AHA! Analysis of Handwriting for Genealogical Research

AHA! Analysis of Handwriting for Genealogical Research


by Ron Arons

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AHA! Analysis of Handwriting for Genealogical Research


This presentation will discuss the two main uses of handwriting analysis: 1) comparing signatures and handwriting in general to determine whether documents were written by the same person and 2) trying to understand the personality and behavior of a person by looking at the various traits of that person's handwriting.


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Presenter: Ron Arons

For years Ron Arons has given presentations on genealogy across the country. In 2005, Ron won a NY State Archives grant for his historical criminal research. In 2008, Ron published The Jews of Sing Sing, about Jewish criminals who served time at the famous prison in New York. That same year, Ron appeared on the PBS TV special, The Jewish Americans, and talked about famous Jewish criminals of Manhattan's Lower East Side. In 2010, Ron published WANTED! U.S. Criminal Records, a reference book listing repositories across the country that maintain historical criminal records. In 2014 Ron published Mind Maps for Genealogy.


These books and a line of 'Black Sheep of the Family' products are available on his website, www.ronarons.com. Ron studied at Princeton and the University of Chicago.

Ron Arons