A Checklist of African American Resources

Angela Walton-Raji
May 11, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 28s
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9m 41s
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Basic Process
26m 26s
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Era of Freedom records
6m 16s
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Pre-Civil War
2m 18s
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Records of Free People of Color
2m 16s
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State Based Resources
7m 59s
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Unique Collections
12m 30s
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Announcements / prizes
4m 52s
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Questions / answers
9m 44s

About this webinar

Beyond the usual databases for census and vital records, this session will outline critical collections to find African American families. Using resources from the Schomburg research center to the Smithsonian, this session will explore the unknown and lesser known resources for documenting African American families.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Angela Walton-Raji is known nationally for her genealogical and historical research and work with Oklahoma Native-American records.  Her book, “Black Indian Genealogy Research” was the first book of its kind focusing on the unique record set refle
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    A very delightful speaker! Thank you very much.

    Angela is a fountain of information. Thank you for sharing . May your fountain never dry up…

    Angela is a wonderful presenter. She has a way of presenting that is similar to storytelling, which is wonderful. I learned a lot today. Thank you.

    Angela is one of THE very best of the best!

    Angela was very passionate and informative. Superb webinar.

    Angela’s checklist and suggestions would be great for any type of searches.

    Angela’s presentation was great! She definitely knows her stuff. Nice thorough syllabus too! Thank you!

    As always an excellent and very informative webinar! We can’t have her oftener enough! Thanks Angela and thank you Legacy (Geoff)

    Awesome! Awesome! Had an emergency. Had to leave early.

    Brilliant webinar with lots of leads to follow for future research.

    Chock-full of good sources, pleasantly delivered!

    Clear, well organized, focused.

    Enjoyed learning about new resources for research.

    Excellence information.



    Excellent as usual

    Excellent information! Loved all of it. So glad Mrs. Walton-Raji clarified the surname issues and the myth of Black Confederate soldiers.

    Excellent Job!

    Excellent presentation..concise, informative

    Excellent webinar with lots of usable resources and tips; thanks!

    Excellent! Thanks for all the great information and sources!

    fantastic speaker


    Full of information, very well delivered. Waiting for the next one.

    great info

    Great information for African American Genealogy! The checklist great! I learned so much with this webnair

    Great webinar on creating a checklist for African American genealogy resources.

    I love her voice!

    It is always a pleasure to listen to Angela. She always gives informative webinairs and provides a great syllabus. I always learn something new.

    Loved it!! Learned so many available resources that I hadn’t know existed, and I’ve been researching for about 18 years!

    My goodness! An awesome webinar!!! So much great information as well as not commonly known information given. Lots of myths blown
    out of the water too. Wonderful inspiration how to think outside the box to identify new avenues of research. And Angela’s passion for the subject is infectious! I personally don’t have any African American roots but a lot of what she teaches can be applied to other areas of research. She makes me wish that I did have African American ancestry!

    One of my favorites. Very informative!

    Only do a little African American research, but try not to miss one of Angela’s webinars – she is fantastic and I learn so much.


    She was excellent. I got a lot of information from this webinar.

    so good and full of places to look thank you.

    So much great information on where to find African-American records. Appreciated the how o access and how to use many of the records. Excellent!


    Terrific presentation. I will be listening again!

    Useful information, explained very well. Excellent and clearly very knowledgeable presenter.

    very good, a lot of information

    Very nicely done. I learned some new databases and resources to use. Please ask her to do a case study of tracing an ancestor or individual using the records and documenting the sources – would make a good follow up to this webinar. Thanks.

    Wealth of information, highly organized and precise, easy to follow along based on outline for presentation, great visuals and links to resources. Inspired to look beyond 1870s


    Wonderful information.

    Wonderful resources. Angela Walton Raji is a talented, well educated speaker!


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