Artificial Intelligence & Family History: An introduction

Andrew Redfern
Apr 12, 2024
Free through April 30, 2024
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3m 57s
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What is AI?
6m 36s
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Introducing ChatGPT
8m 17s
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Principles of Using AI
1m 47s
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Second Look at ChatGPT
17m 23s
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Next Steps
1m 43s
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3m 13s
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Announcements / prizes
1m 39s
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Questions / answers
4m 46s

About this webinar

Join us for an exciting and informative webinar on “Family History and Artificial Intelligence!” Discover how AI is transforming the way we research, document, preserve and share our family histories. This webinar will explore: Some current AI technology being used in family history; What is ChatGPT and how does it work; Using ChatGPT to generate text, fine-tune responses and evaluate output relevant to family history research; Limitations of AI technology and ChatGPT and key things to consider. Possible uses of ChatGPT in Family History including research, analysis, documentation and sharing the lives and stories of our ancestors. This webinar is perfect for anyone interested in exploring the exciting possibilities of AI in the realm of family history research, and specifically using the tool of ChatGPT. Whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or just getting started, this webinar will provide you with valuable insights and strategies for using AI to uncover your family’s unique story. Join us to learn more about the intersection of Family History and Artificial Intelligence and how this technology can revolutionize the way we understand and appreciate our family heritage.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Andrew Redfern is a passionate family historian and accomplished speaker, having delivered presentations to various groups over many years. With backgrounds in education, technology and theatre, Andrew endeavours to engage his audience resulting i
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  1. DH
    Diane Henriks
    2 days ago

    Fantastic, informative, and useful presentation!

  2. AF
    Ann Fitz-Gerald
    2 days ago

    The AI webinar was extremely well presented. What a fascinating concept to learn about. Andrew was extremely concise and to the the point, explaining everything in minute detail so that even first time people to AI understood what it is about, and how to go about attempting to try AI for the first time. Congratulations, Andrew. I am now excited to get into my family history and see what I can produce. Thank You.

  3. GA
    Gail Albert
    2 days ago

    Andrew Redfern is a phenomenal speaker. For the first time I actually understood everything he spoke about in AI. Pretty brave to do the exercises live, too. Well done and look forward to September.

  4. MA
    Mary Apple
    2 days ago

    I’ve avoided AI because of security. After all the information Mr. Redfern has given us I feel safer and know I can limit what Chat will save. I have noticed from others that have use AI in creating graphics AI will and does go off the rails. I saw one AI creation that had tomatoes the size of pumpkins and another had tomatoes growing on stalks.

  5. GL
    Graham Lowe
    2 days ago

    Andrew Redfern, thank you for a very interesting, informative, and thought-provoking presentation. Kudos! With much anticipation, I’m looking forward to watching your next webinar.

  6. CU
    Carol Udart
    2 days ago

    The best AI webinar I have ever watched

  7. LH
    Lisa Henderson
    2 days ago

    Outstanding information that inspired me to try out ChatGPT for myself in conjunction with my family history research and sharing!

  8. K(
    Karen (Schroeter))Pickering
    2 days ago

    Very interesting! I now feel quite comfortable with A.I. And Family Genealogy! For some reason I thought it was going to be confusing! So I feel very good about its use here!!


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