Legacy Family Tree – Virtual User's Group Meeting: Dates, Searching & Tagging

Legacy Family Tree Panel
Jul 11, 2014
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Play. Playing.
3m 19s
Play. Playing.
2m 20s
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Data Entry of Dates
5m 27s
Play. Playing.
Date Formats
5m 22s
Play. Playing.
Date Prefixes
7m 18s
Play. Playing.
Date Checking
3m 11s
Play. Playing.
Potential Problems
1m 50s
Play. Playing.
19m 16s
Play. Playing.
29m 30s
Play. Playing.
Announcements / prizes
7m 27s
Play. Playing.
Questions / answers
10m 48s

About this webinar

Learn tips, tricks, and best practices related to using the Legacy Family Tree software. Topics for beginners through advanced presented by the Legacy staff and other experts. Today we’ll be talking dates, searching, and tagging. We’ll also leave time for questions and answers. Have a favorite Legacy tip and want to share it? Send us an email, we’d love to have you participate. Everyone is welcome!

About the speaker

About the speaker

Legacy Family Tree is the award-winning family tree software that provides tools to help users record their family's history, organize their pictures, perform their research, and share their findings.  
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