Finding Families in New Zealand

Fiona Brooker
Aug 6, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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Electoral Rolls
21m 45s
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School Records
11m 24s
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Case Study
19m 32s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

We don’t have any major collections of census records in New Zealand, so how else can you find families in New Zealand. Looking at the use of electoral rolls and school records to add to your family history.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Fiona Brooker is a professional genealogist (Memories In Time) who has been actively researching her family history for over 35 years, inspired by two marriage certificates and a collection of family letters written from New Zealand back to her im
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A really good basic webinar for people starting out, also. I got some good ideas:)

    Discovered quite a few things that I shall follow up. The School records seem to be a lot more informative than I thought. Many Thanks.


    Excellent – thorough, detailed and engaging, thanks!

    Excellent and informative seminar today. Fiona demonstrated her expertise in NZ records and showed us clearly how to access and use them

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent. Fiona answered my question about my aunt and uncle which I very much appreciate. I didn’t realize there was an earlier webinar on New Zealand so I’m off to watch that one. Thanks again for these great webinars.


    Fionas presentation was very clear and easy to understand if just startng genealogy. Have learnt a few new avenues to continue my research. Many thanks.

    Great session Fiona. I was really interested in the history of electoral rolls in NZ as I am an Aussie and have used the Australian rolls extensively to find out the finer details of family movement.The female suffrage information was really informative and also the browsing of the rolls that have not been indexed. I have researched my husbands Kiwi family using the NZSG Kiwi Collection and found it very helpful, but your discussion of pupils ages and exam registers will add another level to my researching.

    Great to see another webinar focused on a particular geographic area. Knowledgeable speaker. Good pace.

    Great, I have another couple of websites to look at here in NZ.

    I’m off to look at the NZ electoral rolls.

    Loved this webinar. With oodles of cousins etc. in New Zealand it is really going to help me with my research. A great big thanks to Fiona.

    Most informative/ interesting. Very coherent and organised presenter.

    My first such experience. A great speaker known to me. Perfect clear crisp talking. Now need syllabus / contents.

    NRA has some school lists… Good spread sheet use – thanks. Invercargill Library has Southland schools list!

    never been to one before but got lots of information that will hopefully help me in my search. thanks Geoff and Fiona. north Canterbury nz

    NZ is only a side interest but I know where to go if/when I need to.


    Pleasing to see some record collections covered that are beyond the obvious BDM’s (in this case electoral rolls & school records)

    Really appreciated the info on electoral roles … another source to explore. Thanks.

    Really good thanks. Biggest ahaaa was learning more about the electoral roll structures and changes. Also Digitalnz was totally new to me. (I am New Zealander who lives in Australia) Always one more thing to learn!!! Thanks.

    Relevant. Good time slot!

    Sorry had to leave early – will listen to it again this evening. Thank you

    Speaker was clear and spoke at a good pace.

    Such excellent alternatives to our non existant census records, thak you soooo much for this weninar 🙂

    Superb webinar – my first. I’ve been doing my own research since 2000 and while knowing many sites learnt about so many new areas, Thank you

    The presentation was first rate. Bit of a disappoint to find so few records exist there. Not the funnest fact I’ve learned of late. Her examples and illustrations were great with screens clean and not overly littered. All in all well done!

    This was excellent. Thank you so much Fiona 🙂

    Very informative picking up on a lot of new resources available I was unaware of.

    Very informative. I live in NZ and have been researching my family history for 30 years. Learnt of a few websites I didn’t know about, thank you Fiona

    Very interesting and thank you

    well done i have had no luck but now have starting info to hunt down.

    Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well organised and presented. Thank you.

    Well presented and great suggestion of family table to track through school records. Could be applied to electoral, voting, or census in any country!


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