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Family History Adhesive: The Science of Why History Binds Families and the Simple Tech of How to Do It

by Janet Hovorka   |   Beginner   |   Intermediate   |   Advanced   |   Children and Genealogy   |

Studies have shown that greater knowledge about family history strengthens your relationships and creates a core identity that empowers your current family. In this session you will learn to use the technology your family members already access every day to create a strong family narrative together. Family history has proven to be the key to strong family relationships now and the emotional health of future generations. The transmission of family history is a personal way to pass on family values, learn from the consequences of decisions and figure out how to overcome the challenges of life. We’ll survey the psychology community’s studies of intergenerational transmission. They have found that the shared family narrative is a source of strength and resilience that binds family members together with a common story. The best way to create a st rong family narrative together is to use the communication tools we already access every day in a family history oriented way. Once you've learned how important it is, we'll give you ways to assess where your family congregates online [how often they use it], and then give you strategies for binding your family to their history using those tools. E -mail newsletters, facebook groups, google hangouts, twitter hashtags, and family instagram accounts are great places to start a family storytelling challenge, award prizes for who knows the most about Grandma and post pictures for a caption contest. You'll leave with a plan for making your family history fun and strengthening your current family relationships.

    Wednesday, July 26, 2017
  • 2:00pm Eastern
  • 1:00pm Central
  • 12:00pm Mountain
  • 11:00am Pacific
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Presenter: Janet Hovorka

Janet Hovorka and her husband own Family ChartMasters, a genealogy chart printing service and official printing service for Legacy Charting. She is the author of the Zap the Grandma Gap book and workbooks about engaging youth with family history. Janet writes The Chart Chick and the Zap The Grandma Gap blogs and has widely written and lectured about family history. She is a past president of UGA and teaches genealogy and library science at SLCC.

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