Easily Read Old Style American Handwriting

Sharon Monson
Jun 13, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
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Preservation Formats
7m 01s
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Information in Original
5m 57s
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Reading Cursive
2m 04s
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Tip 1
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Tip 2
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Tip 3
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Tip 4
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Tip 5
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Tip 6
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Tip 7
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Tip 8
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Tip 9
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Tip 10
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Genealogical researchers love old records, family bibles, baptismal certificates, and census pages. Transcribing a will or a deed can be a daunting task, especially when the writing instruments are pre-1800. Cursive handwriting from the 1600's up to the 1900's is often a challenge. Knowing a few tips to decipher names, a word that doesn't make sense, or a troublesome abbreviation makes reading  old documents a lot easier.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Sharon D. Monson is a professional genealogist, creator of the Genealogy Kit, and author of Shortcut to Genealogy Sources. She is a frequent  presenter at local, state and national conferences. Her extensive research experience in co
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    Loved this presenter. I would like to hear more from her. She was well organized and interesting!

    My first one, it was good info !!

    My goodness, I haven’t come across any records like those yet, at least that I can remember. I certainly now know how to evaluate and perhaps come to the right conclusion. Good webinar.

    Nice presentation. pleasant voice and pacing. Very good selection of the examples for us to look at. Nice educational webinar.

    Now I need to go back and read my old documents again. Wonderful!

    Really helpful

    Sharing the civil war letter made me understand the effort to decipher the writing is worth the time. Thanks!

    Thank you – interesting topic

    Thank you. I have documents in Russian and although I don’t understand the language, these tips will help me decipher those documents.

    Thanks for all the helpful tips

    The speaker was very clear and illustrated the different letters and styles of letters beautifully. Having taken an online course in medieval Scottish paleography, this filled in some gaps in the transition from more ancient to more modern. I very much appreciated the Civil War letter!

    This is definitely one I’m going to want to revisit. Great examples!

    This was a very helpful webinar loaded with tips we all can use as we do our genealogy research. Great job Sharon. Thanks.

    This was an excellent webinar on a difficult subject. Having actual documents to read made it seem much more enjoyable – and certainly easier to see the value in trying to read Early American Handwriting. Great job!!

    This was probably one of the most helpful webinars I have watched. I enjoyed it so very much!

    This was very helpful!

    very clear explanations.

    Very good webinar! I will now be more careful when I exam the old handwritten documents and pay attention to how the writer wrote (their style/form).

    Very good. I liked when the speaker read the handwriting s l o w l y. That gave me time to attempt reading it before she told us what was actually written. Great examples and great strategies.

    Very helpful information and well presented.

    Very helpful suggestions. Sharon explained the letters very well. Better than trying to understand it from a book

    Very helpful! Thanks!

    Very informative and interesting. Thanks.

    Very informative! Thank you!

    Very interesting and informative webinar by Sharon Monson on Old Style American Handwriting. Well presented with good tips and examples on being able to read old documents, certificates, and various records. Really enjoyed it!

    very interesting, good examples and tips

    Very useful and well presented!

    Very useful information and well presented!

    What a wonderfull, helpful webinar! I loved this one.

    wonderful, a great hour learning

    Wow very helpful!


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