Grandmama Said - Verifying Oral History

Grandmama Said - Verifying Oral History

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by Aaron Dorsey

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Grandmama Said - Verifying Oral History


This presentation will explain the critical role that oral history plays in genealogical research as well as the pitfalls of becoming wedded to it.. Individuals will also learn strategies for verifying oral history. Case studies will be used to highlight the various strategies.


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Presenter: Aaron Dorsey

Aaron Dorsey has been conducting genealogical research for over 20 years. He has documented his family history throughout the United States, uncovering the slave-holding family of twelve of his ancestors in nine southern states. He specializes in African American, Slavery, and Texas research. Aaron has conducted numerous lectures throughout the Washington, DC Metro Area on researching enslaved individuals.  His research was featured in "The Genie" published by the ARK-LA-TEX Genealogical Association, Inc.  

Aaron Dorsey
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