It's a Numbers Game! Understanding Recognized Genealogical Formats

Alice Hoyt Veen, CG
Jul 17, 2018
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1m 05s
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Learn About BCG
1m 21s
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Speaker's Introduction
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2m 25s
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Recognized Formats
5m 13s
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Ascending vs. Descending
3m 35s
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Three Basic Formats
4m 35s
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18m 47s
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Ascending Genealogies
5m 01s
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Descending Genealogies
7m 18s
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Special Cases
9m 38s
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2m 27s
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Questions / answers
21m 08s

About this webinar

Effective genealogical writing is based on standardized formats and numbering systems. Learn to understand the numbers you see in published genealogies and how to present your own findings in recognized formats. Discussion includes basic genealogical numbering conventions, including the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) Register system, National Genealogical Society (NGS)  Quarterly system, Sosa-Stradonitz (Ahnentafel) System; and how to identify European ancestors.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Alice Hoyt Veen, CG, is a board-certified genealogist and full-time professional researcher and educator. She is a sixth-generation Iowan whose genealogical specialties include Midwestern and territorial research, land records and military history
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    Great webinar. Thanks.

    I am finally starting to understand the numbering system used in an unpublished genealogy written by my father in the 1940s

    I have encountered a variety of formats and this webinar went a long way in recognizing which system is which.

    I liked how each step of each numbering system was reiterated in different situations. I believe repetition is key to learning these systems.

    I missed part of it but it was fantastic! I will catch the beginning as I have a Legacy subscription.

    I never had the numbering explained before. Thanks

    I realise I have a lot to learn 🙂

    I really appreciate how she gave the information and then immediately showed it with the case study family. It made the concepts much clearer!

    Interesting and well presented

    It covered almost every situation I could think of.

    It was very well organized and put together.

    Made a difficult system understandable.

    Not the fun stuff but very informative. I appreciate her going through the basics and simplifying the process.

    Not the most riveting subject but very important. The presenter did an excellent job explaining this complicated subject.

    Now I understand!

    One to review multiple times.

    Outstanding presentation and handout! Thank you.

    Outstanding presentation of a deadly boring topic. And yes, I understood the methodology presented by the speaker. Brava!

    Presented a complex subject understandably and logically.

    Really helped to explain all those numbers

    seemed as if a mystery was explained! I will better understand when I see the numbers.

    Technical. But I am not quite as confused as before!

    Thank you for taking some of the fear out of the numbering systems.

    Thank you, Alice, for explaining this important subject in such detail. Your syllabus is very helpful, too.

    The clearest explanation I’ve heard on the different types of genealogies and the different numbering systems. Will recommend to others!

    The presentation helped in some of the items that will be needed on some of the certification projects that are required.

    The speaker was extremely well-organized. Her presentation was excellent.

    The visual presentation was clear, concise, and very professional. It reinforced the wonderful audio presentation by the speaker.

    This has been the best organized and smoothly presented Webinar I’ve attended so far. Well done! Thank you!

    This is the best presentation I have had a chance to see! The complete grasp of the subject matter by the presenter, Alice was amazing. She was able to create a discussion, clarify it with examples, and explain it again ad-lib in answer to questions. Difficult subject to be able to present so clearly.

    This is the first time I have had numbering systems so clearly explained! Thank you for an excellent webinar!

    This made a clear as mud situation actually CLEAR Thank you

    This presentation was wonderful. This subject is confusing but the speaker did a good job making it sound simple

    This was a great explanation to potentially intimidating systems!

    This was the best explanation on this topic I have ever heard. The slides were clear and easy to understand. I hope this presenter can be enticed/encouraged to do more in the future. She is great!

    This was very interesting and understandable. The presenter did a wonderful job explaining the systems. It now makes sense to me.

    This webinar presented genealogical numbering systems in a clear and concise manner.

    Very clear and organized presentation! Thank you, Alice!

    Very clear and understandable. Great job!

    very clear examples, excellent handout

    Very clear explanation

    Very clear explanation. The slides contain information that will be helpful to reference in the future.

    very clearly presented. I understand better now.

    Very concise. Had books to look for.

    Very helpful to me as I work to achieve certification.

    Very helpful. Good handout with examples. I was totally unfamiliar with the subject matter. It was explained very clearly & logically.

    Very informative on how numbering works. Ordered the book!

    Very informative.

    Very interesting introduction to numbering systems

    Very interesting. I could relate to all the written histories I’ve collected from my ancestors.

    Very very clear and helpful – thank you!

    Very well explained!

    Very well organized

    Very well paced presentation

    Very well presented and easy to follow. Thanks

    Well done and understandable. Was paced well for new learners. Thank you!

    What a lovely, soothing voice to present such a difficult topic!!!

    Wonderfully clear in her oral presentation and wonderfully clear slides! I am so impressed.

    Wow! What a great presentation! Informative, great examples and easy to follow.

    Wow, finally made some sense of these systems and what all those numbers mean!


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