Another 50 Websites Every Genealogist Should Know

Gena Philibert-Ortega
Jan 20, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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Genealogy websites
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Projects and databases
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Digital Collections
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Digitized books
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

The Internet is one of the best things to happen to genealogy and holds great discoveries for our family history. Previously Gena explored 50 websites and then she presented 50 more so why not take a look at yet another 50! Part of being a good researcher is knowing where to find things and with a total of 150 websites you are sure to make some great discoveries. We will explore websites that aren’t the same old, same old websites. Let’s take our research around the world and explore more websites that will take your research to the next level.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Gena Philibert-Ortega is an author, researcher, and instructor whose focus is genealogy, social and women’s history. She holds a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Psychology and Women’s Studies) and a Master’s degree in Rel
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Awesome! So many new and different websites to check out. Thank you!

    “Another 50 Websites…” would be great if she talked about 50, but having Gena include all her previous websites is phenomenal!! Thank you so much!

    50 more things to go do!!! Great presentation.

    Gena is great! What an professional speaker and genealogist

    A great webinar! I hadn’t seen or heard about at least 45 of the 50 websites. Thank you!

    A little fast but understand there was a lot to cover.

    A lot of great places to go to for research

    A lot of info in a short time.

    A super topic . So much knowledge appreciate all her research

    Above and beyond excellent!!!

    Absolutely fabulous

    All those websites are so useful! I am so excited by the idea of checking them soon

    All useful information and tips.

    Almost too much info!! (Not a bad thing – just on overload at the moment). Great websites I’d never heard of.

    Always a great presentation! Gena is an excellent presenter and I always learn and look forward to her presentations.

    Always a pleasure to learn from a great teacher!

    Always thankful to find new places to research for ancestors & family history. Thank you.

    Amazing as usual! She can get more information into 60 minutes than anyone I have ever listened to – in person or in a video.

    another super excellent webinar with awesome syllabus

    appreciated the overview of what can be found on the sites and the encouragement to renew my search approach

    As always, she brings websites I’ve never thought of!

    Awesome as always, could listen to Gena every day!

    Awesome times three! Love these 50 website webinars!

    Besides the websites she listed, just hearing her thinking about answering the questions gives some insight into how to be creative in finding information! Can’t wait for her next webinar!

    Best webinar of the year so far!

    Best webinar! So much information to give life to your ancestor’s life.

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great resources.

    Can’t wait to start researching on the list of websites she provided. Thanks.

    Can’t wait to try out some of these new websites from Gina. She does such a great job to educate us! Thanks for having her on the schedule.

    Comments about the website were brief but intriguing. Can hardly wait to explore them

    Easy to listen to and very interesting.

    encouraged me to buy a webinar membership


    Excellent – Thanks for including the previous links on the syllabus!

    Excellent information!

    Excellent information. Many thanks for the 50 sites…now I need to get to work!

    excellent information. Thank you!

    excellent presentation. Had never heard of most of the websites that she mentioned. A whole new world for me to investigate. Thank you.

    Excellent presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Excellent resource – thank you!

    excellent resources for the toolbox

    Excellent selection of websites to help with research or just enjoy.

    Excellent speaker and presenter!


    Excellent webinar thank you

    Excellent webinar!

    Excellent webinar! It’s always great attending Gena’s webinars. Thank you!


    Excellent! Her knowledge, off the cuff, is amazing!

    Excellent! Thanks!

    Excited to check out some of these websites! Thank you!


    extremely informative

    Extremely informative ?????

    Fabulous as always!


    Fantastic as always with Gena!!!

    Fantastic resources, thank you!

    Fast paced and useful.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    First ever genealogy webinar and I learned a lot, thanks so much.

    Five Stars for Gena!!

    found two sites to check Right Now!

    Gena always gives so much useful info. I always look forward to her.

    Gena always has good information and delivery! I enjoy her webinars.

    Gena always has wonderful and ‘down to earth’ information. She makes it FUN!!

    Gena and Geoff were both fantastic. The presentation was very engaging and so informative!! I can’t wait to dive into the information now.

    Gena is a polished presenter and personable, well done. The information was great with so many things I had not heard of.

    Gena is always a good speaker and today was no exception. thanks so much.

    Gena is awesome. I’ve learned more than I can say from her. Please bring her back for more and more and more webinars.

    Gena is EXCELLENT and so is ALL of her information! Thank you so much!

    Gena is one of the best speakers I know. I listen to as many of her lectures as I am able. I learn so much from her presentations.

    Gena never fails with providing great info, an ability to laugh at her own mistakes, or just speaking in an engaging manner. More good things to explore . . .

    Gena Philibert-Ortega is such a wonderful speaker – takes her time but gets everything covered – pleasant to listen to – so many GREAT website and ideas she provides!! Now to remember all she said! tee hee!! Will get the syllabus for sure!

    Gena provided more websites for me to add to my internet searches. Thank you !

    Gena shares just enough information in this webinar to pique our interest! Can’t wait to check out these sites. She’s an excellent presenter!

    Gena was excellent as always!!!

    Gena was great as always!

    Gena’s enthusiasm is contagious and her knowledge is so helpful!

    Gena’s presentations are always geat

    Gena’s presentations are always informative, educational, insightful, useful and fun!

    Gena’s webinars are always very informative and the syllabus is wonderful!

    Gina never disappoints! Thank you for all the ideas and for your infectious enthusiasm. Love how she incorporates tips when *on* a given site, she explains how to use a given feature for best results. Also really appreciates that she indicates which ones she just loves, or uses all the time, or reads their blog. Big help! Thank you again Gina for my Brick Wall advice that day in the Walnut Creek Library. Last month I found my Great Grandfathers town of origin in Switzerland!!

    Gina’s webinars are always super.

    Good information and provided many leads to keep me busy.

    Good presenter who showed some very interesting websites, but I, personally, would have liked more international sites.

    Good to know some of the newer ones out there.



    Great Links!

    Great ! That’s going to keep me busy for …. some time !

    Great info, Gena! Thank you.

    Great info, thanks!

    Great info. Would have never have come up with many of these sites on my own.

    Great information

    Great information and a great instructor

    Great information!

    Great information! Knew about some of the sites but many were new.

    Great information.

    Great new sites – can’t wait to start searching

    Great presentation Thank YOu

    great resource!

    Great resources to use right away.

    Great resources, excellent presentation. Thanks!

    Great sources!

    Great speaker! Great topic! Organized and informative

    Great suggestions and I like that she explained why some of them could be helpful to a genealogist.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Great web sites that I otherwise would not have thought of for genealogy research. Time very well spent.

    Great webinar and two hours less/night to sleep for the next week

    Great webinar! Also, I don’t think there is any such thing as a bad webinar in your series.

    Great webinar, but interesting mostly for North Americans.

    Great webinar, excellent presenter. Even though we lost power when she was on page 7! Fortunately it was restored quickly and I only missed her discussing 8 websites, so I’ll watch again later tonight.

    Great webinar, lots of websites I never heard of or knew where to search. Thanks…

    Great webinar, now I have lots of places to search. thanks

    Great webinar. I subscribed! I need the syllabus for this, and 24 hour access. SOLD!

    great! a lot of info with good presentation


    Great. lots of good information.

    Great. Thank you.

    Greta Info!

    Has a wealth of new and different types of websites which provide genealogy information

    Highly informative, fast-paced, and interesting! A lot packed into a short period. Fabulous!

    Hodge podge of websites.

    I am glad to see Gina is a big picture genealogist like me. Context is so important in our family stories and Gina gave plenty of ideas for finding the information to add that context.

    I am going to listen to it over and over

    I could see the handout and hear it, it went well and was interesting.

    I enjoy hearing her because she always presents gems. Love that enthusiasm!

    I enjoyed the session…I learned a lot will be busy for the next couple of days

    I found this very helpful. I really enjoyed Gina, she made it very interesting. I could read a list of 50 websites, but she brought them to life. I look forward to her next webinar.

    I have learned about so many websites, my head is spinning. I am looking forward to visiting some of them for research.

    I love lists, and lists of webinars are the best!!

    I really appreciate the syllabus!

    I was swapping between this webinar and the inauguration

    I’ll be coming back to this day-after-day, year-after-year. This gave me leads to so many of the things I’ve been asking and gnashing my teeth about because I cannot find a straight answer online. Gena’s knowledge is WOW!

    I’m sort of new to family research, so I don’t think most of these tools I would use right now, but I thoroughly enjoyed the speaker.

    Incredible Sylabus


    Interesting and informative. Some websites I would never have thought of

    Interesting sites. Very helpful for my genealogy research. Thank You!

    It is the thinking outside the box that helps us better understand our ancestors and also help generate ideas on further sources for records.

    It was excellent !

    It was great – learned a lot

    it was my first one and once I figured out gotowebinar it was great

    It was the 1st webinar I have attended – great information!

    It was very helpful.

    It’s like someone suddenly took the blinders off my head. There are soooo many more places to look. Now all I need is time and energy.

    I’ve always enjoyed learning from Gena! Thank you so much for another opportunity!

    Just what I needed, thanks

    Learned about items and places that I had not thought about. Very informative webinar.

    Lots of great info

    Lots of great resources! Great presenter–Gena is very knowledgeable!

    Lots of info!

    Lots of information very clearly presented

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Lots of interesting sites that I was not familiar with. Being Canadian, loved the mention of Pier 21 Immigration website.

    Lots of opportunity ideas! Thank you!

    Lots of stuff to sift through. All good

    Lots of things to investigate and FIND. Thanks

    lots of useful information

    Lots of useful resources. Thank you.

    Lot’s of usfull information.

    Lots to cover in a short time, but did so – and did it very clearly. Went quickly, but didn’t feel/seem rushed.

    LOVE GENA!!! So much information!

    Love the syllabus!

    love this one

    Loved it. Thank you for all the interesting websites!

    Many great suggestions but only a few that would be beneficial for me at this time.

    Never thought of using ebay!!! Great stuff.

    New ideas

    now to find the time to go over these new ones

    Of course, it was wonderful Gena Philibert-Ortega gave it, she’s amazing!!!

    Once again, lots of cool websites. 🙂

    Opened my eyes to all the amazing on-line places to search! Thank you!


    Outstanding information. The syllabus is worth the price of a year’s membership!

    Outstanding resources!!

    really enjoyed this webinar!!!

    Really useful information and great handout. Thanks.

    several new sites to explore and appreciate the crisp move through a long list. Kudos!

    she did a great job

    She gave some interesting websites and good info on what they can be used.

    She was EXCELLENT!

    So informative and thorough.

    So many databases so little time.

    so many more resources to enrich the search. it expands my genealogy brain!

    so many new places to look for info….I may surface next weekend!

    So well presented, great syllabus. Thanks!

    so, so knowledgeable

    Some very interesting places to check out! Talk was very well-paced for covering so many websites!

    Some websites worth researching for my needs.

    Sooooooo many new leads, websites, etc, FABULOUS. Nice voice. Fluid speech. Just great.

    Such a wealth of information I wasn’t aware of.

    Such a wealth of information; thanks!


    thank you Gena

    Thank you!

    Thank you! Appreciate the emphasis on resources about the times/stories of our ancestors that take family history beyond the dates etc.

    Thank you, lots of new sites to search.

    Thank you.


    the presenter was awesome. Listening to her thought process while answering the questions was very revealing how to find sites that were not listed. Her list is a great tool and she really explained how to and how not to search the site – very useful information. Thank you for this webinar.

    There was some helpful information

    This is my first webinar and it was great.

    This was excellent! I had to depart early due to another meeting.

    This was my first webinar for genealogy. Very informative and I’m excited to search out some of the websites offered in the webinar. Thank you all.

    This webinar was great. It provided so many websites. I will never get my housework done!

    Tons, and tons of great websites.

    Unbelievable so helpful


    useful and engaging; great work!

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Useful for background research

    very clear & informative — easy to follow

    Very creative list of possible sources of information.

    Very extensive resources!

    Very glad to see websites that relate to places other than US, Very fast paced. Some websites were places I would never have thought to visit!

    very good


    Very good! Well organized and full of info!

    Very goods news – more excellent resources for my research toolbox. Thanks Gena!

    very helpful

    Very helpful presentation, thanks!

    Very helpful. Had sites on there I never heard about before this webinar.

    very informative

    very informative

    Very informative and well presented

    very informative with lots of websites to check out

    Very informative!

    Very Informative!

    Very informative. It gives me a lot to do!

    Very interesting

    Very interesting and can’t wait to try out some of the sites. Another great webinar!

    Very interesting webinar. Gena is so full of knowledge. Thanks, Gena and Legacy.

    Very interesting with loads of new sites to research.

    very useful

    Very useful info

    very useful, thank you!

    Very valuable … I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Very, very good!! I never would have known or even thought about checking these websites!! I am so glad I was able to join in today. Thank you.

    Websites and sources I had no previous knowledge of, just have to find the time to visit.

    Well done and well paced.

    Well done, well thought out. So many unique sites to explore.

    Well organized. Well presented. Good voice.

    Well presented with a wealth of websites. Great syllabus.

    What a great treasure trove of website to investigate. Thanks. (Don’t know when I will sleep. 🙂

    When does she have time to NAP?

    Wonderful and wide ranging

    Wonderful information and great presenter !!

    wonderful information and pleasant speaker

    Wonderful presentation! Thanks!

    Wonderful presentation. Will be spending too much time looking at the websites!

    Wonderful resources for our research.

    Wonderful webinar on resources to help do genealogy.

    Wow. Such great resources Gena shared! Thank you.

    Wow….what a collection of links!

    Yes, this presenter and webinar were absolutely excellent. Obviously, a phenomenal amount of time was extended to offer such detail in an organized manner.

    Your topics for Genealogy are excellent. My problem is not enough time to get my genealogy done.


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