Excel Tips for DNA Analysis: How to Make a DNA Citation Template

Paul Woodbury, MEd., AG
Sep 28, 2023
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Excel Tips
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Excel Template Setup
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Compile the Citation
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About this webinar

Learn how to automatically create citations for your DNA matches to help you in organizing your genetic genealogy research efforts.

About the speaker

About the speaker

From a young age, Paul Woodbury fell in love with genealogy research. To pursue his passion for this field, he studied genetics and family history at Brigham Young University. To aid in his desire to share his knowledge with others, he has also re
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  1. KK
    Karen Kontrath
    5 months ago

    Blown away by this, what a fantastic explanation. I feel I can give this is a try.

  2. CC
    Cathy Cline
    9 months ago

    Very helpful!

  3. LH
    Louann Holmes
    9 months ago

    I checked out your webinar re: downloading data from 23andMe. How do I turn a raw data file into one that will work with your match list for creating citations?

    1 Reply
    • PN
      Pirjo Nurminen
      7 months ago

      Raw data is differet from match list downloads, and they are now not in use for security reasons., You can still download to Gedmatch with rawdata, there tier 1 needs to pay. And you can learn Dna painter chromosome painter with copying, but this video is not of use today.

  4. LL
    Lana Litke
    9 months ago

    I cannot believe it is so easy to populate the columns once you have the 1st one. That is a huge time saver I can take elsewhere. Thank you for making citations simple. In the 1st row I used a different font colour for the 3 things we need to input: Tester’s name, Month, and Year. You can’t get much easier than that!

  5. CB
    Connie Breckenridge
    10 months ago

    Thanks! Very easy and straightforward. Will be useful.


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