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Mar 30, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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4m 36s
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MyHeritage in Color
5m 27s
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MyHeritage Photo Enhancer
6m 15s
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Deep Nostalgia
10m 32s
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Live Demo
13m 09s
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Deep Nostalgia Goes Viral
12m 02s
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Announcements / prizes
3m 34s
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Questions / answers
26m 21s

About this webinar

Historical photos capture the likeness of our ancestors, and MyHeritage's groundbreaking photo tools can reveal incredible details that bring the past to life. Discover the latest improvements to MyHeritage's suite of photo tools and connect with your family history in new and exciting ways.

About the speakers

About the speakers

MyHeritage is the leading global destination for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. Our platform and DNA kits make it easy for anyone, anywhere to embark on a meaningful journey into their past and treasure their family stories fo
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Tal is a Director of Product Management at MyHeritage and is responsible for MyHeritage's core genealogy service including the family tree, matching technologies and the historical records search engine. He leads a talented team of developers,
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Absolute genius! Each enhancement, colorization, and animation is amazing. Thank you.


    Amazing technology!

    amazing technology! Wish I could have stayed for the Q&A but I have to go to work.

    Amazing Technology. Sharing with family as I type this!


    Appreciate learning how this was developed and that we were able to see sample outcomes from those who have used this app. Thank you again.

    Enjoyed it very much.

    Enjoyed it.

    Enjoyed the webinar. My husband looks after our photos and has used My Heritage’s photo tools. I leave the photos to him and this webinar gave me a good understanding and now I may try some by myself. Thank you for the presentation.


    Excellent learnt about how to do more in depth improvements to my pix 🙂

    Excellent overview

    Excellent presentation demonstrating the new photo tools.

    Excellent presentation.

    exciting to see these new features in action

    fanastic I need to get in touch with Tal to setup Zoom meeting with our Michigan genealogy group. I am Vice President of St clair County Genealogy and History Society here in Michigan thanks

    fantastic webinar today and I just loved it, Thanks

    good coverage of all the opportunities my heritage offers with this software


    Great ideas

    Great info

    Great information

    great information for understanding all the wonderful enhancement , colorization and animation that My Heritage has.

    Great information on remarkable software. Thanks for the free presentation. It is appreciated.

    Great information. Can’t wait to try enhancement, coloring and animation

    Great information. Thanks!

    Great new feature

    Great presentation!

    Great software

    Great stuff!

    great submission now to upload some photos

    Great unique features to MyHeritage

    Great updates. Thanks & keep up the great work.

    He was grea

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    I am amazed at what MyHeritage can do with photos. Colorize, enhance, and now animation. It’s awesome! Tal Erlichman is very knowledgeable and a good speaker. Thank you.

    I am so excited about the new features presented today. I look forward to trying the animation feature with some of my ancestors.

    I learned how easy it is to us the photo tools on MyHeritage. Great.

    I learned so much about the different types of services. Thank you.

    I look forward to trying all these great new features

    I never tis would be possible in my time ( 81 j)

    I really enjoyed learning more about updating pictures. I have tried the My Heritage feature before but was able to pick up some new tips.

    I really enjoyed this and I want to try this soon. Thanks for the information.

    I think it was great and full of information. I always think, when there is so much info about new programs, it would be nice to have a follow-up question time – that is after we have had an opportunity to try it. Even a very short question zoom, would be great. I noticed it was being recorded – where can it be seen?

    I was not familiar with this technology before today–I haven’t had a chance to view any of Roots Tech programs. IMPRESSIVE!! The examples shown on Tik Tok were tear jerkers–happy tears. Tal did a great job explaining all the different photo tools. Again, it was great to see examples. This has pushed me over to subscribe. I just have to spread it out with a couple of major genealogy subscriptions due this month and next month. Hope you have a monthly rate to get me to June. I am very impressed My Heritage!


    Insightful information.


    It was amazing and easy! Thank you!

    It was very interesting to see how this technology is being used. Thanks for the ability to enhance my photos and memories!!

    I’ve already been using Colorize & Enhancer but still fine -tuned what I knew. I have recently heard about Nostalgia but didn’t really know how it works. So, Tal did a great job explaining. He didn’t go to fast so that was good. He showed us exactly which buttons to click & encouraged us to play with it

    Just fascinating ! Instructive information on how to use application.

    Learned a lot

    loved it and trying to animate via android app


    Modern technology never fails to amaze me.

    Need to really start working on this. Thank you

    nice tool!

    Outstanding information!

    outstanding software and presentation. I’m anxious to upload my great grandmother’s picture and show it to her 3x great children.

    Simple, effective, great technology

    Something to think about trying.


  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Tal’s expertise in this area is invaluable for an amateur. Glad to have participated!

    Thank you for the explanation. Greetings from Czech Republic.

    Thank you My Heritage! I so appreciate all you do to enhance family history efforts. It was so touching to see what a difference this technology is having in so many lives!

    The webinar enlightened my knowledge of how the My Heritage photo programs work. The webinar showed how I can upload some photos to try these features.

    This was a lot of fun and I’m deeply impressed by the technology they are making available, especially the enhancement feature.

    This was really interesting information to learn about, especially Deep Nostalgia.

    Totaly amazing!

    Valuable to see all the ways a photo can be enhanced

    Very Good and interesting

    very good- most I had learned by trial and error the day it came out- I tried to contact the MyHeritage site to tell them how incredible ALL of it was- as I was pouring tears seeing my grandparents and deceased brother move… I sent the animation and enhanced photo to my niece who lost her dad at 14 years old- thank you for this gift of life and memories…Ann Tice Howell, MI… subscription member.

    Very good presentation

    Very helpful learning about the range of photo tools.

    Very helpful! Thank you!

    Very informative and engaging! Thanks!

    Very informative!

    very interesting

    Very interesting topic. Seems like a great tool to give old photos a new life.

    Very interesting webinar.

    Very interesting. It is amazing what they are doing with the technology. The processes demonstrated will be very useful and appreciated by a lot of people.

    Very nice coverage of the new photo features. Good examples.

    very technical webinar. seemed above my level. Technology usage was very good but seems like something you really need to have a great need for

    Very well done. The presenter was well prepared.

    well done! anxious to go try it out

    Wonderful demonstrations of some very important and useful features

    Wonderful new technology and the presenter was very knowledgeable. He presented this in a format that was easy for people to understand. I will be watching this again in the Webinar library. Thank you!

    Wonderful presentation. I have used most of the options, but learn about changing the different types of animations today. Wonderful new tools.

    Wonderful! Wonderful!

    Your webinars just keep getting better!


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