Finding Your Roots in Catholic Records

Lisa Toth Salinas
Dec 6, 2017
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 43s
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History of Records
5m 49s
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Sacramental Records
7m 17s
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Baptism records
7m 06s
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Marriage records
8m 39s
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Death and Burials
4m 12s
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Where To Find
9m 04s
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Parish Church
2m 56s
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Other Sources
3m 13s
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Announcements / prizes
5m 37s
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Questions / answers
17m 57s
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After-webinar party
14m 08s

About this webinar

Catholic genealogical research has a depth unequaled by any other record group. The documents of the Catholic Church chronicle important events in the lives of members and can provide the key to uncovering otherwise impenetrable family mysteries. Author of the Catholic Genealogy Legacy QuickGuide™ and contributor to The Catholic Gene blog, Lisa Toth Salinas will guide you into exploration of the lives of your ancestors through sacramental records, additional Church records, and other Catholic sources. Join Lisa for an introduction into Catholic genealogy, an overview of traditional and often-overlooked documents, and research strategies that will help you dig into your Catholic roots.

About the speaker

About the speaker

LISA TOTH SALINAS is a Texas-based genealogist, poet and author of Smallest Leaf (2015), awarded the Eakin Manuscript Prize. Her research focuses on the Catholic roots of her Eastern European & Irish immigrant ancestors and their live
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    7 years ago

    +Thank you

    5 PLUS, very informative. Thank you Geoff, please have her back part 2. Thanks Legacy

    A very helpful overview of where to access Catholic records.

    All I can say is WOW! Please have her back. Thank you both!!!

    Appreciate all of the advise. Geoff very well indicates that “practice makes perfect”. Thanks Geoff!

    As a 25 year parish secretary I was very impressed.

    As a genealogist with Catholic ancestors from Louisiana, Mexico, France and Spain, this webinar today was very informative. The PowerPoint presentation was excellent and on point. The speaker was very knowledgeable and spoke very well. Kudos!

    Beautiful slides, great examples, good points!

    Due to work, I arrived late but what I heard of the webinar was Fantastic. I work for the Catholic church and I know how difficult it can be to get access to records but if you get access…they can be a goldmine for information! Wonderful show. Thank you!

    Enjoyed Webinar very much and, not being Catholic, I learned a lot about how to go about researching my mother’s family who came from Ireland. Thanks so much for making this available and noting the many resources available.

    Excellent information and I would be interested in follow up webinars on this topic. Many thanks.

    Excellent overview of the topic as well as detailed examples. Good breadth of samples. Beautiful screen graffics.

    Excellent presentation and great handout. Love Geoff’s after party tips.

    Excellent presentation. Presenter was very knowledgeable about the subject and presented in a very organized and interesting fashion.

    Fabulous webinar! It really helped me, and the graphics were superb.

    Gorgeous presentation visually. Clear, concise presentation of the topic. My first time to a Legacy Webinar. Kudos to both Geoff and Lisa.

    Great information for my Catholic family research!! Thanks so much —

    Great inspiring information about Catholic genealogy research. Most was info that I did not have. Interesting to realize how much is specific to Catholicism.

    great intro!

    Great topic, clear presentation. Thank you!!!

    Great webinar! I am a Catholic and learned more than I knew.

    Have speaker back!!! Catholic Records was excellent…I’m a “cradle-Catholic” and learned a lot of new information for furthering my research. Thank you!

    I am eager to research Catholic records for my family now~

    I learned waaaaaaaaaaaay more than I thought I would….

    Lisa gave me a lot of good tips for researching my Hungarian Catholic ancestors. Please be sure to have her do a Part 2, Part 3, etc. !

    Lisa is absolutely charming! Great learning for non-Catholics about the organization and history of the church, what to look for, and pitfalls. And thank you for that brilliant closing of nominating St. Matthew as the patron saint of genealogists – that was brilliant!

    Lisa presented an excellent webinar on Catholic records. Hope you get her back for a future webinar.

    Lisa Toth Salinas is very knowledgeable and I learned a few new things today. Thank you!

    Lisa was very helpful in explaining the records available and where to find them in addition to church diocese records

    Lisa was very informative and knowledgeable on the subject. Gave me ideas as were to look next. I appreciate she sharing so much with us.

    Loved the bit of Catholic history and resource information.

    Nice webinar with interesting examples. Nice mix of international and US examples.

    One of the best presenter I have listened to on a webinar. Gave all time to absorb and write some notes. Lots of good info. Thank You

    Particularly enjoyable & helpful for me as I am Irish and Hungarian as well–two webinars in one. Beautiful images, lovely gentle voice, very informative.

    She did a terrific job, particularly with her charts and illustrations…

    So much information. Hope she will be coming back. It’s great that the Catholic Church is sharing more of its records now.

    The afternoon flew by. Both the webinar & Geoff’s After Party were very informative. Thank you.

    The best presentation that I’ve heard this year.

    This webinar is a 10!

    This webinar was a big help. I have lots of Catholics in my tree. Thanks.

    Very informative! I have Catholics, Jews, Lutherans, and Methodists as the main religions in my family. This is the first Catholic records webinar I have attended and I learned a lot.

    Very Informative. Really find a benefit in the After Webinar Party discussions on Legacy. So much depth.

    Very informative. Soothing voice, which helps when sitting for over an hour!! Lots of clues and nice examples. Would listen to parts 2 & 3 if and when they become available.

    Very well presented the best Power Point Presentation I have seen

    Yes please, more webinars on Catholic records.


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