Finding the Original Record When the Index is Unclear

J. Mark Lowe, FUGA
Apr 14, 2023
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About this webinar

Often finding the original record based on a reference or an index will require a concentrated effort and logical thinking skills to find that record. Come along as we review several important records and how we find them using a step-by-step.

About the speaker

About the speaker

J. Mark Lowe, FUGA is a full-time professional genealogist, author, and lecturer. While sharing personal experiences that help beginning and experienced researchers gain new skills and insights for research, he specializes in original records and
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  1. CC
    Cathy Cline
    1 month ago

    My Mom always punched the bottom of the candies in the Whitman Sampler! Drove my Dad nuts! LOL!

  2. MP
    Marijane Presar
    7 months ago

    Mark Lowe did a good job of explaining indexing and how important they are. Learned that Indexes could have errors and we need to be persistent in looking further in other data bases.
    Very personable.

  3. DS
    Debra Squires
    8 months ago

    Excellent and enlightening presentation Mark, I am always telling new researchers “think about how they would have said it, how do you spell a scottish brogue when they are possible illiterate and not able to recognise if the official recording their name has spelt it correctly.” Will be referring them to your webinar in future 🙂
    I’m off to check out your other presentations!

  4. SB
    Sheila Benedict
    8 months ago

    Mark is a great presenter.

  5. SH
    Susan Hollis
    8 months ago


  6. DF
    DeRae Freeman
    8 months ago

    Enlightened and feeling a sense of freedom , In knowing where to research next . Being informed is Power to progress . Not giving Up . To continue in our investigation into the past takes preservation and persistence . This 24 he seminar was fabulous .

  7. AW
    Allison Willis
    8 months ago

    Awesome as usual, I love your webinars, they are so informative and helpful!!!

  8. TD
    Tequilla Dorris
    8 months ago

    Really enjoyed the presenter, Mark Lowe.


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