Online Sources for Scottish Genealogy Research

Online Sources for Scottish Genealogy Research

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by Christine Woodcock

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Online Sources for Scottish Genealogy Research


There comes a time when you have done all of the online researching you can do using the standard databases. In this talk you will learn of databases that aren't as well known but that can assist in breaking through your brick walls.


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Presenter: Christine Woodcock

Christine Woodcock is a genealogy educator with an expertise in the Scottish records. She began researching her family history following the death of her mother and grandmother who were the storytellers of the family. Christine's mother was one of 21 children and although Christine and her parents emigrated to Canada when Christine was quite young, she grew up immersed in Scottish culture. When speaking to groups and societies about Scottish research, Christine recognized that a large percentage of the Scots Diaspora had never been to Scotland. To allow researchers the opportunity to research the records in their ancestral homeland, Christine began her business, Genealogy Tours of Scotland. Christine started the Scottish ViC in 2018, the only virtual conference dedicated to Scottish research, enlisting the assistance of her colleagues in Scotland. When not organizing genealogy research tours to Scotland, Christine lectures on Scottish genealogy, hosts webinars, authors blogs and articles. She is the webinar coordinator for the ISBGFH and has begun organizing their Virtual Institute. Christine is the editor for British Connections, a quarterly newsletter for the International Society for British Genealogy and Family History. She authored Moorshead Magazine's Special, "Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry" Issue which was published in May 2017 and was a co-author for their Heritage Travel issue, released in September 2017. She is a frequent contributor to ‘Internet Genealogy’ and ‘Your Family History’ and their sister magazine ‘History Magazine’ Christine has also been published in History Scotland magazine.

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