Find A Grave - The World's Largest Cemetery Database


Find A Grave - The World's Largest Cemetery Database


Explore Find-A-Grave, the largest cemetery database in the world and a must-have tool in your genealogy toolbox. Russ will share insights and methodologies into best using the site for family history research. He will also provide suggestions about contributing your own photographs.


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Presenter: Russ Worthington

Russ Worthington lives in the beautiful Northwest corner of New Jersey that most people don't know exists in his beautiful state (no exit numbers). He started "collecting his ancestors" about 15 years ago when his youngest daughter gave him a genealogy management software program as a gift to "give him something to do." Little did he know where this would lead him and the people he would meet. Russ enjoys helping others in their hunts and in building their family relationships.

Russ Worthington