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May 25, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 44s
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3m 34s
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DNA Results Overview
4m 48s
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Your DNA Matches
20m 51s
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Chromosome Browser
8m 54s
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Auto Clusters
8m 44s
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Theory of Family Relativity
9m 06s
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Announcements / prizes
2m 40s
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Questions / answers
13m 00s

About this webinar

MyHeritage offers an impressive suite of features to help you trace your relationship to your DNA Matches. In this webinar, Ofer Karp will give an overview of the different tools including the Chromosome Browser and AutoClusters, tips for using them, and walk you through recommended next steps when reviewing a Theory of Family Relativity™.

About the speakers

About the speakers

MyHeritage is the leading global destination for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. Our platform and DNA kits make it easy for anyone, anywhere to embark on a meaningful journey into their past and treasure their family stories fo
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Ofer is a Director of Product Management overseeing the development and management of MyHeritage DNA products. For the past two years, he has been in charge of planning, developing and launching the MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry product. In creat
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Very Helpful. I picked up a few points re how to use DNA Results, also info given re how to export and link to gedcom

    A good review of the tools I should be using.

    Always learning something new. Thanks.

    Another outstanding and informative presentation!

    clear and concise, easy to understand.

    Easy to understand when explained by person who knows the process. Thank you

    Enjoyed this webinar by Ofer Karp.

    Even though I’ve already been using the My Heritage DNA tools, I learned additional information from today’s presentation.

    Even though the speaker was not around to answer questions, the presentation was very good. It’s the first time that I have understood autoclusters.

    Excellent content!

    Excellent information. Lots of information that I did not know before this lecture. Thank you

    Excellent presentation! Thanks!

    Excellent review of the advanced features. Thanks!

    Excellent review of the tools on MY Heritage.

    fantastic technology and well explained.

    For anyone who has spent some time on the MH DNA pages, I don’t think they would consider this presentation “advanced”. Still it was a good review of all that is currently available on MH DNA and worth the time investment.

    Geoff always does an amazing job moderating, especially today when he handled all the Q and A.

    Good & quick overveiw

    Good clear and well thought out review. Blessings to him and his family in Israel during this terrible situation for them. Thanks for Geoff’s answers… he’s always so clear!

    Good info

    Good overview of options

    Good review for me and I learned new things!

    Good review for me.

    i’ve already run my autoclusters and compared DNA but definitely learned some new stuff

    Grateful for insights!

    Great but will take time to digest and experiment.


    Great info given, that I did not know . Thanks

    Great information!

    Great information! My Heritage has the best tools for DNA. Keep up the great work!

    great overview of tools

    Great presentation and great assist by Geoff. Good information. Now to go prove if I and my wife are really fourth cousins.

    Great review for me. I also understand Auto Clusters a little better.

    great understanding and instruction

    Great webinar helping to make DNA matching more interesting and enjoyable.

    Great! Can’t wait to upload my tree and get going on this!

    I didn’t learn anything new – apparently I’m more advanced than I realize 😉

    I especially appreciated the speaker detailing why a tool was useful and illustrating it. very clear, comprehensive introduction and presentation.

    I had already discovered most of the features presented. But I did get a few new ideas about how to use one or two of them. Thanks!

    I had so many questions answered! Thank you, thank you!

    I learned about some features that I didn’t realize existed!

    I never understood how to use the Chromosome Painter. Thank you.

    I was able to get a better understanding about the DNA tools that are available.

    I was very pleased with this webinar and think it might help me overcome some hurdles that I have encountered.

    I will have to do much more study to make sure I understand all of this, but his talk helped me feel I can do just that! Thanks

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    I will watch this again, great job

    Informative and easy to understand, for me.

    it was a good over view of all the options that are available at My Heritage & I appreciate all the time & effort that went in to making the Webnar as I know he is a very busy man

    It was pretty much review for me but clear and informative for beginners and people new to my heritage

    Learned a lot about auto clusters and the theory of family relativity-thanks!

    Learned lots – need to spend more time with my DNA matches on MyHeritage!

    Learned lots of information! Thanks!

    Looking forward for the video to post so I can watch again.

    Lots of good info.

    lots of info, will have to watch again. Glad I have a membership!

    lots of useful info. thank you

    Lots of useful information!!

    Much clear information. SO much info I am glad I can listen again.

    Never hurts to refresh your knowledge.

    New to MyHeritage DNA so I found this webinar extremely helpful. Now I need to go and explore and play. Thank you.

    Nice overview of MyHeritage DNA

    Nice step by step presentation of the DNA info given to us by My Heritage.

    Ofer was very well-organized with clear slides. Even with extensive experience at MH, I always learn something new.

    Really enjoyed this

    Seemed very comprehensive. Thank you very much! I needed this overview and detail.

    Thank you

    Thank you. Ofer’s presentation was very informative.

    The speaker explained in a clear and pleasant way about the functions necessary to improve our research.

    The time flew by so quickly, but I learned a lot about Advanced DNA Features. Ofer Karp was thorough every step of the way. Thank you!

    Timely and well presented. Thanks!

    Very basic and just what I needed.

    Very clear, good review for me.

    very detailed and I plan to view it again in a day or so.

    very easy to follow

    Very good

    Very good but I did get lost a bit in his presentation. I’m fairly new to the DNA group and trying to find out who the people are in my “Match” lists. Thanks for the Webinar.

    Very good webinar

    Very helpful!

    Very helpful.

    Very helpful.

    Very helpful. Participant involvement was great!

    Very informative

    Very informative & helpful. Thank you! : )

    Very informative! Cannot wait to try all the new features.

    Very informative.

    very interesting

    Very interesting.

    very well done – now to start using all these features Thanks

    Well done!

    Well down! Thorough and easy to follow! Thanks for the time I know it took to prepare that for us and for all of the wonderful genealogical helps available on MyHeriitage!

    Well presented

    wonderful information.


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