Leveraging MyHeritage's German Resources Effectively

James M. Beidler
May 12, 2020
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Immigration Methodologies
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About this webinar

Researching German ancestors? Learn about the German historical records you can find on MyHeritage and how to make the most of them.

About the speaker

About the speaker

James M. Beidler, Interim Executive Director for the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, is the author of four commercially published genealogy books as well as writing “
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Clear explainations. Well organized presentation.

    A lot of great ideas for searching!

    A very good webinar with many useful links and suggestions to find my German ancestors.

    Although the information was good, I’ve been working on German Genealogy for 20 years, and I anticipated a more in depth seminar. Although some of the websites mentioned were not known or used by me, much of the info that would be gleaned from his websites I have found already. Thanks –I’ll check these websites out,
    and probably learn more!

    always enjoy webinars and articles by Beidler

    Another excellent webinar 🙂 off to spend the day doing more research on my Lankow ancestors who came to New Zealand from Mecklenburg.

    Another excellent webinar from James Beidler. Thank you! There’s so much information in his webinars and it’s hard to catch it all at one time so I’m glad they stay at LegacyFamilyTree webinars to be watched again.

    Another great webinar. It helped me decide that I must get a subscription to My Heritage, as there are so many benefits I was unaware of. As always, a BIG thank you.

    Another very interesting, very helpful webinar. He is very good.

    As I have found out that I have more German than I first thought this will be very helpful. Thanks.

    As usual, Jim Beidler made a great presentation with plenty of helpful information.


    Because this is an area that I have tried to connect my local research to (mostly unsuccessfully), I really had interest in participating today. Great reminders! Thank you.

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great information for helping to find our German ancestors.



    Excellent as always!

    Excellent info – I learned about some databases on MyHeritage that I didn’t know about.

    Excellent information

    Excellent information!

    Excellent information.

    Excellent information….could be longer!!!!

    Excellent list of resources data bases and search srtategies

    Excellent presentation in all respects.

    excellent presentation. James Beidler is very knowledgeable and I enjoy his webinars. Plan on watching this one again since there is so much to absorb!

    Excellent presentation. Thanks MyHeritage!

    Excellent presentation. We have been doing German Research for over 25 years and learned a lot from from your well organized detailed charts. We were fortunate to get a copy of Ahnen-Pak from a Koepp relatives because who father had to serve in the German Army.

    Excellent presenter. Though I have a lot of German genealogy resources, James provided me with some new suggestions. Thanks!

    Excellent webinar — very informative!!

    Excellent webinar, fantastic speaker and great talk – learned a lot! Thank you!

    Excellent! Thanks!


    Excellent!! Great speaker and interesting topic. Thank you for another great webinar.

    Excellent…so much material to work with

    Excellent; easy listening … I did not fall asleep !!

    Fantastic information on the types of records to look for when researching German ancestors. Lots of ideas to incorporate into my search for information on my ancestors. Thanks!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    German Records on MyHeritage by James Bielder he is a knowledgable man for sure!

    German research is one of my favorite topics (with many German and Swiss ancestors) and Jim Beidler is my favorite speaker on this topic.

    Gives some new ideas about where to look!

    Good information about sources on MyHeritage.

    Good introduction to German research. Thank you for offering the webinar.

    Great content!

    Great info…I am Germans from Russia…thank-you!

    Great information – thank you!

    Great information very good presenter

    Great information! Thanks!

    great information!!!!! Thank You

    Great information. Thank you!

    great overview what MyHeritage offers for German search

    Great resources discussion

    Great resources for my German ancestors and those of my husband also. Thank you.

    Great resources.

    Great speaker and information. Found a couple of new items to check out. Thank you.


    Great! I always learn so much from him. Thank you!

    Great! I had hit a wall with my German relatives; I now have new options to explore.

    great! Thank You very much


    Great. Email follows!!!

    He definitely knows his stuff!!!

    He is a great speaker. I have seen him in person.

    He is always a good speaker and entertaining.

    I appreciated having my question selected. He offered several suggestions for following up to gather more information. I heard about new sources of information I was not familiar with for my German ancestor search. I am pleased I took time for this webinar. It was definitely useful and interesting to me. Presenter was clear and organized. Handout was a real plus. I will request second handout as well.

    I appreciated knowing about German resources on MyHeritage – I had no idea!

    I could listen to him for days

    I do not have My Heritage, so left the webinar early

    I enjoyed a great deal and look forward to using the information and websites as well as the bibliography. Thanks much.

    I got some good info here although my ancestors did not come to the US.

    I have his books, but James has a wealth of information on a country with a very busy history! Would love to hear more from him in the future. Migration waves and ports of departure and arrivals would help tracing back. I have a group in NC that we are trying to trace back to PA in the 1700s which is quite a challenge.

    I liked learning about specific resources in Germany.

    I LOVE learning about German ancestry & resources. Jim Beidler is a wonderful instructor who expresses his knowledge with great ease and makes his lectures interesting & memorable. Excellent job!

    I really enjoyed listening to this meeting. My grandfather’s family came from Germany.

    I really enjoyed this webinar. It may have inspired me to get off my lazy rear & start researhing again, particularly when libraries open again. Thank you!!

    I thought it was very good

    I will watch this again!

    I would like to have seen an example of how to FIND the databases and do a search on My Heritage. I can only assume that you go to Collection Catalog then select Europe and then do a search for Germany? That seems to work, but was not very intuitive… and there may be an easier way.

    I’ll buy his book!

    I’m glad he encouraged people to write emails with other questions or for the other handout if they want it.

    Interesting and easy to follow. I just might find my 4th-gr-grandmother’s date of birth, her maiden name, and which Matthias Blust she married. Thank you!

    Interesting and informative.

    It was great!

    Its not easy to find the links discussed. Please put everything in one place

    James Beidler is an excellent speaker and very knowledgeable about his subject.

    James is great for Germany. He knows everything about them. His books are excellent, too. I always learn new things from him.

    Jim Beidler’s webinar was really terrific and I appreciate the handout.

    Jim gave great answers to questions. I always learn from him!

    Just where I need to look! Great timing. Love the maps.

    learned a lot about where to find things about my ancestors

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Looking forward to searching for my German ancestors on MyHeritage. Great job, Jim!

    Lots of great information!

    lots of information on the different German states, i.e. area encompassed, time periods, etc. extremely helpful to get started. Thanks!

    Lots of useful information. I learned that MyHeritage has some databases that may be useful for my search for German ancestors. I’m very grateful these free webinars are available.

    Lots of very good materials for finding my German ancestors, Thank you.

    Many great facts and tips given to help me find my German ancestors. Thank you!

    Most helpful!

    My husband’s family came from Germany … Bad Boll … southwestern area. I have done some research, but need to do more.

    Thank you for the prize I received in the drawing!! I’ll look forward to that. Barbara Bernauer

    Nice overview of MyHeritage German Resources etc. I plan to buy his Atlas Book.

    One thing that might make it more interesting is to see an example through an image. For example, show what one of the minor nobility books looks like and what you learn on that page, how the handwriting looks on those newer copied church records versus old ones, etc.


    Show examples from the resources you list from MyHeritage. Some are indexes so not very interesting, but look for some examples from the original documents.

    So informational; will definitely watch again, and printed out the chat log – thanks for the hint on doing that.

    So informative Thank you Mr Beidler and My Heritage. Look forward to more webinars

    So much good information, thank you

    So very interesting! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    Some good leads on German research.

    Sooo much great information. James is well worth hearing 🙂

    Such a pleasant voice, great pace, very useful tips and handout. I’m feeling more encouraged to search yet-again for my Catholic Wurrtemberg ancestors, who came to the US [PA] in 1730s-40s. So glad to be able to watch these webinars! Merci to MyHeritage for making these free, including the handout. Much appreciated!

    Such knowledge! James Beidler is a fabulous resource for any German question you may have.

    Superb presenter with an endless fountain of knowledge. I have participated in many webinars with James as the presenter and I always leave wanting so much more. I never feel like I have heard it all before, in fact it just builds. More, yes more please!!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Thank you so much for the great information!

    Thank you, the maps were very helpful.

    Thank you. The webinar was a very informative, especially in regards to what is available via MyHeritage. It will help me make the most of my subscription.

    That was pretty good! I quite enjoyed it.

    The maps were great

    The webinar gave me insight into the timeline and how the regions were mapped out. This helps with trying to locate vital documents. Thank you.

    The websites provided are a great help for me as more of a novice to genealogy. Thanks

    This was fabulous! James is always such a great speaker. Thank you!

    This webinar was awesome. I learned a lot and there is so much information of sites to go and research. I have just gotten one of my several lines that are German to their immigration through Philadelphia, which I didn’t know was a port. Now I have lots of sources to use in my research. Please thank Jim for a wonderful webinar.


    Useful introduction. More specific sites and URLs with descriptions of the site contents would be even more useful. I learned a lot.

    Very good hints for databases on My Heritage and a lot of the unique places to look in tracing ancestors from Germany.

    very helpful

    Very helpful

    Very helpful view of MyHeritage resources

    Very helpful! The Germans from Russia have very distinct histories depending on what region of vast Russia was settled. The Volga Deutsch to the east, in the Volga River and steppe area, were those specifically linked to Catherine the Great. That is not true for all regional groups of Germans from Russia.

    Very Helpful.

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative – time went too quickly!

    very informative regarding German searches. Took lots of notes!

    very informative with wonderful maps and notes

    Very interesting and helpful presentation by very well versed Mr. Beidler.

    Very interesting and informative. Thank you very much!

    Very knowledgeable

    Very knowledgeable and helpful.

    Very nice. Loats of info.

    Very pleased with the speaker’s depth of knowledge and presentation.

    Very practical and concretely helpful. Really appreciate the simultaneous conciseness and comprehensiveness of Mr, Beidler’s handout. Great guide for where to go in my research. I particularly valued his explanation of how Swiss Germans are linked to Communes (I will go there first for research) as well as his description of how Bavaria has two distinct patterns of records by these two segments of location. Thank you MyHertage for bringing this speaker to us!

    Very useful information

    We should just stop with all surveys as all webinars I have attended are so great!

    wealth of information

    Well done as always

    well organized, clearly presented, but not enough for newbies on how to use the German sources on MyHeritage. Mr. Beidler did say that they are great resources, but how to use them other than wait for an instant discovery?

    Well-presented as always.

    Wish he’d named some sources for Bavarian records and talked more about what might be available.

    Wonderful! Exact information I was looking for. Extremely helpful!

    WOW. So much useful information. Thank you very much.


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