Jewish Genealogy with

Deborah J Kroopkin
Apr 14, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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U.S. Research
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Know Your Towns
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Countries of Origin
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Case Study
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Debbie Kroopkin will explain the structure and purpose of the many components of the website. She will address how to connect with other researchers, how to identify and learn about your town overseas, and how to search for ancestors. Her presentation will provide details that will help researchers glean as much information as possible from

About the speaker

About the speaker

Debbie Kroopkin is currently the President of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois. She has explored her family history for over two decades and now conducts research for others. She has discovered her family origins in Ukraine, Poland and
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A lot of useful info about a site I found difficult when I first tried to use it. Wonderful presentation!!!

    A lot to digest. Presenter was very knowledgeable and made the information dance and sing (sometimes a little too fast.) Glad there is a recording and handouts to fall back on.

    Excellent information! I learned a lot about the JewishGen website!

    excellent tour and info … been a while since I visited JG. Newbies would have benefited by actually seeing the dropdown arrow options; they can be overwhelming to someone new. Wonderful site, and kudos to all involved w JG, especially the researchers and transcribers, and donors, of course.

    Gives me incentive to revisit Jewish Gen in more depth.

    Good but a bit overwhelming…need at least another 2 hours to comprehend everything on the website.

    Good info and easy to follow as you went through it.

    Good presentation & terrific handout. Thank you!

    Good site, thank you. Very interesting

    Great coverage of a complex and deep website.

    Great information and a way to use it. Time well spent. Loved it!

    Great information. So happy to have had the guided tour of Jewish Gen.

    Great job, Deborah! I learned so much and am excited to explore the site now!

    Great presentation. The presenter is very knowledgeable.

    Great presenter. Very clear and detailed description of all the reaources available on JewishGen.

    Great re-introduction to JewishGen! Thank you!!! Would have like to have the method of saving the links stated twice , not once, as I misunderstood the directions.

    Great speaker.

    I can’t believe how much I learned! She says she isn’t an expert, but I beg to differ! Thank you !

    I have been using jewishgen for years but still learned some useful information.

    Thank you.

    I learned a ton! Very good lecture.

    I never realized how much I was missing on Jewish Gen- Thank you to Deborah for an excellent webinar.

    I thought I knew most of JewishGen but I learned several new things and it was a good review of important stuff.

    I thought I used Jewishgen quite productively but this opened my eyes to things I never dreamed of. Thank you

    Incredible information! Thank you!


    Knowledgeable presenter, very informative.

    learned a lot

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Lots of resources, and inspiring me to spend some time getting to know better…

    More than I could take in since I don’t have any Jewish ancestors but am helping people who do.

    Much excellent information with a good handout to make following up easier! Thanks.

    Outstanding job with a really difficult topic… Difficult in that there is soooo much available in so many ways on Jewish Gen!!

    presentation was lively and the screenshots were clear. I am looking forward to revisiting the website and checking out the improved parts.

    Probably could do a webinar on each part of the site since there are so many ways you need to approach finding the specific data you are looking for on the site. I’ll need time to absorb what was shown and view this again step by step as I try the techniques provided. Thanks.

    Realize how to do my research on jewishgen much better now. I think I’ll actually find things that will be helpful.

    so much great information

    So much information, I enjoyed the speaker’s lecture and am learning just how overwhelming this can be, especially since I am a non-Jewish trying to research the family history on my husbands side. Romania, Hungary, Austria. Phew!

    Speaker was very personable and knowledgeable.

    Thank you Deborah and JewishGen. This was such a graceful and informed invitation to an area that seems to us novices as daunting. Not so!

    Thank you very much for these webinars!

    Thank you, Deborah. I learned so much that will help further my Jewish family tree research. Marian is a great host–thanks!!

    Thanks for another wonderful webinar.

    Thanks once again for putting these webinars on.

    I just keep learning more & more things from each one.

    This one I think will be very useful as my husband’s parents came from Austria & Russia.

    Just have to squeeze harder for me to get back into doing all our trees (16).

    Thanks! More Jewish and DNA!

    there are many things on jewish gen I have not used and am glad to learn about them

    Too much information, presented too fast.

    Very easy to understand and great questions. Can’t wait to work on it tomorrow.

    very enlightening

    Very informative and clear.

    very informative and thorough

    Very informative! a handout prior to the webinar for everyone to take notes would be helpful

    Thank you to the presenter for a good overview of Jewish gen

    Very informative, learned several new things about searching databases.

    Very informative. Thanks

    Very interesting and informative

    Very interesting. I will follow up by looking air and consider joining

    well done


    Wow! Tons of places on JewishGen that I would never have found. Thank you so much!!!


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