Let Windows 10 Magnify and Read Aloud for You!

Let Windows 10 Magnify and Read Aloud for You!

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by Marian Pierre-Louis

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Let Windows 10 Magnify and Read Aloud for You!


Don't like to wear readers when using your computer? Not a problem! Windows 10 can magnify what you see on screen as well as read aloud the text that is too small for you to see. Learn how with the built-in magnifier app.


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Presenter: Marian Pierre-Louis

Marian Pierre-Louis is a genealogy professional who specializes in educational outreach through webinars, internet broadcasts and video. Her areas of expertise include house history research, southern New England research and solving brick walls. Since the rise in interest of genetic genealogy Marian has become addicted to using dna to help solve genealogy mysteries. Marian is the host of the Genealogy Profoessional Podcast. She has also produced and hosted 100 episodes of Fieldstone Common, a history podcast. Marian is the Online Education Producer for Legacy Family Tree Webinars where she produces online genealogy education classes. Once a month you'll find her as the evening host of Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

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