Case Study: Finding My 3rd Great Grandfather: How X-DNA Led the Way

Mary Eberle, JD

We never knew the birth parents of my 2nd great grandmother, Sena. Her mother died during childbirth on the ship coming from Norway. Baby Sena was raised by another Norwegian family. This case study details how an X-DNA match led me to Baby Sena’s father—my 3rd great grandfather. This talk covers X-DNA inheritance patterns and how they can help you determine how you’re related to a match.

Fri, September 1 2023: 16:45 UTC

About the speaker

About the speaker

How can DNA change your life? Biotech patent attorney and scientist turned genetic genealogist, Mary Eberle, JD, has the answers. Inspired by stories (and a super-sleuth energized by the thrill of the hunt), Mary founded
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