How to Use Autosomal DNA to Resolve Historical Paternity Cases

Ugo Perego, PhD, MSc
May 1, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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Case Study
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Materials and Methods
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Case Study Continued
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About this webinar

All of us are aware that DNA testing is a formidable tool to address paternity cases. However, when talking about paternity testing, the subjects tested are all alive and willing to provide a DNA sample. The normal procedure involves testing the alleged father, the mother and the child. However, what can be done if in our genealogical research we are presented with a similar instance, but that occurred 100-200 years in the past? What to do if the three candidates are now deceased? Is there a way to use DNA testing to confidently reach a conclusion regarding the suspected paternity? In this webinar, Ugo Perego will explain how to use Y chromosome and autosomal DNA testing as tools to unlock suspected biological relationships.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Dr. Ugo A. Perego is the owner of the Genetic Genealogy Consultant services, which specializes in helping genealogists with all their DNA needs. He is also a visiting scientist affiliated with the DNA laboratory of Professors Alessandro Achilli an
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    I always learn something new

    A bit fastbut Ican see it again!

    A complicated subject, presented clearly.

    Always learn something new about DNA.

    an interesting analogy!

    As always thorough and engaging!

    Do I want to put that much time and cost in finding a relationship? I suppose it depends on who I need to find.



    Excellent prez!

    Excellent seminar. Very good information and explanation of exploring unknown family to link DNA or rule out connection

    Excellent webinar. A lot was learned; a lot more to learn./g


    Excellent! He made an extensively complicated subject easy to understand. Thank you very much.

    fantastic work!

    fascinating study! Gives me hope that someday I will be able to find the parents of my brick wall ancestor.

    Focused on a question and showed steps he followed. Gave number needed to be tested. Explained it could be a long process. Made feel DNA analysis is doable. Thanks.

    From the information I received today, I now know how to proceed with some research of my own. Thank you so very much!

    Good ideas to solve tough problems

    Great analysis must watch again! Thanks

    Great presentation!

    Great webinar on using DNA.

    He is so brilliant, what else can I can.

    He was very good & knew his stuff, but it was way above my head!

    Helpful graphics, good narration, highly knowledgeable presentor. I would have appreciated a brief explanation of why Dr. Perego chose the specific people he selected for control groups. I really appreciated how he organized and presented the data in charts.

    I joined in the middle of the presentation but am going to listen to the first half. The process was logical and understandable. Mr. Perego is a very good presenter. Thank you.

    I loved the tables and examples of how you conveyed the information you found. Thank you for sharing these- as well as this fascinating story. Looking forward to hearing more updates!

    Interesting to see some ways to narrow down possibilities when there is a question of heritage.


    It gave me hope for finding an unnamed great grandfather.

    It was a very interesting learning experience, watching how he worked through the various possible family connections. Thank you.

    Loved it! Appreciated the science of research.

    Most of the DNA stuff is still over my head! But, I thoroughly enjoy learning about DNA and genealogy. Thanks for being willing to educate us novices.

    Mr. Perego presented a very interesting study. I was impressed by his scientific approach.

    Nice example of how to do a study like the one he described.

    Outstanding! Thank you!

    Provided great information.

    Really good and interesting case study

    seemed geared for the pro genealogist, but entertaining and great information. I did get tips on how to move forward.

    This was a brilliant webinar giving a step by step guide to a DNA research problem and then presenting the conclusions. Absolutely fantastic!!

    Ugo is such a wonderful scientist – great to hear his take on case studies, DNA analysis, and more. His accent may be challenging to others, but I went to school with 1st generation Italians so it was easy to listen to for me. Handout was specific and fine. His charts helped to make sense of autosomal testing and analysis. I’ll watch him anytime!! Thanks so much for this great webinar.
    useful information on how to use controls in figuring out relationships through DNA

    Very detailed, helped me understand the Centimorgan chart. Thanks.

    very good, great sharing

    Very interesting.

    Very interesting. Looking forward to watching his other webinars.

    very intersting

    Very, very interesting! Thank you! : )

    What I was able to view it was great. Had to leave webinar for an emergency.

    Wonderful presentation. Very interesting concepts but I know I am having trouble getting relatives to do the test. So not as valuable to me personally but very interesting just to enjoy for its own sake

    wonderful presenter



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