’s presentation was excellent as per usual! Thank you! : )

    My first webinar with Mark. Well presented, lots of information

    One of the best! The Cyclopedia of American Biographies looks like it will be a huge help, thank you!

    Organization seems to be the key to everything.


    REALLY GREAT thoughts -especically about Timeline first and sourcing -also about staying on track and writing ideas for each new area of research

    so informative and helpful. I expect this webinar is one of the most relevant to my research at this time.

    so many good examples! thank you.

    So many useful tips. Thank you

    Speaker was excellent. I picked up several ideas

    Speaker was good, liked the topic

    Still getting used to the idea of researching unrelated people? I have to believe Mr Lowe knows what he’s talking about so it is an interesting idea. Is it ethical to just dig into someone’s family? I’ve often wondered. Thank you so much!

    such a pleasant man enjoyed it!

    This is one I will watch again.

    This webinar helped me immensely by guiding me in a direction to find information on my grandmother’s time as a secretary (for the govt.). I’ve been puzzled for ages on where to look to uncover this information. Thanks so much!

    Useful information.

    very clear, very user-friendly advice!

    very fine presenter and presentation.

    Very helpful that he showed specific examples and where to go for more information. The process was helpful as well.

    Very helpful that Mr. Lowe reminded us to use a timeline – how valuable to see a simple one. (I have kept thing that it needs to be complex and thus haven’t been using them.) And the idea of using a person NOT related to you for creating a timeline is new thought. Love that he focused on resources to Get To the sources for biographical information. We know we should do so, but so good to highlight techniques for doing so. Great topic to offer. Valuable to all searchers.

    Merci from California.

    very helpful to me. interesting and informational.

    Very helpful.

    Very informative

    very informative!

    Wanted Mark to keep going! Very informative and obviously loves what he does, enthusiasm is contagious!

    Watching from UK so some ideas may not work but gives me ideas if where to Look

    well done

    what a good speaker, easily learned so many helpful things. Thank you.

    Wonderful *examples* of using a timeline.

    Wonderful presentation. I learned so much.

    Wonderful webinar! Excellent!

    Your A-B to source your work was an extra bonus.


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