25 Simple Research Hacks Every Genealogist Should Know

Lisa A. Alzo, M.F.A.
Sep 19, 2018
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1m 22s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 12s
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2m 41s
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1 - Building Family Trees
1m 25s
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2 - Learn Your Genealogy Software
2m 55s
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3 - Local Histories
4m 45s
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4 - Research Plan
4m 18s
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5 - Setting SMART goals
2m 58s
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6 - Read the Directions
6m 49s
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7 - Logging Your Searches
3m 17s
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8 - Systemize Your Processes
4m 23s
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9 - Boost Your Search Speed
4m 47s
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21 - Simplify Source Citations
2m 39s
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10 - Track with Timelines
2m 22s
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11 - Automate Your Searches
3m 21s
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12 - Cloud Storage
2m 04s
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13 - Dissecting Complex Tasks
2m 22s
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14 - Find it Free First
3m 10s
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15 - Look in Libraries
3m 24s
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16 - Note the Notations
2m 26s
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17 - Do More with DNA
1m 36s
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18 - Family Heirlooms
1m 26s
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19 - Dictation
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20 - Avoid the Squirrels
1m 11s
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22 - Remembering
2m 33s
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23 - Languages
1m 11s
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24 - Affording Our Obsession
1m 13s
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25 - Crowd Source Brickwalls
2m 31s
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Announcements / prizes
5m 08s
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Questions / answers
8m 35s

About this webinar

Whether you are searching online databases, trying to obtain information from an uncooperative cousin, or need to streamline your research workflow, this webinar will outline 25 simple hacks you can use to get more genealogy done in less time!

About the speaker

About the speaker

Lisa A. Alzo, M.F.A., is a freelance writer, instructor, and internationally recognized lecturer specializing in Eastern European research and nonfiction writing. She is the author of 11 books, including the award-winning Three Slovak Women
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Very interesting

    A lot of new tips, websites, and webinars to research! Thank you for making this a fee webinar. I do plan to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription.

    A real treat. Thanks

    A wonderful collection of ideas and a great presentation by Lisa Alzo. thanks!

    Absolutely amazing!

    absolutely informative and well done. Thank You

    Actually, it’s a 10. They are all good. But I think this is the best one.

    Always enjoy Lisa Also, wonderful hack genealogy! Jeanne

    Always great webinars by Lisa.

    Always love Lisa’s webinars!

    Always one of the best presenters

    An excellent webinar. Five+ rating. Will be watching again and again. Give a big thank you to Lisa.

    Another excellent webinar – I learned a few new tricks, and got reminded of some very useful hacks as well!!
    Definitely motivated to do more focused research! Cheers.

    Another great webinar by Lisa.

    Awesome suggestions!

    Awesome webinar! So many good ideas presented with details on how to use them. Very organized and relevant.

    AWESOME! What a fabulous list for both struggling newbies and older genealogists. I’m actually going to print up this list and hang it on the wall in my research area to inspire and remind me to keep on track. Great webinar!

    Best of all kinds of genealogical webinars! Good hints and tips; helpful recommendations for apps and/or programs (but not trying to sell them); a creative thinking and engaging speaker!

    Brilliant webinar with lots of really useful hints to help with Genealogy research.

    Clearly presented. Always a pleasure to hear Liza. I particularly didn’t know about the history books lists in Legacy – great!

    Even though I don’t consider myself a beginner genealogist, even some of the most beginning tips were good reminders, (when we get rushed, we don’t always follow the best genealogy practices).

    every interesting



    Excellent – as usual!

    Excellent – lots of good informatio, presented well and great handout. I loved the pace!

    Excellent !!!!!

    Excellent as always

    Excellent as usual

    Excellent content!

    Excellent tips, examples, and recommendations.



    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

    Excellent! Good info and easy to understand!!

    excellent!! great value for free!

    Excellent. Lisa is very knowledgeable and packs a wealth of information into the webinar.

    Excellent. Thank you.

    Excellent…….. presented clearly and gave a lot of good information.. just might have to watch this one again, but did make notes provided I can read them. Now when I get back being able to spend more time on genealogy I just need to put some of these in practice.

    Fantastic presenter!

    Fantastic! It had a lot of helpful information.


    For a beginner, there’s lot of information to start with! Thank you for all of the resources!

    Found many interesting tips to help in research

    Glad I’m a FT Webinar member so I can watch again! A lot of good information given!


    good information

    Good reminders and a few items that I hadn’t thought of before. Good work, Lisa

    Got lots of good information from Lisa’s webinar that I can put to use.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago


    Great content.

    Geoff’s tip about Legacy and Lisa’s reminder to set Google alerts were the best of the bunch for seasoned researchers.

    great ideas

    Great ideas for removing some of the “spinning my wheels” and “brickwalls” from research.

    Great ideas!

    Great info! Gave me lots of new ideas. Thank you.

    Great information and good presentation. The slides were easy to read and follow and the pacing was very good.

    Great information! Thank you.

    Great information. Liza is always worth listening to.

    Great job and fantastic syllabus!!

    Great job, Lisa! You packed an incredible amount of useful information into the time given. I know what I learned today will be helpful in my genealogy searches. Thank you!

    Great list! I do a lot of what she suggests, but she emphasized some things that I need to do better on. Thank you!

    Great Presenter. Excellent information. Now, if I could only be as Organized as Lisa. Is there a pill for that?

    Great reminders for our research

    Great speaker and interesting subject. I will use what I learn.

    great suggestions, as always

    great that she brought in options from other experts.

    Great tips!

    Great tips.

    Great tips. I now have some “to-do” items, including how to dictate to my iPhone. Thanks for a great webinar!

    Great webinar and syllabus too, Lisa. Thank you.

    Great webinar Thanks.

    Great webinar with lots of great tips!

    Great Webinar. Needed 2 hours. Lots of good tips.

    Great webinar; one of the best I’ve ever seen. Lisa’s webinars are concise, yet filed with information.



    Great! Add 5 to my above score.

    Great, as always!! I love her handout and I’ll be listening to it again. Thanks so much.

    Helpful tips

    Helpful, clear, easy to follow

    I enjoyed it – lots of great tips, well-organized, and presented in an engaging manner. Thanks!

    I learned a lot today. I have been away from genealogy for a while but am motivated to return. I think I am going to go the “Do Over” route and do it right this time.

    I liked how well the tips went with the handout. Makes the handout very valuable by itself. Thanks.

    I need to watch this again 3 more times to get all this fabulous info!!

    I really enjoyed Lisa’s webinar. She had ideas for the novice but also for the more experienced genealogists.

    I will use many of these tips, but as one person noted, some of these steps could be topics by themselves.

    I’m glad put each “hack” in the comments. I would have appreciated a handout. Great ideas in the list.

    Interesting. The best tip was the one about the Family History list by person under legacy

    it was easy to follow along and even though I used other programs than Legacy/My Heritage I’m sure the tips will translate.

    It was helpful, but a bit too basic for my taste.

    I’ve been doing genealogy research for 40+ years and am always learning new things and this webinar was a wonderful tool….I learned a lot of new things that I will be putting to use. Thank you for hosting these very informative webinars.

    Jam-packed session, lots of interesting ideas and some good reminders of best practices that we don’t always follow. Lisa comes across as energetic and knowledgeable. She has a very pleasant speaking voice.

    learned a few new terms and web sites that I had not heard before.

    Learned so much from this and got great ideas and research tips.

    Lisa – winner of “Most Tips per Minutes”

    Lisa always has good tips and tricks. She has a great speaking “pace” and is easy to understand.

    Lisa Alzo always delivers highly useful information, and this webinar was no exception.

    Lisa Alzo is an excellent presenter with a lot of good ideas.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Lisa does a wonderful job. All of her webinars have been interesting and informative.

    Lisa had some great suggestions for making research less complicated!! Thank you!!

    Lisa has the greatest info. Always learn something.

    Lisa is always outstanding

    Lisa is an experienced genealogist with a wealth of information and an easy talking style. Some of the 25 hacks I have already tried but learned a few new tips today. And that’s what makes webinar learning great – in 90 minutes, new ideas can help move extended research along.

    Lisa is dynamic and super knowledgeable…wonderful information!

    Lisa is so good and easy to understand..Thank you both for a great Webinar

    Lisa is so informative and easily understood.

    Lisa is such a knowledgeable researcher. I can see her years of experience in all the anecdotes she shares. She presents very well and makes it intelligible to all levels of researchers. Great tips!

    Lisa’s presentation are always excellent and most informative. Great handout! Thank you! 🙂

    Lots of good ideas I can use! Lisa’s great!

    Lots of good ideas that I hope to use.

    Lots of good tips for research and logging results.

    Lots of great tips that I will hopefully put to use! 🙂

    Lots of great tips! Thanks!

    Lots of great tips, new & old!

    Lots to remember. Lots to learn. Good information. Hope I can remember to put it into use.

    Love Lisa. These are great tips.

    Love the free hacks!

    Many good and useful ideas.

    Many, many good tips.

    Nice reminder of things to do.

    One of the BEST I’ve watched!

    One of the best speakers ever!

    One of the best!!!

    One of your best webinars!

    Outstanding! These tips will help keep me on track and expand my horizons in accomplishing family research. Thanks so much.

    Overwhelming information!!! So much to process. but great!!

    Rich mixture of research approaches and sources. Very valuable Webinar. So delightful to learn at the end that there are many more Webinars available from Lisa (40?). (Thanks, Geoff.) Clear, straightforward powerpoint pages with strong focused content information. Insight into how the speaker “thinks” as a Researcher. Thank you again for the ease of using the Webinars.

    Several valuable tips to assist in my research.

    So detailed presentation!

    so many great ideas! A must re-watch. Thank you Lisa and Geoff.

    Some great tips. Thanks, Lisa!

    Some was a good review and some info was new. Well worth the time.

    SUPER !!!!

    Super webinar, organized, concise. More from Liza. I do a lot of webinars, some paid, some free. This was an awesome bargain and I am an “old-timer” researcher for many decades. Even I learned things and was reminded of things…



    Terrific as usual. Always watch Lisa

    Terrific webinar!!! So many places to improve my research skills. Thanks!

    Thank you for making these available.

    Thank you for sharing so many valuable ideas to use as I search for my family. I only wish I had used more of them starting 30 years ago. I guess I should be thankful I was aware of some of them. Oh well, there is no time to lose. Thanks

    thank you!

    There was so much useful information that it will take more watchings to absorb it all! Thank you!

    This was a very good webinar. I picked up lots of tips for furthering my research goals. Lisa was very knowledgeable.

    Toms of great ideas & tips! Thanks!

    Treasure chest of info. Thank you.

    very good tips

    Very fast paced but good tips and presented in a way that it was easy to follow.

    Very good tips. Thanks

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    very good webinar. thank you

    Very good.

    Very helful. Simply phenomenal.

    Very helpful info!

    very helpful information

    Very helpful refresher for me. While I knew a lot of these things, it really helps to review and evaluate if I am using these hacks. Thanks.

    Very informative and well organized.

    Very informative webinar! Wonderful presentation. So much invaluable information that I will definitely put to use. Thank you!

    Very Informative, I especially liked the tip about filling a coke bottle with dimes.

    Very informative, thank you!

    Very interesting and informative

    Very, very informative

    Very, very informative!

    well done

    well organized. Lots of good info.

    What I heard was fabulous! Need to hear it over. She is Amazing!!

    Wonderful flock of tops that will make my searches more productive

    wonderful information, so practical.

    Wonderful presentation with great suggestions.

    Wonderful tips on how to do research from planning to executing a plan. Fabulous look at some of the resources that are available in Wiki, Family Search etc for free. Great presenter. Lisa is great at making one feel comfortable with making the errors we all make when we lack focus. I cringe every time someone talks about getting off track and searching useless info. Thank Lisa for her wonderful information and presentation style!!

    Wonderful webinar! Lisa is an outstanding speaker! I learn something new every time I hear her speak! Thank you for your time! I appreciate it!


    would love more details on many of these subjects

    WOW!!! What a webinar!!! So many new hacks! First, Legacy local histories and then a look at Scapple! And more … Excellent syllabus as well! Lisa is an AWESOME teacher! Thanks to all!


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