Hands-On with MyHeritage DNA

Geoff Rasmussen
Mar 21, 2018
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Upload DNA
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DNA Overview
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Live Discovery
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Chromosome Browser
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Exporting Matches
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About this webinar

Whether you upload your raw DNA data to MyHeritage or are ready to move forward with the results from your MyHeritage DNA test, this webinar will guide you through your ethnicity estimates, DNA matches and more. On hand to walk Geoff Rasmussen through his personal results is Product Manager of MyHeritage DNA, Ran Snir.

About the speakers

About the speakers

Geoffrey D. Rasmussen is the father of four budding genealogists. He graduated with a degree in Genealogy and Family History from Brigham Young University and has served as director and vice-president of the Utah Genealogical Association. He is th
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Ran Snir, VP of Product Management, is responsible for MyHeritage DNA products, Mobile apps and few other projects which are still in the oven. He’s managing a team of product managers who create and optimize the entire DNA journey — from or
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    superb! Loved hearing from Ran Myheritage DNA! I learned so much and it is exciting!

    Terrific Hands on presentation. It has been so informative and a better understanding about My Heritage DNA. Thank you! 🙂

    Terrific intro to DNA with MyHeritage. Kudos to everyone!


    Thank you for helping me understand how to use my DNA results.

    Thanks for showing how to use the chromosome browser for triangulation!

    That was amazing. I actually think I GET IT now!!

    the best dna webinar / class of all I’ve attended anywhere!

    The DNA was not news BUT the way to use DNA in My Heritage was EXCELLENT. Great product explanation.

    This has been a brilliant webinar which has enabled me to understand a great deal about the DNA matching. It will also enable me to encourage other members of my family to take a test to discover our roots.

    This has helped me to understand the why of DNA and how to read the reports. I believe that this will be able to answer some questions as to why some family members have certain facial/pigment/hair-eye color, also the why of travel. Enjoyed the very ‘short’ hour presentation.

    This really helped me understand how I can use the chromosome browser more effectively.

    This seminar was very, very, interesting and informative. How awesome that Geoff found a cousin at Roots Tech! I have enjoyed the DNA series and now want to go and test all the relatives 🙂

    This was an exciting webinar and really enlightening. I had my DNA tested at FamilytreeDNA a year ago but really do not understand the results. After today’s webinar I’m determined to figure it all out.

    This was fascinating and educational at the same time. This evening I will try again to up load my DNA to MyHeritage, and start their other webinars. Thank you for one of the best webinars I have attended.

    This was great. I have uploaded in past but this will provide the knowledge base to use it. I will probably listen to the recorded Webinar a few times to learn more. EXCELLENT!!!!

    This webinar was very informative and at a good speed. Because it was “watch Geoff live” type format it was easy to watch and learn, as I followed along with my own matches. Very enjoyable!

    Understand autosomal DNA much better. Enjoyed seeing how mechanics of relationships can be done with MyHeritage and Legacy instead of by hand as I currently have been doing. Watching Geoff go through the steps with his new cousin was very motivational.

    Understanding triangulation better is really helpful.

    Very educational and helpful in understanding not just how to use more of the site features but what the segment matches, etc mean

    Very good. I uploaded to MH about when they first started and this webinar was awesome showing all the new, good features.

    Very helpful and clears up a number of issues. Thanks, MyHeritage

    Very helpful to have Geoff mediate with the person from MyHeritage. It ensured that the discussion and description were understandable to non-tech people.

    Very helpful will suggest that family members watch the recording

    Very informative … can’t wait for my DNA results!

    Very informative with good clear examples to follow through.

    very informative. Geoff’s trial by doing makes it very understandable. Thanks

    Very informative. It was great observing Geoff trace his relationship to Russell Wilding.

    Very interesting and helpful. I am a member of MyHeritage and I had no idea there was so much there about helping us with our DNA! Great webinar.

    Very interesting info. I have not yet ordered my kit but look forward to doing so. I’m amazed at the many things that can be learned thru DNA testing.

    very interesting. I would say Ran is very knowledgeable and a good teacher, one who can bring it down to the layman or “dummy” level. Thanks for your help, too, Geoff, in bringing DNA alive!

    very motivating and I am so anxious to actually do some of the new info I learned

    Very nice intro to how My Heritage DNA tools work and what they can do to break those brick walls.

    very open and generous discussion

    Very well done! The demonstration was great!

    Well done. I’m already on My Heritage chromosome browser, playing with different matches!

    Will definitely go back and watch again. Thanks!

    Wonderful presentation. Helped so much with understanding my DNA results on MyHeritage.

    Wow! Absolutely amazing! I learned so much about how to use the DNA portion of My Heritage. Can’t express my thanks enough to Ran, Geoff, Russ, and My Heritage!

    Wow! This was a great and VERY helpful webinar!

    Wow! What more can I say…

    You guys were awesome! Thank you so much!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    I always love when Geoff is teaching. The style of the webinar is exactly as we most of us move through our genealogy research. And almost always, when I am just saying to the computer – “Do this, Geoff, as the next step” – he does it! Kudos to Legacy and MyHeritage for these educational opportunities.

    I am anxious to try some of the new DNA options.

    I am beginning to understand the site better! Thank you

    I have used MH DNA for quite awhile but I learned new things today.

    I learn by seeing and doing! This was amazing!!! Even though I have been dabbling on MyHeritage’s website with my matches, I was made aware of some features which I had not explored before — I just had not seen the little arrows. It’s so much easier to see this done than reading “how to” do it. Thanks so much to everyone.

    I learned a lot from this webinar… very interesting, very good speakers!!

    I learned a lot on DNA and My Heritage

    I learned a lot! Thank you!

    I learned so much today about DNA uploads, shared matches, and the chromosomal tools on My Heritage. It was a great webinar!

    I learned so much today!!! Time to move forward with downloading…

    I liked that the multiple chromosome browser showed his match, and that he was able to pin it down to MCA. Good for you.

    I love the chromosome browser feature and the ability to download my match list.

    I love the live discoveries today. Thank you!

    I, too, am FINALLY beginning to understand the whole DNA thing. This was very helpful. I’ve already tested with Ancestry so will have to upload my results to MyHeritage. Thanks so much

    I’m beginning to catch on to some things the more I listen. Enjoyed todays!

    Interesting and informative

    Interesting and well presented. Learned a lot. Thanks!

    It was great to see Geoff’s «lightbulb » moment live when he found the exact connection between Russ and himself! It looked so easy! This webinar has brought me closer to a similar experience. As always, the webinar was fabulous! Thanks so very much.

    It’s much easier to understand this stuff when dealing with real people and real results. Every time I watch a My Heritage webinar I get more value from my membership. Excellent!

    I’ve been on MyHeritage for over a month and learned more today than in playing for that month. Especially like how you tied your DNA with Russ Wildings and traced the relationship from your two charts.

    Just got my DNA uploaded to MH last week or so and I am so very glad to have watched this! I was feeling a bit lost prior to watching the webinar but now have much more confidence knowing what I can do with it. Triangulation is super awesome! The site is very user friendly and intuitive. Thank you! As an adoptee with now known parentage, I hope to find ‘my’ real family/ancestry. Fingers crossed! Thanks again for all the blood sweat and tears that went into putting the site together!!

    Learn a lot more about DNA and will probably up load my raw data to My Heritage.

    Learn something new with each DNA discussion. thanks.

    Learned a lot and was looking at my own DNA matches while you were talking. Thanks.

    love the “learn as we go” format!

    Mind blowing…very very helpful…would love to hear more on tips in reading DNA for adoptees…where to start especially when matches don’t answer you.

    Most helpful DNA webinar so far. I now understand what to do with all the DNA matches I have!!

    My Heritage is by far the best DNA site. NO comparison to others! Confirmed that I knew what I was already doing. That’s a good thing.

    Nice summary & detailed overview of MyHeritage DNA.

    Nice to walk through the DNA site, with great examples, explanations of purpose of options etc. Very very helpful. Now I only need to save shekels all year to hopefully manage a subscription to MyHeritage… Wish they had a monthly option. Sigh. Very good webinar.

    Now have an idea of how to compare the 1% matches or less. As I am 1st generation Irish, my maternal side is not as full as the Paternal side. Anxious to re-watch this webinar.

    Oh My!!!! -Thank you

    OMG I am so happy. The DNA is getting clearer. Thank you Ran & Geoff. How about a webinar from Family Tree DNA too. Thanks

    One of the best DNA webinars I’ve attended. I finally understand triangulation and how to determine which side of the family my matches come from. Good job!

    Pretty good, my first, both as a webinar and for DNA, so didn’t know quite what to expect but suitably impressed.

    So glad I purchased myheritage 1st.

    So helpful. I learned a lot today & seeing the live demo on using the chromosome browser was perfect! Thank you so much!!

    So much info. Thank you all. And I guess I’d better get my stuff uploaded!

    So much to learn. You present so clearly. Thank heavens we can play it again.

    Such a great webinar! Explained so much about matching! Thank you!


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