Basics of Land Platting – Part 1

J. Mark Lowe, FUGA
Aug 14, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 21s
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Materials Needed
10m 44s
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Basic Deed
2m 04s
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Platting Example
2m 13s
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Recording Data
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Platting Example
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Don't understand Metes and Bounds? This working session will help you learn how to plat a deed using the metes and bounds system. Discover new clues by understanding more about your ancestor's land.

About the speaker

About the speaker

J. Mark Lowe, FUGA is a full-time professional genealogist, author, and lecturer. While sharing personal experiences that help beginning and experienced researchers gain new skills and insights for research, he specializes in original records and
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    5 is not high enough for Mark. He is at least a 10 and preferably a 15, or more. Thank you, J. Mark Lowe, can’t wait for Friday for part II. Know it will be excellent.

    5++ Excellent teacher!

    A lot of great info! I can’t wait to start platting!

    Absolutely one of the top speakers. I learned a great deal.

    ANY presentation by Mark Lowe is excellent and not to be missed! He is a delight, too! Thank you very much.

    As always, I learned a lot!!

    As always, Mark Lowe is AWESOME! Another amazing Mark Lowe and Legacy Family Tree webinar! I have dabbled a little in this process a few years ago in a previous on-site class. This webinar makes it much clearer! For anyone wanting to learn this process, this webinar is definitely the way to begin. Looking forward to Part 2. Also, really enjoyed the questions and answers and more at the end of the webinar. I can never get enough Mark Lowe. I will be watching his other webinars as well. Thanks to all!

    At first I was overwhelmed (math is not my strength!) . I’m glad I stuck with you, because it was a fabulous presentation. He is a great teacher and can explain to the layperson in a manner of understanding. I’ve been wanting to understand the basics of how to plat and I think I’ve got it! ha! I’ll practice! Thank you!

    Excellent as always

    Excellent class. Always love to hear from Mark Lowe!

    Excellent description of platting. I do have some prior knowledge which allowed me to follow along easily. If I were a newbie I would definitely watch again for clarity – hmm. I might even though I’m not a newbie 🙂

    Excellent I have learned alot

    Excellent information. Now I just need to put it in practice with some of my ancestors land deeds.

    Excellent pace for the level of deail involved.

    Excellent presentation on a complex situation. Plan to watch the webinar again as well as Part 2

    Thank you

    Excellent topic

    Fantastic webinar with a great introduction to Land Platting from Mark.

    Fantastic. Such much good information and an excellent presenter. I will be sure to watch Part 2.

    Finally, I get it! Thank you, Mark.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Good information. I had no idea as to how to read land deeds etc and map out leaps and bounds. this was very clear and can’t wait to put into practice

    Good presentation of the basics. Looking forward to working with some of my land deeds and platting them out.

    Good session and easy to follow.


    great illustrations-examples. very encouraging. thanks

    Great information. Looking forward to homework and part 2. Thanks!

    Great job!

    great presentation but not sure if I would do this but good info for the future. One thing is makes me want to watch his other webinars!

    great subject. great teacher

    Great walk-through for a beginner on this topic!

    Great webinar! Now to brush up on my math.

    Having worked in real estate law for many years, I found much of this familiar. But I especially liked Mark’s explanation of how to convert the measurements. Very helpful!

    He made it understandable and it is great that I can replay it and use the handout to do the platting as I follow along.

    I can’t wait to put it to use for part 2.

    I enjoyed this the only problem for myself is I stink at math…lol I really did enjoy it you know what they say practice makes perfect! Basics of Land Platting is a must watch!

    I have done some platting, and I learned some new things tonight. Excellent presentation.

    I have tried platting land before, but I didn’t get the hang of the whole thing. Mark was able to clear up my confusion. Mark is great.

    I hope I can work this out . Very interesting and I want to learn more.

    I learned a lot about metes and bounds and feel much more confident in understanding my ancestors’ land records now!

    I loved the breakdown of the parts of the land. It’s just been gobbledygook up until tonight. Thanks, Mark!

    I only heard about half the webinar, but I understood what I heard. I will go back and listen to the beginning. It is much easier than I thought it was. Thank you.

    I think that I finally get this land platting stuff. Mark really broke it down nicely!

    Interesting webinar and lots of memories when I worked for a title insurance company abstracting deeds. My husband was a land surveyor.

    Interesting. Just starting my look into land deeds.

    I’ve tried to figure this out by myself and always got tangled up. Mark made it easy!

    J Mark Lowe is always excellent

    J. Mark Lowe is a very good speaker. He has answered some questions I had about the measurements of plats. Great information.

    Learned a lot about land platting – but then I always learn a lot from Mark Lowe

    learned a lot. feel somewhat comfortable with land plats

    Lots of good information but very unfamiliar to me. I need to watch it again.

    Lots of new learning. The idea of platting is new knowledge to me. I will give it a try.

    Love Mark Lowe!

    Loved it! Want to see the follow up but can’t find it!

    Loved it. My great grandparenst bought a farm in Rushford, New York, I can’t wait o find out what is there today. I also have a plat map for a more distant ancestor I want to check out.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Made something that is confusing to many of us much more clear and understandable.

    Makes my head spin, will take some time working thru this.

    Mark always explains things so well!

    Mark helped me understand the beginning process so that I can plat my ancestor’s land in Virginia. Will watch Part II!

    Mark is a wonderful presenter. He makes everything sound so easy – with practice. I look forward to trying my hand at platting some of the land records of my ancestors.

    Mark is amazing–great subject

    Mark Lowe is always a great speaker/teacher!! Thank you!

    Mark’s explanations were so clear & easy to follow!

    Nice step-by-step on land platting. And stop making people think that math is hard – it’s not! (says the (female) college math major 😉

    Nicely organized and metes/bounds/pols well-explained. Want to watch others by him now.

    One of the best!

    Open my mind to finding ancestry’s land in hope of understanding the past.

    overwhelmed right now but will watch again and again so I can get it.

    Presenter Mark Lowe explained things very clearly and in logical steps. It was perfect!

    Presenter was clear and went through the presentation at a moderate speed, which was good. I felt I got a good idea how to draw a plat, but am glad I am a member and I can go back and view the video again.

    Really great webinar that answered a lot of my questions about land platting. Can’t wait for Part II! Thanks!

    Really interesting! I will have to watch this again. Thanks 🙂

    Thank you for breaking this topic into an easy to understand format. Will be adding a membership to my wish list.

    Thank you for the clear instructions and explanation. Metes and bounds is not as complicated as it first seemed.

    The land is part of your ancestors life so this webinar is a way to see yesterday today.

    This could make for a great addition to the family story! Nice topic…

    This has really helped to clarify the process.

    This is one I will be watching again. So interesting. Good presentation.

    This one is a 10+

    This was a brand new topic for me. I love maps, so this will come in handy! Thanks to Mark.

    This was a great webinar!

    This was an amazing webinar! A complex topic was extremely well described and explained!

    This was excellent! I especially like the detailed walk-through of platting a deed, as well as the follow up exercises. I will work through those before watching part 2. Just very well-done. Thank you.

    This was one of the best webinars!!!!

    This was truly an outstanding webinar!! Very helpful and easy to follow and understand!

    Usually I have trouble with this type of information. Mark made it understandable. Thank you!

    Very clear and precise. Easy to follow with examples. I have used surveys to find property lines from existing buildings so this has given me a new way to find the actual shape of the property.

    Very clear explanation of land descriptions and platting techniques.

    very good

    Very good information

    Very good webinar. Very helpful and informative. Mark Lowe made it easier to understand.

    Very helpful and well-presented.

    Very informative

    very informative

    Very informative. I enjoyed it as a refresher to information I had learned long ago but had not used in a long time. Thank you!

    Very interesting and useful!!

    What a fantastic presentation! He explained everything he was doing in clear terms and the slides were great. Can’t wait to try platting.

    Wonderful webinar as usual. I will be looking at deeds in a new light now, as I can actually appreciate the language and what it all means. Thank you, Mark!! Look forward to the Bonus Webinar.


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