When Freedom Came - Documenting the Family's Freedom Story


When Freedom Came - Documenting the Family's Freedom Story


Researching the history of African American families can be complicated. With families once enslaved, the task involves tracing the family back in public records, identifying the last known slave holder, and then researching the slaveholder's history to continue to document the family. However, one major story is often overlooked. The story of how freedom came to the family is the one story untold. This webinar will illustrate methods of discovering that missing story, and how to find clues when the ancestors left no stories behind.


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Presenter: Angela Walton-Raji

A founding member of AfriGeneas.com, Ms. Walton-Raji is also a genealogist specializing in information for beginners, via daily and weekly online genealogy chats on AfriGeneas. As host of a weekly genealogy podcast, a number of instructional videos and as an expert consultant on video documentaries, Ms. Walton-Raji combines her skills as a genealogist with a warm on camera personality that brings comfort to her viewers through and her instructional videos on YouTube, while providing them with useful information. She is a published author, host of 3 blogs, in addition to a 10-year ongoing message board, 3 websites, and The African Roots Podcast.




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