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The next Best of Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL series webinar is on Friday (a members-only event). Learn more here. Become a member here.

10 Must-Have MyHeritage Databases

Gena Philibert-Ortega
Jan 14, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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Census and Voter Lists
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Search Connect
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Property Index and Maps
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Announcements / prizes
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About this webinar

Looking for an ancestor? MyHeritage has many research options. However, there are 10 that are must-haves for any researcher. Join me as we explore what databases you need to know about and how to research them so you can find that ancestor.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Gena Philibert-Ortega is an author, researcher, and instructor whose focus is genealogy, social and women’s history. She holds a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Psychology and Women’s Studies) and a Master’s degree in Rel
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A ton of good information. Great webinar.

    All great — easy connection, good narrative and slides. Learned a lot about this database that I had not explored.

    Always an informative seminar from Gena- thank you!

    Always enjoy listening to Gena. Her review of the catalogs is excellent as she looks at it from the user standpoint.

    Awesome! Thanks for the time preparing this webinar!

    Brilliant webinar with lots of fantastic information to review and use.

    Easy to understand. Information valuable for a beginner as well as advanced student

    Even though I use MyHeritage frequently, I learned something new about some of the key data bases they have. Very informative.


    Excellent – I’ve been confused/frustrated in searching only to find that I’m referred back to free sites that I already use. Now with this webinar, I understand WHY that is so, and the variety and details available on searching MyHeritage. Very useful webinar, Gina is always clear as a bell, handout is practical!! Highly recommended.

    Excellent as always

    Excellent information

    Excellent information!!!

    Excellent presentation. Presenter’s voice & demeanor is pleasing to the ear!

    Excellent tips!

    Excellent! What great information from a great speaker. Now I know what other great things there are to do on My Heritage! Thank you!!

    Excellent!! Great information and tips given by Gena Philibert-Ortega on 10 Must Have MyHeritage Databases.

    Excellent, I always learn something from Gena.



    Gena had so many clues that will help me with my deliberately missing ancestors.

    Gena is a great speaker and presenter.

    Gena is always a fabulous presenter!

    Gena Philibert-Ortega is one of my favorite genealogical speakers and didn’t disappoint today – great info, presented with excellence!!! Thank you!

    Gena was easy to understand. I liked her showing examples and go-tos. Time well spent.

    Good presenter

    Good useful information. Presenter very energetic. I like that.

    Got disconnected will watch again. Fabulous


    Great information

    great information about using myheritage

    Great information! It’s good to know what else is out there to look into.

    Great information, plan to revisit the site and explore. Thank you!

    Great intro conversation. I liked the speaker’s approach to connecting with others through Comments, and her not assuming that her listeners were familiar with all the benefits of using MyHeritage resources. Well done!

    Great list of 10 Must haves and how to use. Thank you

    Great overview and handout of the available databases at MyHeritage.

    Great overview of the databases on My Heritage!

    Great presentation

    Great presentation, easy to understand with a lot of new information for me at least.

    Great presentation. Provided information I needed to help me understand MyHeritage and how to target my searches.

    Great seminar to kick-off the new year. Gena is an excellent presenter & provided some new ideas that I haven’t used in the past. Thanks so much!

    great stuff thanks

    great topic for my research; great speaker!!!!

    Great Webinar – made me aware that I am not using my MyHeritage subscription enough.

    Thanks for a wonderful webinar.

    Has made me aware of collections I never knew about.

    helpful on how to search

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I always learn something new on these webinars. Thank you.

    I did not know about these collections, wonderful find. Can’t wait to do my searches on these collections.

    I did not know MyHeritage had an Education Center. I just signed up for emails.

    I enjoy this speaker.

    I enjoyed the webinar very much. It reminded me of the additional options available for searching for my ancestors.

    I had no idea that My Heritage had so many collections. Thank you for enlightening me. Can’t wait to start exploring them.

    I have a much better understanding of My Heritage offerings!

    I have been doing research for over 20 years and still learned new things. Great presentation.

    I have been researching for 35 years and it is never too late to learn new research techniques and very helpful to revisit the often used techniques. A+++ Athna-May Bliss Porter

    I learned lots. Thanks so much for your information.

    I really am excited about the 10 items that I hadn’t thought about and might learn additional tidbits about relatives. Thank you for the eye-opening webinar.

    I so appreciate this webinar! For some reason I was finding if difficult to research within My Heritage, although I have been a member for years. Now I’m weeing the errors of my ways!

    I’m new to MyHeritage so the webinar gives me many ideas of features I need to learn to use.

    It was excellent. It gave me a list of collections that I have to research. Thank you.

    It was good

    I’ve attended a number of webinars given by Gena. She’s great.

    Learned a lot of new searches that are possible.

    Learned about other places to find things I didn’t know ????

    Learned lots of new ways to find ancestor information on My Heritage.

    Lots of information in a short time!! Hopefully more like this from MyHeritage

    Lots of places to check out – way more than I thought MyHeritage had!!!!

    Love that she went by her syllabus!

    Loved this. So much information that I’d never used.

    many new ideas for searches at My Heritage. Thank you!

    Marian & Gena, this is the best webinar I have ever seen, out of ~50. Every minute of this one was a goldmine! I’m glad I didn’t watch it afterwards at 2x speed as I usually do – although the voices are fun that way. Thank you so much!

    my first attendance at a My Heritage webinar and I am glad I did. I am registered for others

    NIce Presentation on My Heritage Sources

    Nice tour about the highlights of MyHeritage! Love these webinars!

    Oh this was a wonderful webinar! Thank you!

    Presented well.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Really EXCELLENT! Very well organixed for taking useful notes.

    She is always so clear in her explanation and advice.

    Since I wasn’t aware of these databases, I’ll have to view this webinar again.

    Spoke very clearly; good information; seemed a little short.

    Thank you – this was very helpful for me, as I’m a very new subscriber to MyHeritage.

    Thank you for showing me things to make my My Heritage membership more valuable.

    Thank you Gena Philibert-Ortega for another very informative & educational webinar – excellent presentation!!!

    Thank You!

    Thank you…good highlights of some of the various records!


    The presenter generated some very useful ideas on collections I was not aware of. I would have liked more details in the notes, but that may be a quibble.

    The presenter highlighted important collections that provide different data bases within My Heritage that can add value to any researcher’s challenges.

    the presenter is knowledgeable and personable and disseminates information in a most easy-to-understand format. thank you very much.

    The presenter was very knowledgeable and explain things at the right level.

    There were some interesting new places to check out.

    They are always good.

    This was very helpful and informative.

    This was wonderful! I learned so much about My Heritage that I didn’t know. Thanks, Gena!

    Totally blown away by the density of info that is available in these sources.

    Very clear visually and soundwise.

    very good

    Very good information

    Very Good information . I am just beginning too use My Hertiage

    Very good information. Glad I watched live.

    very helpful

    very helpful

    Very helpful to a relatively inexperienced researcher dealing with matters far distant from New Zealand where I live. Thanks.

    Very Helpful! Thanks

    Very helpful. Thank you

    very informative

    Very informative and well done! An hour VERY well spent!

    very informative

    Very informative.

    Very informative. Learned a lot. Inspired to go searching! Thank you.

    very informative. Learned items I didn’t know of.

    Very informative. Nice to know how to navigate the website.

    Very interesting, I will need to consider subscribing to My Heritage.

    Very interesting, lots of useful information.

    Very thorough!

    Very useful. Great presenter.

    Well Presented

    Well presented. Very clear. Good illustrations.

    What a great start to the year with this excellent overview of the major databases at My Heritage!

    Wonderful webinar. Thank you. I didn’t realize MyHeritage had all those collections. Can’t wait to start checking them out.

    WOW! Thank you! Your tips have been a big help! : )


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