Fifty Overlooked Genealogical Resources in Fifty Minutes

Diane L. Richard
Mar 31, 2021
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About this webinar

Many valuable and overlooked databases don't make headline news. Every day new ones are being created. Let's explore some juicy gems.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Diane L Richard, MEng & MBA, Mosaic Research and Project Management (MosaicRPM),, has been doing genealogy research since 1987 and, since 2004, professiona
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A lot of good information.

    A lot of useful information

    a TON of great information and websites! Thank you Diane

    A tremendous amount of info. It was difficult to keep up without the preprinted notes.

    All I can say is, WOW!

    Always informative seminars. Thank you. Received many new sites to visit that I hope will give me more info and help me break through some brick walls.

    Always learn something new in these webinars!!!


    amazing range of resources that went beyond the US


    an amazing spectrum of information unmanageable by amateur genealogists

    another all nightter to check out the websites!

    another excellent and information packed presentation thank you

    Another fantastic wealth of information presented as always. DIane is excellent in being concise but putting so much information in a short time.

    Appreciate the variety of sites presented. Something for everyone!

    As I am not currently a webinar member I appreciated the scenes with the links. Learned many helpful things in continuing my research. I just keep piling more and more things to learn and don’t get to the actual searching. That is why I haven’t become a webinar member,,, need to do what I have learned.

    As usual, learned a lot, now I have to process and take notes.

    Awesome amount of information!

    awesome webinar….loved it

    Diana is great. Please do another one or even a class.

    Diane is a genius at this! Its always so educational to listen to her.

    Diane is always wonderful!!

    Diane is very knowledgeable and the quality is superb, as usual. Great resources for all of us, thanks.

    Diane Richard sure knows her “”stuff””!! Very informative and really appreciate the handout!! Wishing all a good week & a Blessed Easter!

    Diane Richards WEbinar was really full of information and a great syllabus!! Going to re-watch just in case I missed writing down a website! Thank You.

    Almost all of the resources were new to me. Thanks!

    enjoyable. one of the few times I can listen to.

    Enjoyed this fast paced yet highly informative webinar. So inclusive of areas I am happy to learn about in order to expand my research- and find informative records more easily.Thank you, Diane.

    EXCELENT presentation. I’m so glad that she was speedy ad didn’t waste time.

    Excellant, many sites to check!




    Excellent and very informative webinar!


    Excellent collection of websites!

    Excellent info

    Excellent info

    Excellent presentation and handout.

    Excellent presentation and I picked a few more resources.

    Excellent presentation of new to me websites for research. I could listen to Diane for hours. Thanks for having these webinars.

    Excellent presentation! Learned many new valuable resources!

    excellent presentation. good information. presenter was extremely knowledgeable about the material presented. I enjoyed the presentation.

    Excellent program. I learned about so many new websites.

    Excellent resources!

    excellent resources!! Thank you soooo much!

    Excellent summary of useful websites

    Excellent thanks

    Excellent webinar

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Excellent Webinar – Lots of new Websites I didn’t know about that I can dive into for more Family History Information.

    Excellent webinar!!!

    Excellent webinar…learned about so many websites I’ve not searched yet!

    Excellent! I knew about a fair amount of these sites, but there were some I’d never seen before. As a genealogical librarian, I’m always looking for new resources. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Since Dianne is very much into NC research, could she possibly do something like this for that subject? NC is where a majority of my people were from back in the day. 😉

    Excellent, fresh material but too much to absorb at one time. But will re-watch, probably a couple of times.

    Excellent, good resources most of which are FREE which is always good.

    Excellent, really learned a lot! Thank you.

    Excellent. Speaker extremely knowledgeable. Class should be 2 hours not 50 minutes. Learned alot!!

    excellent-she gave alot of good web sites and talked slow enough for me to write them down too.

    Exceptional webinar today. Lots and lots of info.

    Extremely interesting. I know I will be able to use some of the sites for research.


    Fantastic presentation. Now I have more websites to check out. Thank you

    Fantastic speaking with priceless information and resources. I’d attend one of her webinars anytime! Thank you.

    Fantastic Webinar. I learned about more new resources than in any webinar in the last three years.

    Fantastic! I learned about lots of resources that are new to me.

    Fast but great!!

    Glad I can watch it again. Syllabus very helpful for adding notes.

    glad to be able to listen again. so much information!

    Good info and presentation.

    Good overview. Difficult to cover so many different areas.

    Good resources

    Good webinar on 50 overlooked genealogy resources.

    Great amount of new research avenues!

    Great info!

    Great info! Had to write fast even with the syllabus!!

    Great info. Thought I knew all the places to look but obviously more to learn. Thank heaven I can listen really fast!

    Great information

    Great information

    Great information. Can’t wait to start using this information

    Great lots of good info. Never realized there was so much out there. Nice to know you can just type something into a search engine related to genealogy and you never know what gems you can find. Good job

    Great new information.

    Great one again. Thank you

    Great presentation! Thanks!

    Great resource

    Great resources

    great resources! Thx.

    Great speaker and websites to visit.

    Great speaker with a lot of useful information!

    Great Webinar !

    Great webinar! Lots of new places to look for information!!

    Great websites! Can’t wait to start exploring! Thanks



    hard to believe so many sites people aren’t aware of

    I agree with the other commenter — nearly all of the 50 websites were NEW to me. Thanks!

    I always appreciate Diane’s vast knowledge of resources!

    I am 70 years old! So many sites and soooooo little time. I certainly have no reason to be bored — in fact, I may pray for boredom time!

    I am going to be busy!

    I cannot wait to try out these sites!

    I found a couple of websites I didn’t know about. Great presentation.

    I liked how she gave a bit of information on each resource and some idea of what it looked like. She did talk VERY fast just like she said.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    I love it when these webinars share new/old sites for us to use. Many thanks!

    I need to listen to this again

    I personally appreciate the “Firehose” technique! I get more information and can explore at my own pace. Thank you!

    I really appreciate when a speaker REALLY knows her subject and can get it across so well.

    I REALLY enjoyed the webinar and learning more about sites to look for genealogy information.

    I thought it was excellent but too fast-paced. She packed a ton of info into one hour. I took notes on sites I had not heard of.

    I thought it was very informative.

    I’m anxious to try some of the new sources — and re-visit some I had forgotten about.

    I’m SO appreciative of Diane’s hard work to provide us with these golden nuggets of internet resources. Wonderful presentation!

    Incredible amount of new info

    Intense! Will require another drive thru


    Interesting information. Didn’t leave URLs up long enough in some cases.

    It was great that she had slides of documents to go with her presentation. The visual helped me take notes.

    it was very informative, and I am looking forward to trying some of these websites. THANKS

    It was very informative. May not use all the information, but I can share the information.

    Just fantastic! I learned about so many new websites that I may have to stop my research on ancestors and start researching these great (free) resources. Thanks for providing this presentation. Well worth the subscription!!

    Just packed with useful information, no matter where you are researching. Thank you.

    Knowledgeable speaker, Diane knows her stuff, very clear & precise.

    Learned a lot

    Learned a lot of great locations.

    Learned about some new resources. Will need to check these out!

    Learned several new site to explore

    Learnt of many sites I’ve never seen

    Lot of goof stuff to check out.

    Lots of great ideas.

    Lots of great info!

    Lots of great Information that was very well presented! Thanks!

    Lots of great new resources

    Lots of great resources, but I wish they were listed on the syllabus.

    Lots of ideas about new places to explore.

    Lots of info- loved it Thank you

    Lots of info, great slides

    Lots of information!

    Lots of new and informative ideas.

    Lots of new avenues to pursue. Also a new way at looking at the internet. Great.

    lots of new websites to check out!

    lots of useful info, enthusiastically presented. Thanks!

    Lots of websites discussed that I never knew about before this webinar.

    Lots of wonderful info about searches and where to find genealogy resources!

    Lot’s of work here!

    Lots of work to do now- trying all the sources! Thank you.

    Lots to learn! Thanks!

    Loved it, ver balanced in areas and interests covered.

    Loved it. Very fast paced, so were able to see a lot of unique resources!

    Loved this presentation. Learned about resources that will be extremely useful in my research.

    Many new sites to check out. A whirlwind presentation but she was amazing. Well done and very enjoyable.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Many resources I was unaware of. Excellent presenter.

    most Excellent

    Most informative.

    My brain is bulging with your info. Thanks very much.

    My toolbox is overflowing. Thanks so much. Welcome back Geoff.

    Nice exposay to unheard of websites.

    Not only was there useful information, the presentation was lively and superb. Thank you from Montreal, Quebec.

    One of the best seminars I have ever listened to. Wonderful and informative.

    One of the better “50” webinars.

    pace was perfect: lots of information and just enough time to scribble a quick note for future followup. I have NC ancestors, so I’m especially grateful for those NC resources that were highlighted.

    Presenter VERY knowledgeable about her topic. What scope for a topic! Great job, Diane!

    pretty fast paced…

    Really appreciated the attention to African American sites.

    Really good speaker and excellently researched. Will listen to the webinar again.

    Resource Packed Webinar totally enjoyed and looking forward to using.

    She covered a lot of Stuff very quickly. Very informative.

    She had a wealth of information to cover, and gave me many new ideas of places to look for more resources that were mostly free. Thank you very much.

    She has given a wealth of information. Thank You

    She is a great presenter.

    Sijtes I’m excited to check out.

    So amazing and enlightening….worth the time spent. Want to include your re-play for our family history Tips newsletter soon….(of 50 people) and want to be sure to get the handout….. want to look at all of these websites!! As a southerner, sure want to tap into Diane’s mind for a few brick walls and mysteries on the tree!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful info and explanations — good presentation!!

    So many helpful sites!

    So many new and forgotten websites and sources.

    So many new places to explore. That was very useful. Thank you

    So many new resources to check out!

    So many new things to search! Thanks for all the great information!

    so many resources! thanks

    So many that are not listed elsewhere…



    Superb information!

    THANK GOODNESS FOR THE HANDOUT! Even with it, I couldn’t keep up! I am anxious to explore many of these sources. Thanks for another nice Wednesday afternoon!

    Thank you Diane for a great list of resources to try and I’ll have alot of fun exploring some of them including Europeana, A Street Near You, WorldCat etc. April from UK.

    Thank you for very useful information.

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

    Thank you! Many new resources!

    Thank you, phenomenal info, she really cares about us as genealogists.

    Thanks for a great webinar! I’ve been looking for a photo of a great-grandmother; this gave me some new places to look.

    Thanks, anxious to try a couple new places to explore. So glad you are back, Geoff!


    The webinar was excellent. I need to join.

    There was a lot packed into the webinar today. It was great but also really overwhelming. May have to rewatch the webinar a couple of times to get the full benefit of all the material covered. Good stuff though!,

    There was loads of information and it was presented clearly and, above all, at a pace that I could easily follow. Thank you for Diane. I’m going to have many hours of exploring websites.

    This is definitely one to watch several times. Thank you.

    This is one of the best webinars I’ve ever attended. It was fantastic. Thank you!

    This so informative that my head feels like it will explode with all these new resources to pursue. Thank you!

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    This was fabulous. So many fabulous resources that I am adding to my research arsenal.

    This was my first Legacy FT Webinar.

    This was the most jam packed webinar I’ve attended, and it was full of new information. Thanks!

    This was very informative. I felt like a true beginner but it was helpful to find other places to do research.

    Three hours of content in one hour! Thank you!

    Tons of information, now to get to work.

    Totally appreciate Dianne’s ‘upbeat attitude’. She is very easy to understand. No dilly -dallying around. Just do-it, Trite but true.


    Very clearly presented, interesting and adds plenty to research – thankyou

    Very concise. Covered many areas of world. Now i have more reason to stay up reaearchimg, researching, researching = discovery! Thank you!

    Very fast but well done

    Very good eventhough I was late.

    very good. I’m anxious to begin looking at the new websites. New to me. I will be watching this webinar again. Thank you.

    very helpful

    very helpful and informative

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative and interesting. And, yes, she certainly spoke very quickly–appreciate being able to ‘re-watch’ presentation.

    Very informative indwell organized. Thanks for all of the great information! ‘Looking forward to trying some!

    very informative

    very informative!

    Very informative! Thanks for so many new resources!

    Very informative, lots of great info. I’ll need to go back, watch it again, pause on some of the slides, and take better notes. Thank you.

    Very informative, many sites I had never heard of.

    Very informative. Good speaker and nothing left out.

    Very inspirering!

    Very interesting – saw some interesting websites to check out.

    Very knowledgeable speaker

    Very organized and knowledgeable speaker. She shared a wealth of knowledge and mentioned many resources I had never heard of that will now help me in my research.

    Very useful information.

    Very useful. I’m excited!

    Was a lot of info but some was helpful. Thanks,

    Wealth of information!

    Well presented. Lots of great information

    Whee! Will definitely need to review the recording. Overwhelmed in a great sense.

    whew! but fabulous!

    Will have to review this again. So much info (in addition to the syllabus) I couldn’t get it all written down!

    Wonderful information, lots of new websites to explore! Thank you Diane. 🙂

    Wonderful to learn about the new resources out there and the ones I am not aware of. Great talk.

    wow lots of great sites

    Wow will have to watch again as I missed a couple that were addf-ons

    Wow! A little fast but a lot of great new websites to check out.

    Wow! So many helpful resources, so little time!

    Wow! My eyes opened wide when I learned about so many new genealogy sites! Thank you to Diane L. Richard and Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

    Wow! This webinar provided a plethora of great research resources. Thank you Diane!!!


    WOW!!! SO many websites new to me even though I have researched for many years, especially online. Sure appreciate all these!

    Wow. Just wow! Fantastic 50-minute sprint with useful info every second. Thank you.

    Wow. My head is spinning after all the information Diane presented! Can’t wait to look up some of the websites.


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