Understanding Ethnicity Estimates

by Mary Eberle, JD    |    Intermediate    |    Advanced    |     DNA     |

Learn how and when ethnicity estimates can be useful. Several case studies where ethnicity estimates helped solve the genealogy mystery will be covered. This talk covers: 1. How ethnicity estimates are generated and the ancestral timeframe they reflect 2. Differences between the DNA testing companies 3. Additional tools to further explore ethnicity estimates 4. How to identify situations in which they can be very helpful 5. Several examples where ethnicity estimates helped solve a genealogy mystery will be covered.

    Wednesday, November 06, 2019
  • 2:00pm Eastern
  • 1:00pm Central
  • 12:00pm Mountain
  • 11:00am Pacific
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Presenter: Mary Eberle, JD

Mary Eberle is a DNA expert and an experienced genetic genealogist who founded DNA Hunters,® LLC in 2015. Her team finds people’s biological parents, grandparents, and other ancestors. Mary is also an educator, a national speaker, and author.

Mary Eberle, JD
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