Polish genealogy online - portals and databases

Polish genealogy online - portals and databases

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by Kinga Urbańska

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Polish genealogy online - portals and databases


The main aim of the presentation is not just showing you the Polish genealogy databases, but also insight on how to look for Polish ancestors. Step by step we will check the most useful websites in the context of Polish political and social history.


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Presenter: Kinga Urbańska

Kinga Urbańska is a genealogist, historian, archivist and the co-owner of Your Roots in Poland - the biggest genealogical company in Poland. She focuses on Eastern European research: Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Slovakia; specializes in probate cases too. She spreads the idea of genealogy importance through genealogy workshops. Kinga is also starring in TV programs - creates documentary series Ancestry Hunters for Canal +. More about her and her work at: www.yourrootsinpoland.com.

Kinga Urbańska
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