Everything you need to know about Genealogical Charts and Reports

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Jul 17, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 14s
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3m 39s
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Close Family
4m 02s
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Fan Chart
2m 15s
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Sun Chart
5m 09s
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Order Poster
3m 35s
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Family Book
4m 50s
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Family Tree Builder charts
5m 33s
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Announcements / prizes
2m 54s
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Questions / answers
23m 59s

About this webinar

Charts and reports are an excellent way to organize and share your discoveries. In this webinar, you will learn about the wide selection of charts and reports available, when to use each type, how to create them and more. 

About the speakers

About the speakers

MyHeritage is the leading global destination for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. Our platform and DNA kits make it easy for anyone, anywhere to embark on a meaningful journey into their past and treasure their family stories fo
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Uri Gonen has been working at MyHeritage since 2005 where he took on different challenges and roles in product development and product management. He has been part of the wild journey of MyHeritage from a small startup to a dominant company in the
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